The Founding Father of Contemporary Gun-Fighting and one of the G.O.A.T.


Man people often ask me who were my biggest influences are. Often times they ask:


  • “What Firearm Educators made me who I am?”

  • “Who do you admire?”


So, each day of this week for five days I will release the top 5 five modern Firearm Educators that I considered to be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). That's right, we’re talking way pass Magpul videos. We are talking about cognition, insight, philosophy of use and critical thinking from a Gun-Fighters perspective.


Jeff Cooper, or John Dean Cooper can be and will be considered by those that are initiated as the Founding Father of contemporary Gun-Fighting. And I will make it a point to say this because if you don't know what the beginnings of the Gun Game comes from then you can never know which way the Gun Game is going. Again I cannot articulate and stress enough how important Colonel Jeff Cooper is to the contemporary Gun-Fighter.


Some quick reference points about Jeff Cooper: he was born on May 10, 1920 and died fairly recently on September 25, 2006, he was 86 years old. Colonel Cooper, was a very educated man like myself. He graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science from Stanford University and graduated again from The University of California with a Masters in History. And lastly, he served in the U.S. Military.


Colonel Cooper, built and founded the Gunsite Academy which was originally known as the American Pistol Institute. It was on these grounds that he trained a lot of people which ranged from Military Personnel to Law-Enforcement as well as Civilian Operators™ alike. However, like all great things in life it had to come to an end in 1982 when he either had to sell it or opted to sell it for whatever reason.

Colonel Cooper did a lot for contemporary Gun-Fighters; is because of him and NOT THE NRA that we have a firearm safety rules (shots fired at the NRA Nazi’s). But even more than that Colonel Cooper created and developed several new perspectives as it relates to Gun-Fighting this is not an exhaustive list but nonetheless some of his perspectives are as follows:


  • Conditions of Gun Readiness

  • The Color Code of Awareness

  • The Inception of The Bren 10

  • Founder of IPSC


It should be noted that when it comes to the Colonel Coopers Conditions of Gun Readiness I had to actually modify it. For some people that may be considered an abomination. However, it was something that needed to be done in order for it to remain relevant in terms of contemporary Gun-Fighting.


Also the Color Codes of Awareness I had to also modify. Again, this was done for relevance and that those modifications shall be revealed to the public in due time. But as of right now, every VODA Client know of and have working knowledge of these modifications and how they are to be applied.


Some people may suspect that I may cover these three bullets, but unfortunately I will not. And the reason for that is because they're pretty well-known. But I did want to take the time out to make the effort to inform people who may not know what Colonel Cooper has contributed to the contemporary Gun Game as a Founding Father.


I would also like to say that one of the works published by Colonel Cooper entitled “Principles of Self-Defense” has become not only a standard on the VODA Client reading list, but it has become mandatory reading for ALL VODA Clients. If you are using a firearm or even an impact or Edged weapon for SD (Self-Defense) or as a P.P.S. (Personal Protection Solution) and you have not read this particular manuscript then god damn it shame on you! I know without a shadow of doubt, all Gun-Fighters have either read and or reread this manuscript and have not only adopted it but have actually applied it in at least one Gun-Fighting engagement or another.


If you cannot find this manuscript written by Colonel Cooper it can be found here in my website under the Research tab at the following web address. And as always please feel free to copy and paste into your web browser.


But what I liked the most about Colonel Jeff Cooper as a Firearm Educator, was the fact that he was very articulate. That is something that is very hard to find among instructors. Let it be known that a Firearm Educator is vastly different than an firearm instructor. The reason I say that is because I myself like Colonel Jeff Cooper are more than able to not only teach the general firearm knowledge and technique.


But we are able to teach the concrete and abstract essence of Gun-Fighting. Even more than that we are able to go in the depth and extract that knowledge and make it palatable for the ordinary man and woman to understand it so that they're able to use it immediately for SD applications and for their P.P.S. needs.

See, the difference between a firearm instructor and a Firearm Educator is that the firearm instructor will only be able to maintain the bar that is set before them. The Firearm Educator in contrast, has the ability to create, develop, implement, adapt, change, and terminate knowledge and replace it with new knowledge as it pertains to Firearm Education and Training at will. And that pisses a lot of people off quite frankly.


There is simply not enough that you can say about Colonel Jeff Cooper. As he has inspired many Shooters and Firearm Educators around the world. But even more importantly he has inspired contemporary Gun-Fighters all around the world. VODA Inc. would also like to give a special thanks to GunSite Academy for keeping the knowledge of Colonel Cooper alive in our memory. For the complete set of videos featured here at VODA Logic please feel free to contact the Gunsite Academy at the following:


Gunsite Academy, Inc.

2900 West Gunsite Road

Paulden, AZ 86334

928-636-4565 (X22)


He is someone that I and millions admire in the Gun Game because of his dedicated to knowledge in elevation. This is what makes Colonel Jeff Cooper the G.O.A.T..








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