One of the G.O.A.T. Contemporary Gun-fighters and Firearm Educators Instructor Zero

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Man people often ask me who were my biggest influences are. Often times they ask:


  • “What Firearm Educators made me who I am?”

  • “Who do you admire?”


So, each day of this week for five days I will release the top 5 five modern Firearm Educators that I considered to be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). That's right, we’re talking way pass Magpul videos. We are talking about cognition, insight, philosophy of use and critical thinking from a Gun-Fighters perspective.


And when it comes to Instructor Zero the following attributes come to mind and it is these attributes that make him the G.O.A.T..

  • Creative

  • Highly Skilled Shooter

  • Well Traveled

  • Patient


There was so much that I can see about Instructor Zero. But at the same time it wouldn't do it any justice. It's not every day that someone like Instructor Zero comes around. And I said it because the likelihood of someone being as creative and charming will travel and patient as well as being a highly skilled shooter is very rare within the Gun Game.


I distinctly remember when Instructor Zero first came out and made his public debut. He was Face with mixed reviews and comments especially on YouTube. People would say things like they couldn't understand him because of his accent, hell the guys fucking Italian and he cool!


What's cooler than that? But even more than that, that was always more positive then it was negative. I think professionally, that Instructor Zero change the face of what it meant to be an Operator. He gave the ordinary people insight into how to up their Gun Game so to speak.


Here's the thing, Instructor Zero is the greatest of all time in reference to contemporary Gun-Fighting because of his creativity. But even more than that, it is his invention of a multitude of shooting drills that not only the new and the average shooter could embark upon. But Instructor Zero has created drills that advance shooters could also take a vantage of.

 Video by Funker Tactical


What's even more, and I have to commend Instructor Zero for that all his efforts but the fact that he kept the drills FREE. Now that says a lot about who he is as an individual and it says a lot about his integrity and it shows that he is a lifelong student of not only violence and of the gun. But he has a never ending curiosity and a never ending thirst for knowledge as it pertains to the art of Gun-Fighting.


A lot of the background of Instructor Zero may be shrouded in mystery (sounds cliché right?). But real Shooters and Gun-Fighters really don't give a damn; of course we can speculate about the general things like he went to college he probably served in the Italian Military probably is some kind of Special Forces Operator and he probably teaches at a college of some sort. But all of that is trivial, as it has nothing to do with his perseverance and skill as a Firearm Educator.


But what really stands out to me about Instructor Zero is not the shooting not the gear not as bad well but more importantly it is his philosophy of use. Or another words, it would be his teaching philosophy. I consider that to be the most special thing about him.


Inasmuch, he's always exploring, discovery, implementing, and doing it again over and over and over again. Is the opening of one door and finding another door and finding out yet there's another door and another door and another door. That is the true essence of seeking education and knowledge. Pressing the trigger is actually less than 10% of Gun-Fighting. Let that sink in.


Another thing that qualifies Instructor Zero as the Greatest Of All Time is the fact that he's well-traveled. He's traveled to educate and train Special Forces unit and civilians a light all over the world. And that is a beautiful thing because it makes him even more well-rounded as a Firearm Educator.

 Video by Funker Tactical


Whether he's traveling to France after the terrorist attacks to transfer his knowledge so that the French Forces and Agencies could use it in order to facilitate growth and change within their agencies so they wouldn't lose any more lives. Or when Instructor Zero traveled to Brazil to provide his expertise with the most special team on the face of this earth in my eyes and in my heart BOPE.


Or when he traveled to Africa to train and to collaborate and transfer knowledge to the African Forces that aided in the repelling of illegal poachers demonstrated Instructor Zero's lifetime commitment to firearm education and training.

 Video by Funker Tactical


There's no simply getting around it, Instructor Zero is a highly skilled shooter. And that simply goes without saying. I mean, look at all the videos. Now I know it won't be too long until some troll or hater comes along and brings up the issue of "editing". What I would tell them is this, yes we know that the videos to edit it. But that does not take away from his skill.


And the reason why I can say this because I have a very keen eye for individuals with skill. More importantly his skill shows up in his attitude. Out of all the negative comments that I've heard about Instructor Zero which are undoubtedly overshadowed by the multitude of positive comments I've never heard him speak bad or negatively against anyone or anything. 


But even more than that, when I look at his mechanical skill and ability it speaks to the volumes of repetitions he has performed over his time in the Gun Game. This is how he has crystallized his skill set. In order for he or anyone else to achieve what he has achieved as far as shooting skill, ability and knowledge is concerned is that they must have triangulated the following:


  • Speed

  • Time 

  • Accuracy 


Again in a previous article written by me entitled "ANALYSIS: GUN-FIGHTING vs. COMPETITION SHOOTING vs. THE SHOOTER" I made the following statement in regards to shooting skill:


"The funny thing about these three pillars is that they contradict each other. Not in the negative sense but simply because they don’t mix! I hold the position that they don’t mix because they seeming overlap each other with diminishment. Again, this is not a bad thing, in fact, it can be seen as way to triangulate the skill set of the subject behind the gun in a way that it challenges them to push themselves to the brink of combining all three into perfect harmony. Now of course we all should know that no one will achieve this harmony 100% of the time but I think a strong 93% is not only accomplishable but a great endeavor to aspire to!"


This is what Instructor Zero has accomplished spot on.

 Video by Funker Tactical

Lastly, what makes Instructor Zero one of the G.O.A.T. in contemporary Gun-Fighting is that I can see that he is patient. Let's face it, he has to have exercised a great degree of patience to achieve the level of talent that he has achieved whether he is behind the gun or in front of the class room delivering a lecture.


It is because of these here reasons and more as to why Instructor Zero is one the G.O.A.T. when it comes to modern Gun-Fighting.

 Video by Funker Tactical

 Video by Funker Tactical


Again, this is Instructor Zero and he is one of the G.O.A.T. contemporary Gun-fighters and Firearm Educators







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