SYNTHESIS: Gun-Fighter's Confidence

                                                               For the record I do not recommend 1911's for Gun-Fighting


It is quintessential that Shooters no matter the skill level and Gun-Fighters alike develop and maintain an efficient degree of confidence in relationship to shooting.  All to many times as a firearm training and education Consultant, I either see or receive Clients that have low self-confidence when it comes to purchasing, maintaining, manipulating and actually discharging or shooting a firearm. This type of shooting pathology is not limited only to those that are considering getting into shooting firearms but it actually affects First Time Shooters. More often than not, what I see is that people that suffer from a low self-confidence come from people that have been shooting for years. This consist of your Conceal Carriers, Police Officers and yes even Military personal.  


It should be understood that this is not a bad thing. In fact, not only is it a very common shooting pathology but it can be considered the number one shooting pathology that plague thousands of SD (self-defense) Shooters not only here in the United States but around the world. So with that said, what is confidence? Confidence when defined according to Merriam-Webster is as following: 


“A feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances” 


“Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way” 


“The quality or state of being certain” 


“A relation of trust or intimacy” 


All of these definitions are very important as they are very pertinent to the overall success of the Shooter or Gun-Fighter. Looking at the first definition: “A feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances”. Most Shooters , quiet as kept DO NOT have confidence in their own personal power or abilities as it pertains to firearms and SD. In simple terms they are not comfortable in their own skin. One particular reason for this is because of the types of shooting programs currently on the market. Shooting programs such as the Basic Pistol which is pushed by the NRA DOES NOT and WILL NOT EVER provide defensive shooters with not only the right kind of confidence but more importantly the optimum degree of confident needed to deploy a firearm in a SD application. 


This is also important because programs such as the NRA Basic Pistol DOES NOT successfully cater to the subconscious mind of the Shooter. In a case like this I would liken it to an “Iceberg Effect”. Meaning from the perspective of the boat (Shooter) being on water (Armed Conflict), you can only see the visible portion of the iceberg – which is typically 15% - 20% (guesstimating). However, if you to examine this train of logic from the perspective of a submarine; you would clearly be able to see that the other 80% to 85% of the iceberg which is not seen from the surface. And that’s is exactly what training programs like the NRA amount to. Programs such as these do nothing more than “scratch on the surface” (barely) when it is put into the perspective of Gun-Fighting and SD applications. 


Another thing that Shooters are lacking is faith or the belief that they will successfully neutralize the aggressors in a Gun-Fight or SD application. Many Shooters from a wide range of backgrounds simply don’t believe they themselves don't “have what it takes” (although very few can admit to this). This shooting pathology is one that saturates the mind of the Shooter with not only seeds of doubt but sometimes the complete disbelief in their skills and abilities. but more than that, it serves as a self defeating cognition bias. The self-defeating cognitive bias is defined by as: 


“Serving to frustrate, thwart, etc., one's own intention or interests:” 


The opposite of this cognition bias is the self-serving bias; which can be defined by psychology today as: 


“People's tendency to attribute positive events to their own character but attribute negative events to external factors.”  


The self-defeating cognitive bias plays the biggest role in people losing a Gun-Fight. To further illustrate my point; have you ever wondered why one person with perceived superior skill losses to someone with significantly less skill? Well many times the person with more skills often loses to the person with less skills because that superior skilled PERSON does not process the confidence in him or herself concerning the talents, skills and abilities that they have accumulated from training over time. This “mental fuck” on behalf of the Shooter, plays a role in the demise of the Shooter. What I'm saying if I'm saying anything is that you have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF NO MATTER THE COST!!!  


There is no amount of training that can help you believe in yourself. And if training helps you to believe in yourself than you have an self-esteem issue that needs to be addressed. When you believe in yourself you must know that whatever you want your end state to be; which in this case should be to stay ALIVE. After that, then you have to make up in your mind as a Shooter, as a Gun-Fighter that you will be the one that comes out on top and the CONVICT will be the one on the bottom – at any cost period! You must be so damn certain of this in your mind that there is no other option! How could there be?  


The thought of an alternative should be so preposterous that it should be an abomination and sacrilegious to think other wise. There should be a high degree of certainty because you practiced the mechanics, the fundamentals and read and comprehended the Law over and over again. You have done this to the point that you don’t even think about what you should do when the time arises – for at this stage, it should nothing more than mere muscle memory and instinct.


It should be to the point that anyone who disagrees with your right to make it home to the ones you love the most should be CONVICTED of heresy and that person should by either be burned at the stake, stoned to death and crucified. They should have their 4 limbs tied to 4 horses all pulling in different directions to rip them apart or they should "have their left breast torn open, heart plucked out, and given to the wild beasts of the field and the fowls of the air." Yeah, I'm talking that certain. 


How do we get to this state of mind? By consistently training and manipulating that weapon system every single day. Even if its only for 5 minutes! For five minutes of time you manipulate that weapon system as if your life depends on it. Likewise when you hit the range, you should shoot like your life depends on it. As a Consultant I would also recommend planning the training session ahead of time so that you focus on building specific skill(s) – and focus on that task, and do it like your life depends on it! 


However, I will also say this; more than priming your subconscious to become the best gunfighter you can be, more than having faith and belief in your talent, skills and abilities, more than being certain you must have a working relationship of trust and intimacy with your mind, body and weapon system. My Sensei Grandmaster John R. Venson once said: "The Samurai used to sleep with their weapons". I suggest you do the same. And in doing so, you will get a real "feel" of the weapon system. Moreover, must know that weapon system as much as possible.


You must admire the beauty of the weapon system and the propensity of injury and death it harbors. For when you do this, you will obtain an intimacy or a forging of your mind and body with the weapon system. Moreover, while build intimacy you will have to open and honest about your talents, skills and abilities so that you can face the obstacles that hinder you from being the great shooter that I know you can be. 


The Gun-Fighter is the Modern Day Samurai


This is how the Gun-Fighter builds Confidence 



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