This is not a rant. This is not a rave. But I only have 5 words to say.


I say this because in the Gun Game my social media inbox's and feeds often times get flooded with how “great” the Military is when it comes to the Gun Game (SD and Gun-Fighting). I get tired of hearing and seeing people hail the U.S. Military as if they are somehow the Second Coming. The reality is, they are farthest thing from it. For all the Military dick riders out there, there is a difference in MARKSMANSHIP and GUN-FIGHTING. Simply going to the range once a year to “qualify” does not mean that soldiers are ready for Gun-Fighting.


All too often I hear the following:


"My father was Special Forces."

"I qualified as an “Expert” (whatever that is) when I was in the Military”

"I’m a Police Officer."

"I was trained by a Police Officer."


Blah blah blah, people and their damn validation issues. Let’s cut the crap, if the Police and Military was doing was so good, why do they have an 18% hit rate and a 5% kill rate? This is not to be considered an isolated incident, this is national issue. My prediction is if stats like this continue to persist, it will turn into a national security issue. Why? Look at the situation in which a Law Enforcement Officer exhibited bad shot placement in the case of Charles Kinsey which made national headline. According to CNN:


"Charles Kinsey, a behavior therapist, was shot Monday by police -- an incident which has sparked outrage. Footage released by Kinsey's attorney showed his client lying on the ground holding both hands in the air, next to a 23-year-old man with autism."

Copy and paste the link to the article:


Another reason is because these are the people that the ignorant place their lives as well as their faith into more often than not because of a cognition bias or because of sort of lapse in cognition. It is also a national security issue in that if for whatever reason we were to be invaded tomorrow these are the people that are supposed to be our line a defense. If you haven’t noticed the battlefield no longer consisting of jungles and shots been taken at 300 meters. Today the battlefield for the Military is roughly 30 meters (98 feet), for Law Enforcement and the Civilian Operator their engagements are occurring at typically between 0 and 5 meters with a max distance of 8 meters or roughly 24 feet.


This is very significant because that means that the current training standards used by Law Enforcment and Military needs to be seriously either updated or scraped (preferably scraped). Look, training should reflect the situations and circumstances that the Shooter or Gun-Fighter are most likely to encounter. Rule of Thumb: You train how you fight and make the necessary adaptations and modifications as needed to keep the training as current and as reliable as possible. Nothing hurts worst then the building up of people based on a false confidence only for them to find out that whatever they were taught was some bullshit. There simply no other way to put it – it is what it is.


When it comes to the Military, most soldiers almost NEVER see actual combat even when deployed. This is something to think about because for whatever reason (video games, mass media) people have this idea in their heads that since someone has been in the Military that they know all there is to know about shooting and Gun-Fighting. But what they think they know and how they actually perform runs contrary to the statistical data that is present in regards to the hit to kill ratios. Now this is not to say that there aren’t any good Shooters in the Military because there most certainly are but they are far in between.


Technically speaking 80% of the roles in the Military are non-combat roles, which means that only 20% will actually ever see combat and for many this is a good thing as this may serve as a cost cutting phenomena and or latent function. It is my position that we simply don’t need more people walking around here with busted up bodies and minds (more importantly) milking and hustling the V.A. (Veterans Affairs) to get 100% or for every damn penny they can get. Now some people are justified as some really do get hurt while in service but many are not.


Again, good there are some great Shooters in the Military, but in terms of applied Gun-Fighting they are far and in between. This means that Military wide shooters with respect to SD (self-defense) and Gun-Fighting are only marginal at best. Remember the Military will only train its soldiers according to the needs of the Military as a whole – period! For those that don't know there are roughly 1,492,220 active duty soldiers. Only 20% (roughly) or 298,444 (roughly) actually see combat.


As a whole the Military spends roughly $597,000,000,000 (billion ) (a half of a trillion) dollars on it's active duty personnel - but the Military has a track record of winning wars so piss poor its utterly insane and they show no signs of winning the war they are currently engaged in. This should make you wonder what in the hell are they doing over there! 


NOTE: The Military never fights a superpower (for whatever reason). They always seem to fight and bomb poor people.


The truth of the matter is Military personal will predominantly train with a rifle (again as a whole they are mediocre in that respect). However, when it comes to training with a pistol for SD (self-defense) and Gun-Fighting applications many Military personal don’t know their ass from their face (and its not entirely their fault). Don’t hate me I’m just being honest.


This is not about talking negative about the Military as an institution but this perspective is meant to be non-biased and objectionable about what I have and are currently empirically experiencing on a daily basis right here in the Fayetteville / Fort Bragg area (to include the entire nation). So for those like "Evan Friend" that leave crap on one of my accounts and who happens to be so geeked up about the Military and how "great" they are supposed to be - do us all a favor and:




I have trained Military Officers and soilders, Law Enforcement, Civilians to include Children. But this guy and many others would never know that. I guess in the cyber world everyone is an "instructor" and an "Expert" (whatever that is).




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