What do I think about Concealed Carry Permits and Licenses? I think they are real waste of time, money and resources. A Concealed Carry License or Permit doesn't mean that you're actually ready for a Gun-Fight. All that it simply means is that you have been introduced to a pistol.


Now there is a distinction to made, here in the STATE ODF NORTH CAROLINA we have what's called a CCH or a Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. In other parts of the county like Texas they have what's called a CCW which means that it is a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit or License. These are two distinct types of Permits and Licenses for the initiated. If you wish to know the difference please feel free to contact me at for a free consultation


When you think about it, you should be asking yourself the following question: what does it mean to have a Concealed Carry Permit or License? I can tell you now, for the CONVICT it doesn't mean shit. Outside of that, it only means that you found a designated “instructor”, took a test and you're able to put your jacket or shirt over your gun. Big deal. Take another look and you will find that a Conceal Carry License or Permit does not denote the fact that you have any real skill when it comes to the manipulation, or firing of a handgun or any weapon system for that matter.


Let's face the facts, there are many people around the country that have a Concealed Carry Permit or License and for them having such is nothing more than a security blanket. Another fact is that for most people around the country think that simply owning a firearm is enough to stop a CONVICT. Again, this is nothing more than yet another security blanket. I can't say this enough: in order to engage in Gun-Fighting or the applied methods of shooting for SD (Self-Defense) you must have ALL four of these pillars in place:


  • Attitude

  • Knowledge

  • Skill

  • Respect


For without possessing these four characteristics, having a gun and a Concealed Carry Permit doesn't mean shit. It makes you more of a liability than an asset than anything.

Let's take a look at the STATES= OF NORTH CAROLINA, according to 12 NCAC 09F .0102 of the North Carolina Department of Justice Criminal Justice Standards Division in order to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit you must do the following:


"The course entitled "Concealed Carry Handgun Training" shall consist of eight hours of instruction and shall include the following identified topical areas:

(1)           Legal Issues (two hours):  The student shall be able to explain the following:

(a)           the types of situations that the use of deadly physical force would be justified;

(b)           list areas where the carrying of a concealed handgun is prohibited;

(c)           the requirements of handgun storage under G.S. 14-315.1; and

(d)           the laws governing the carrying of a concealed handgun.

The instructor shall determine the student's level of understanding of the relevant legal issues by a written examination.

(2)           Handgun Nomenclature:  The students shall be able either verbally or in writing to list the primary parts of their personal handguns.

(3)           Handgun Safety:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           list at least four rules of safe gun handling and demonstrate all of these procedures during range exercises;

(b)           list four methods of safely storing a handgun and choose the method most appropriate for their personal use;

(c)           describe safety issues relating to the safe carry of a handgun; and

(d)           determine the proper storage of their handguns when there are minors in the home.

(4)           Handgun Fundamentals:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to load both a revolver and a semiautomatic handgun;

(b)           demonstrate how to unload both a revolver and a semiautomatic handgun;

(c)           describe the operational characteristics of their handguns; and

(d)           achieve a passing score on a proficiency test administered by the instructor as prescribed in  Rule .0105 of this Section.

(5)           Marksmanship Fundamentals:  The student shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate a proper handgun grip;

(b)           demonstrate either the Weaver or Isosceles Stance;

(c)           describe the elements of sight alignment and sight picture; and

(d)           demonstrate trigger control in a dry fire exercise.

(6)           Presentation Techniques:  The students shall be able to demonstrate the draw or presentation with their handguns.

(7)           Cleaning and Maintenance:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to "field strip" the handguns if their handguns can be field stripped;

(b)           describe how to perform a "Function Check" on their personal handguns; and

(c)           based on the manufacturer's recommendations, list the lubrication points of their specific handguns.

(8)           Ammunition:  The students shall be able to list the four components of handgun ammunition.

(9)           Proficiency Drills:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to check a handgun in order to ensure that it is safe;

(b)           demonstrate how to fire a handgun from a ready position;

(c)           demonstrate the ability to fire a handgun from various distances; and

(d)           achieve a passing score on a proficiency test administered by the instructor as prescribed in  Rule .0105 of this Section."


Now that's some bullshit! And the reason why is bullshit for two reasons because:


  • This training protocol was written over 20 years ago with no substantial advancement in training

  • It doesn’t address any core fundamental needs of any real Shooter or Gun-Fighter


What is failing to be addressed is the cognition of Shooters and their ability to problem solve under stressful situations. There should be more questions pertaining to Law and the most likely scenarios to ensure that the Licenses learning the Gun Game are actually comprehending the law as it is written in its most definitive form.


But even more than that, Conceal Carry training in its present form does really challenge the Shooter and nor does it fully prepare the Shooter for real world events. What I mean by that is it doesn't demand enough mechanical and cognitive skill for the Shooter to be able to deploy and or manipulate that weapon system in the fashion that will be most conducive to the protection of his or her own lies and the lives of those they value and love the most.


 Another thing that bothers me about Concealed Carry Licenses and Permits is that there is not a mechanism of Checks and Balances in place that addresses the great need for Shooter Maintenance, remedial training and or Continuing Education and Training for those that actually have Concealed Carry Permits and Licenses. Of course I offer all of these things free of charge for VODA Clients to ensure they are ready to deploy their firearm if they need to. But the vast majority of these "instructors" simply do not. Remember there is a different between an instructor and an Educator.


But even more than that there is a trend the Gun Game that is going on in which I simply cannot ignore. I predicted a couple of years ago that the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA would follow the trend of several STATES. And that trend is permit-less or Constitutional Concealed Carry. According to the Washington Post:


"A handful of states are far more permissive. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont don’t require a Permit at all for Concealed Carry in public. Vermont has never had such a requirement; Alaska went permit-free in 2003; Arizona in 2010; Wyoming in 2011 (limited to residents); and Arkansas in 2013."


STATES such as South Carolina, Kansas, Montana, and West Virginia have also have joined the ranks of STATES in which you don't need obtain a Conceal Carry License or Permit in order to carry your firearm on your PERSON. Again, for those that do not know this is called Constitutional Carry. But my position if you will is not about Conceal Carry versus Constitutional Carry, what this is about is people exercising personal accountability and personal responsibility and being proactive in seeking firearm training when it comes to either purchasing and or carrying a firearm on their Licenses.


But even more than that, we must take into account the times are changing. And when I mean by that is people today are not the same people of yesterday. We have the also keep in mind that each generation is exponentially faster than the generation that proceeded it. That means that they will be a set of needs, a new set of demands, a multivariate ways of thinking, and more importantly a new way of doing things that will differentiate one generation from the previous one.





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