As a Consultant I have to say I'm sick and tired of hearing the word “tactical”. Everywhere you turn around there's a tactical this and a tactical that. There's some tactical class you can take (which is laughable). When does it ever end?  Well it doesn't. See, people like play on the role of the Tactician because it satisfies their emotional, egotistical, superiority complexes, low self-esteem, and validation issues and not to mention the fact they get to sell you a dream so they can line their pockets with your hard earned money. Being tactical or a Tactician has nothing to do with running around with armor plates and carriers, rifles with a secondary side arm. In point of fact a True Tactician you will not likely be able to identify.


The word "tactical" is nothing more than aiming at an end goal beyond immediate action. To be tactical or a Tactician can be akin to being almost metaphysical (going beyond the physical) in the world of Gun-Fighting. This is not to say that there something "spooky" or occult in nature going on here. Rather, seek to understand that the Tactician or the mind of the Tactician is about understanding the end state of a goal or an objective before it is embarked upon.


What's funny is trying to understand that most people wish to deploy tactical measures and they have not reached an adequate level of proficiency concerning the basic fundamental skills and abilities needed in order to graduate to the level of a Tactician. For most people, the essential fundamentals of Gun-Fighting are never fully truly taken seriously (if not even attempted).


In fact, the essential fundamentals of Gun-Fighting are forever evolving. What this means is what was held true yesterday may not be true today; and what is held true today may not be true tomorrow. Hence, one must be willing to be proactive, flexible and highly adaptable to the changes that not only faced on the battlefield of the Civilian Operator (C.O.). But, also what's needed in regards to training to better counteract those new issues that the new era of Gun-Fighters face.


What kills me the most as a firearm education and training consultant is that a lot of people want to pretend to be or seek to fulfill their fantasies of being a tactical operator. But they do not possess the proficiency and efficiency to even load a firearm under stress. The True Tactician, will always seek new training ideas and methodologies, utilitarian products and items to include firearms and they will always seek ways to enrich their mind and the minds of others their own minds through education and by researching trends in regards to training from around the world. This means they will not have a limited field of you in regards to training they will implement as many different training options as possible to be as diverse as possible as a Tactician.


So when I say I hate to word "tactical", I don't hate it in the sense that I hate the word itself; I hate it in the sense that people miss use the word in that they don't fully understand or fully appreciate the understand the true meaning behind it. It should also be known that deploying tactical measures does not necessarily invoke the use of flash bangs, smoke grenades, dynamic entry, room clearing, and rope along with all the other stuff that may be associated with it. 


In simple terms to be tactical is to be "premeditatively slick". In other words, in terms for everyday people to be tactical means to not be able to be suspected of being a concealed carrier. You should not look like you even carry a firearm; your disposition that you display should be either reflect the norms, values and customs native to your area of operation, be what you need to be to achieve an end goal or be the total opposite of what or who you are. In short, we are talking about blending in here. There should be no bumper stickers on your car that gives the impression that you even own firearms. In fact, there should not even be any indication that you may be a supporter of firearms. That’s right no NRA insignia should be on your car.


You should not walk around with Oakley's, 5.11 tactical pants on looking like a Government Contractor taking your kids out to the mall on a Sunday (like O.T. Genasis - YOU NEED TO CUT IT!). You should not be wearing any military insignia. You should not divulge any political ideologies or show support visually for any political candidate. You shouldn't open carry. You should look as plain as a PERSON as possible. You should always seek to blend in with your environment. In short, no one should know who you are you should be considered by onlookers in your environment as a "regular PERSON".


As I always say especially to VODA Clients, The worst thing that they could have ever made was Call of Duty. Backing in my position a Navy Seal by the name of Jesse Ventura once famously said (paraphrasing):


"I don't like the fact that they even know who we are."


And he's right, back in the day no one talked about Special Forces, no one talked about Delta, no one talked about anything tactical. The "Tac World" was a world that based on stratification. Meaning: it separated the "lower-tier from the higher tier" in regards to people in the Gun Game.


What many would say to gain validation and legitimatize them-selves to qualify as "tactical" is the fact that they have been deployed to a foreign war (Iraq or Afghanistan). My good friends this DOES NOT QUALIFY AS TACTICAL OR EVEN TACTICAL TRAINING. It's a deployment nothing more. To claim the position as a Tactician, your training must stem from a combination of graduating from one position to being formally trained as a Tactician in whatever area specified, then you obtain experience in the role of that position while leading others. 


Again hopping on a deployment simply does not cut it! Taking me for instance; I had to "earn my stripes" by filling a position, then being formally trained to do a specific function, getting experience in that position and then again "pay my dues" within that position while leading others. There is no magic trick or "overnight success". There are bumps, bruises and challenges that come along the way that must be made so you can overcome them and become who you need to be in order to claim the designation of a Tactician. This is what builds the character of the Tactician.


Moreover, this also plays a role in the development of the leadership style of the Tactician which only comes about through the experiences and observations made by the Tactician. There has to be mistakes made, you must learn from those mistakes and overcome them. This is what most people either can’t grasp or understand and or simply don't talk about regarding the process of becoming a True Tactician, which could take years.




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