Long gone are the days of people wanting to be on Navy Seal’s, Special Forces, Force Recon (MARSOC). Remember war is NEVER good. Say hello to the Civilian Operator™ or C.O. Many times, the term “Operator” is often considered to be synonymous with Military or Police applications. But this is not so, for simplicity let us define the term “Operator”:


“One that operates a machine or device." - Merriam Webster


So, there you have it, an Operator is not just limited to someone that happens to inducted into the Military or Police capacity. For the Civilian Operator™ faces an entirely different set of issues, pathologies and Rules of Engagement when compared to Military and Police. Unlike the Military, the Civilian Operator™ doesn't have a Platoon, Squadron, or Brigade; in fact, the Civilian Operator™ is more likely to not even have a team. Unlike Military Personnel and the Police Officer the Civilian Operator™will most likely not have a partner and or access to resources that Military Personnel or that the Police Officer may have.

The Rules of Engagement unlike those for Military and Police which are governed by protocol and uniform standards, the C.O. in contrast exclusively operates according to the LAW OF THE LAND. There is no U.C.M.J. or Uniform Code of Military Justice (which is anything but uniform) present to dictate the actions and policies of the C.O. This is important because whereas the Military and Police are given or predicated on objectives; the Civilian Operator™ operates by choice. More often than not, the Civilian Operator™ does not have to intervene on your behalf to save your life if they choose not to do so. For they can exercise the right to watch you die without any consequence or repercussion.


For the Civilian Operator™, there is no Act of Valor, there are no metals, ribbons or even certificates (which are a joke) in which the C.O. will gain anything substantial to their benefit. It should also be noted that there are no restrictions if hardly any on the types of ammunition that can used in SD (Self-Defense); (Hollow Points, Hydra-Shok) unlike the Military and many Police agencies that are only authorized to use "ball" or standard FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) ammunition.


It should also be known that the standard issue equipment giving to the Police Officer or the Military Personnel may or may not be the choice of the Civilian Operator™, for the choice of the C.O. is left to the discretion of personal choice and selection relevance. Such EDC kits can range from the simple (car keys and knife) to complex (condoms, cell phone, car keys, flashlight, knife, firearm and spare magazines, multi-tool and flashlight).


SPECIAL MENTION: Ladies you may have to also consider, tampons, pads, baby wipes, penny cutters (utility sheers), creams and ointments, breast pump, firearms, ammunition, knifes and blades and other items that are pertinent to women as they have their own set of obstacles they may encounter. (I love you ladies especially my female VODA Clients XOXOXO).


How the C.O.'s EDC kit is constructed is depending on the threat level within the environment the C.O. is operating in. In short, what I'm trying to convey is that this the Civilian Operator™ operates on an extended lease so to speak and has even more lead way then a Police Officer and or Military Personnel in how he or she will deal with adversaries (CONVICTS) in armed conflict or in the realm of SD (Self-Defense) or Gun-Fighting.

This Civilian Operator™ embraces individuality, flexability, personal accountability, personal responsibility, personal preference, and personal or ethnic values which is vastly different then the collective cultural mindset of the Police and Military Personnel. This is not to say that a Civilian Operator™ does not have a collective cultural mindset for they do (they have friends and family) but, when and where they choose to demonstrate that is entirely up to the C.O. Hence, the C.O. has the ability to choose to come to your aid, let you endure great bodily harm or even succumb to death. This is entirely left up to the discretion of the Civilian Operator™.


The Civilian Operator™ does not have to overcome the issue of equipment selection for the only thing that limits the selection of equipment or Every Day Carry or EDC of a Civilian Operator™ is the margin of cost . For the C.O. questions some questions that come to mind are: "Will it be the Canik or the Glock?" "Will it be the AR15 or the AR10?" "Will it be the AK-47 or the AK-74?" "Will it be the H&K G3 or the H&K G36?" "Will it be the Remington 870, Benelli M2, Mossberg 500 or the Maverick 88?" And let us not forget the Hood classic - "my burner gotta match my fit!"



Seriously, other than personal selection, the Civilian Operator™ must make a sound decision on the vast number of (often mediocre) endless supply of firearm instructors and or the very few Firearm Educators such as myself (very short supply). For the Civilian Operator™, there is no designated training council, swearing in, contract, or specified instructor needed to obtain training as they can get it from whoever they see fit or worthy of their dollar. This is in effect an Open Market, which is the cornerstone of the Free-Market system of Capitalism that we are currently in.

For the Civilian Operator™, there is no specific uniform or uniformity for that matter. There are no special designated patches and insignia for the Civilian Operator™. The Civilian Operator™ can work in a team but most likely will exclusively operate alone. This is why it is some important to constantly learn new techniques and train because as the world changes new threats come about every so often. There is no chain of command for the Civilian Operator™. The only thing that holds a value of interest to the Civilian Operator™ is their immediate friends and family, for many this is not even valued for whatever reason.


For those that are new to this concept of EDC the Civilian Operator™ or the C.O. works with a specific thing called in Every Day Carry or EDC. There is no standard EDC kit for a Civilian Operator for the EDC kit set-up will be dictated by the several factors of the Civilian Operator™. Such variables consistent of the Civilian Operator™ profession, career or job that currently undergone. Another variable would be their personal lifestyle or whether the Civilian Operator™ has children or not.


Another variable that could possibly serve as a catalysis for the modification and or adaptation of EDC for the Civilian Operator™ would be the legal parameters such as the inability to carry a firearm in a governmental building on the State, County and or Federal levels or even some Banks for example. This is somewhat important because the Civilian Operator™ will most likely encounter various events, cases, situations and operate in areas in which the EDC of the Civilian Operator™ will not even consist of a firearm and may not even consist of a knife.


When these situations come about, the Civilian Operator™ may have to rely on alternative measures of SD which may include martial arts, mix martial arts, impact weapons and improvised weapons (dropping a pool ball in a sock, chair, desk or pen).

In the cases where the EDC may only consist of only a knife and flashlight and a set of keys. Other measures of SD (Self-Defense) must be considered. This is profound because it allows for seemingly infinite variations for the Civilian Operator™ to create, develop, maintain and adapt and modify their own EDC based on personal preferences and situational needs. It should also be known that there is no specific "look" of a Civilian Operator™ - meaning the C.O. may not walk around with 5.11 Tactical pants (we advise you not you - EVER) and Magpul insignia on their cars or military patches and insignia on their jackets. Again, the life of the Civilian Operator is centered around personal lifestyle choices that are unique to the personal preference and needs of the C.O.


It should also be noted that the Civilian Operator™ does not have to necessarily shoot Center Mass to stop an aggressor that seeks to do great bodily harm or present the Civilian Operator™ with the threat of imminent death. In cases and situations such as these the Civilian Operator™ can and is recommended to take a head-shot (shoot them in the face) as long as it is permissible to take it if needed and warranted under the Rule of Law. This and much more is what makes the Civilian Operator™ the most dangerous opponent to the CONVICT and to those that wish to commit actions that warrant such a response from the Civilian Operator™.


Understand that in many cases the Civilian Operator™ may not even have to deploy a firearm in SD. In such cases a knife, edged weapon or even a weapon capable of inflicting blunt trauma (that can be anything) would be sufficient in the COURT OF LAW depending upon the intended use of the weapon being used as it pertains to the situation at hand in conjunction with the Use of Force Continuum as dictated within the Civilian Operator’s™ locale or Area of Operation (A.O.).


When speaking about and exploring EDC in reference to the C.O. you should understand that there’s a virtually an unlimited variation in and how a C.O. may construct their EDC. The following are just a few brief examples. I would recommend using them as a guide when constructing yours for your personal defense. The following bellow are some other various in EDC kit, feel free to view and implement them into your EDC.


But outside of EDC the rise of the Civilian Operator™ is really predicated on yet another facet which must be addressed; and that is on the foundation of academic knowledge and technical skill-sets. The Civilian Operator™, must also be ready to learn new skills as well unlearn old ones (as they may not be relevant or have become inefficient or outdated). Such skills needed by the C.O. would be language and communication skills, emergency medical care, Law and various other academic disciplines and vocational skill-sets that would applicable to the “real world”. In doing this the C.O. becomes more of an asset than a liability as well as a force multiplier if the C.O. chooses to become so. The Civilian Operator™ is more than just some “shooter”.


Just like the Military and Police have personnel and special units that deal with duties and topics that keep their organizations going such as Computer Science, Accounting, Aquatics (diving, search and rescue), Fire Science and a whole host of other duties and topics that may be relevant to them; the C.O. will have to find in addition to running and gunning some area or subject matter that he or she would like to dedicate time into become an “expert” (whatever that it) in. You get the idea.


The C.O. should be a combination of shooting skill, proper attitude, and a broad knowledge base on any subject matter that may be used to further enrich him or herself. Remember any Ape and press a trigger, it take a special someone to know when and under what circumstance to press that trigger while continuing to be sharp in other aspects external to that in order to enhance the themselves while serving their community. This is THE RISE OF THE CIVILIAN OPERATOR™.








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