When it comes to Gun Clubs, you will often always hear me say the name: "Urban Sharp Shooters". Why? not because of the famous "Firing Line Mag Dumps" and "Urban Sharp Shooter Apparel". But I say this because for African Americans, Latino's, Asians and the LGBTQ Community, there has not been any organization that can portray the fore mentioned neglected demographics in the light that is the most accurate.


The Urban Sharp Shooters Gun Club has attracted the attention of many people within the Gun Game. Some people that come to mind are Leon Spears who made history by being not only the first African American but the first to open a firing range in the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) in the very near future. Another prominent figure within the Gun Game that stood out was Eric Keyes. Eric Keyes is a Shooter for Heckler & Koch and a big advocate for the Urban Sharp Shooters. Many members of the Urban Sharp Shooters LLC. speak on the various disparities within the Gun Game that adversely affect African Americans, Latinos and Asians within the urban firearm community.


This is very important because by addressing issues such as these, provides a way for the urban population of Shooters to form the long-needed solidarity and social bond to facilitate the change among the urban population of Shooters - this is what the Urban Sharp Shooters bring to the table that many other Gun Clubs simply cannot bring to the table. in the words of James McKoy:


"The Urban Sharp Shooters is known as The Shooters Club - it is not just an ordinary Gun Club."

As a firearm collector, he is not only just well versed on many weapon systems, their functions and when they are used but he also is very knowledgeable on the historical aspect of not only the weapon systems themselves but how that relates to the people that used them. What’s special about James McKoy, is that there are not many African Americans that have dedicated this much of their life into the understanding firearms from a historical perspective. 


In addition to this, going beyond the essential elements of marksmanship the Urban Sharp Shooters have also took on the complex role of providing Long Range Precision Shooting training for those members that are interested in it. when it comes to that leave it to Urban Sharp Shooter John "The Long Ranger" who offers his expertise in this highly technical subject matter in a way that enhances the capabilities of an Urban Sharp Shooter. John "The Long Ranger" provides members of the Urban Sharp Shooters consultations pertaining to weapon selection, ammunition selection and optic selection among various other topics pertaining to Long Range Precision Shooting applications. His motto is: "Dial in, and send it".

What makes the Urban Sharp Shooters so attractive as a Gun Club is that it has its own body of Firearm Educators and Consultants in house. So, there is no need for members to have to seek outside training, unless it is a very specific type of training. Another quality that makes the Urban Sharp Shooters so attractive as a gun club is that it is self-sufficient. They have accomplished this status by raising their own funds through Annual Membership Drives, member training and hosting various range events. Moreover, the Urban Sharp Shooters are able to partner up with many gun ranges around the country. It should also be known that when the Urban Sharp Shooters come out, they tend to "shut down" the range. This is due to the sheer number of Urban Sharp Shooters that come out to support and train with each other.


James McKoy, saw a need within the urban shooting community that went unfulfilled for years. He knows first-hand of the hidden agendas out there that seek to exploit urban shooters not for the sake of the providing education and training, but to satisfy various political and economic ends.  It should be noted that he has often put up his own money to further his cause of building a Gun Club that was free from exploitative external forces that sought to pray on the urban shooting community for political and economic gain so that the members could have an unbiased and objectionable perspective when it comes to not only shooting but in reference to other matters that pertain to the Urban Sharp Shooter. He [James McKoy] constructed and built a Gun Club that seriously addressed the need of urban shooters in areas concerning:


  • Politics

  • Shooting

  • Training

  • Topics Pertaining to Women

  • Law-Enforcement

Why is this information important? This is important because this is where and why the work of James McKoy President of The Urban Sharp Shooters Gun Club LLC. (U.S.S.) is so important. The Urban Sharp Shooters Gun Club is a gun club like no other. The reason I can say this is because it is based upon a true brotherhood for the Urban Shooter. This brotherhood of Shooters started in Baltimore Maryland and just kept on growing and growing and growing until it included some of the most prominent Athletes, Entertainers, Shooters, instructors and personalities (such as Hank Strange above) from within the Gun Game as well as Military and Law Enforcement personnel from around the country.

Hank Strange speaking about the Urban Sharp Shooters (U.S.S.)


YES! The Urban Sharp Shooters are national in scope with Chapters in nearly every major city around the country. For many Shooters within the urban firearms community this is joyous event because they have waited so long for a gun club like the Urban Sharp Shooters LLC. (U.S.S.) not only addresses and fulfills their needs as Urban Shooters. Even more than that, the Urban Sharp Shooters heavily addresses the needs of urban women as they too have Chapters around the country built only for the occupation of female Urban Sharp Shooters called "Sisters In Arms" (SIA)


But if you ask James McKoy how he feels about it, he would probably say that this is not enough. Through my contact with him over the course of a year it is my position that he would say something to the effect: "Urban Sharp Shooters is not about me, it is about unifying all like-minded Urban Shooters and elevating them from the level of the individual to the collective and moving as a collective to the common goal of being educated in the realm of using firearms for the purpose of self-defense." He would also say that he is into “building bridges and not walls” in an effort to unify various Gun Clubs around the country that share the same mission that he does . As an Firearm and Academic Educator, I strongly support this urban shooting initiative.


It should also be known that there is a 2017 NATIONWIDE OPEN ENROLLMENT MEMBERSHIP DRIVE going on NOW until February 15, 2017 for anyone interested in joining the Urban Sharp Shooters. Some of the benefits of joining the Urban Sharp Shooters are:


  • Bi Monthly Gun Giveaways

  • Firearm Education and Training

  • Consulting

  • 50% Off Training

  • Access to Training Events

  • Urban Sharp Shooter Gear and Accessories

  • Access to the Urban Sharp Shooter Community

  • Access to some of the industries Finest Trainers, Educators, instructors and Consultants

The membership for the Urban Sharp Shooters is open to all ages, genders and sexual orientations, political and religious affiliations, and creeds. James McKoy and the Urban Sharp Shooters can be found on FaceBook at the following link (copy and paste) as their website is in the process of being reconstructed:



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