Even though this article is old as dirt, this is what happens when you go against the grain and think for yourself as an independent thinker. See, way before I became an NRA instructor, I knew from experience in the field that what they were teaching did not in fact save lives in the realm of Gun-Fighting.


So, what I did in 2010 was set out on my own path to create something that was relevant to Gun-Fighting. see, Fighters from the ancient up until now always practiced with the weapon systems that they actually used in combat and for fighting. For the record, NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN SHOT IN A VODA SESSION. Yep, that's right it's a rumor. If any one calls me a liar, ask them to produce proof.


But as a pioneer in my own respects in the realm of Gun-Fighting I set out to clear a path so that I could in effect not only resurrect but open the public's eye into how and what it takes to actually learn but what it means to Gun-Fight. As far as me and Gun-Fighting is concerned, I’ve actually shot people. And yes, I was once charged with a AWDW "Assault With a Deadly Weapon", that’s right I was looking at 10 year’s! But when you know how to play the “Game” justice will prevail.


I have to also point out that people in an attempt to discredit me like to bring up my mugshot (LOL) as a way to discourage people from training with me but that it never phases me. Not knowing that I was actually shooting in defense of a woman and her children against two armed felons. And just for the record I have no criminal background that's right, I'm absolutely clean. The disposition of my case has been dismissed as shown in the following document.

Now since that bearing arms tabloid of an article have come out about me. I often get ridiculed on a daily basis. I'm mean what do you expect when you are a pioneer! More than that, every day since the tabloid "bearing arms" published that article more and more people that were once haters have been subsiding. And so many people that were in doubt have actually been seeing the application of Gun-Fighting and firearm training from my perspective. And I thank them for that!


As far as NRA credentials go, I’ve held all of them (but I no longer do) for the exception of muzzle loading. Why? Because I don't see the relevance of that in terms of Gun-Fighting. Just so the world can know when I first went public did you know I received death threats from NRA members? I've also got called ever bit an incompetent nigger from members of the NRA. Despite my background that many only wish they could have. 

Within that same period of time I have also received harassing phone calls from NRA members and instructors. Moreover, it was at this time when I realized for the first time how much bitch is in the NRA and the Gun Game in general. And through it all, I remained steadfast like a strong tower for not only myself but for others that believe and knew that that training provided by VODA was true!


But here's the kicker, it was not a Caucasian that actually called the NRA on me. In fact, the NRA have never heard of me. It was a jealous African American 50 plus year old man by the name of Samuel Hayes III from Atlanta, who in a fit of rage called the NRA on me (no telling what he said to them given that we never met and I never been to Atlanta). Why? For two reasons: the first reason was because I refuse to work with him and turned him down because he thought he was going to run my company. And the second reason is because I refused to answer his harassing phone calls.


In fact, not only have I turn down Samuel Hayes III; but Phil of the national African-American gun club has turned him down. My brother and president of the Urban Sharp Shooters has also turned him down. And Maj Toure of the Black Guns Matter campaign has turned him down too. Now what's funny about this whole situation is, we have all turned him down because he tried to bully us and attempt to run our shit and we are not having it.


But despite all of that negativity and hatred, I have touched so many lives. I have made such a positive impact and I have left such a positive effect on people inside and outside the realm of Gun-Fighting and general firearm education and training. Don't take my word for it take the word of some of the VODA Clients.

 And for the record North Carolina DID NOT revoke my concealed carry handgun license. As I still have one and it it still valid.

  Thanks to my hard work and dedication despite opposition, I still graduated from an Historic H.B.C.U. (Historically Black College & University) Fayetteville State University (Bronco Pride! – ATTITUDE CHECK!) with a Master’s Degree on time.

And for the record I have worked in Law Enforcement as a Correctional Officer. And for the record its true, some C.O.'s didn't not like me because I actually did my job and didn't sleep on the job and fuck and suck inmates. So, now when you're approached by people who try to tell you things about me, you can actually tell them to shut the fuck up until they show proof of their claim because the proof is right here.


But this is not all my doing, as I have to give a good praise and respect to my brother and president of the Urban Sharp Shooters James McCoy. I say this because, he has always been there to push me forward to believe in me and to make sure that I stay on my toes. So, for that I always am grateful and I always say thank you very much.


So there's the story and like Notorious B.I.G.G. said:


"If you don't know - now you know".


Now enough about me, i need you to remain focus on what's important. Let's train and as always remember M.A.R.S..



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