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I can predict with great certainty that we will be moving away from traditional firearms. Within the next 15-20 years the shift from our current combustion engineering  of weapon systems to EBWS (Energy Based Weapon Systems) or PBWS (Plasma Based Weapon Systems). This is best can be considered a double edge sword at best. When we look at the positives, we can consider the following:


  • cost effective

  • eco friendly

  • pushes the limits of scientific research

  • Leads to the discovery of new products, goods, and services

  • possible multi purposes

  • elimination of combustion


Consequently when we consider the positives we must also consider the negatives. For if we don't we will in effect exhibit a cognitive bias that may push us to turn a blind eye to our own demise. Again, if we look at almost any time in the history of man kind, we will undoubtedly find that many decisions that were made that turned out to be detrimental to us a species has been a product of faulty logic and cognitive bias. Some examples of this would be the War in Iraq, The Arab Spring, the U.S. intervention in Syria and the list simply goes on and on. Some of the negatives or "Blow Back" would be but are not limited to the following:


  • lack of accountability

  • national security issues

  • reduction in liberties for the common man

  • lack of the ability to gather forensic evidence to convict offenders of CRIMES AGAINST THE PERSON

  • social immaturity 


If I am correct in this Prediction, I will take the position that these weapon system should NEVER be created, developed and placed into the market place. For if we do the ramifications for such will be like opening Pandora's Box! For the latent functions and Blow-Back will be so unpredictable. And unpredictability can be dangerous. Especially with people that are not mature enough to handle the technological advances in weapon systems coming down the pipe. 

My concern lies in national security, the further reduction of LIBERTIES for the common man and social maturity the ever looming mental health epidemic amongst gun owners. In regards to national security, we must think about how are we to track these weapons. In the case of Plasma, How do you tract that? especially when it is one of the most abundant forms of matter.  


                                                                                             CAD Design

It can be liken to charging a carbon tax on the Human Species; like aren't we made of Carbon. Again this argument is a slippery slope that will turn into an avalanche in no time. The reason for that is because we are talking about charged particles for those that don't know. Remember, energy is neither lost, created nor destroyed. Which means that the applications of this technology in the use of the criminal element is potentially infinite. This is where national security is at stake. 

Even more than that, we have the issue of the reduction of liberties. Remember, there is no such thing as "FREEDOM" so forget about it before your read about this topic in some NRA magazine. But the further erosion of LIBERTIES are immanent if this technology hits the market. You have to remember, you are a Product, a "Human Resource". And like with any product, if you cannot control it you simply cannot protect it. So like it or not there will be policies made by politicians in which the Police with enforce. that just the name of the game.  

The last big item of concern will be the lack social maturity and the mental health epidemic we are facing in this country and the world for that matter. With these new weapon systems EBWS / PBWS what measures do we have in place to stop and or punish people who maliciously commit and or engage in CRIMES AGAINST THE PERSON. How do we match "ballistics" for lack of better terms to aid in the solving of a crime. Who is holding these possible Offenders accountable for their actions. I can forecast without a shadow of a doubt that there will be new Laws on the books. And the reason for that is became Laws are made to serve as a temporary social bandage on the hemorrhage of inevitable social disorder. 


                                                                                             CAD Design

I love technology more so than the next guy! And it is my position that technology should be used to eliminate strenuous work from the Human Species. Special thanks to Jacque Fresco Founder of the Venus Project. But do not get it mistaken, everything has its time and place. And there is no place in the next 15 to 20 years for EBWS / PBWS. We as a species simply do not have the discipline, and maturity to handle such advance technology. Hell people can even exercise discipline and maturity on Facebook. How in the fuck are we going to trust these people with EBWS / PBWS? In hindsight, instead of investing in weapon systems and hiding behind the veil of "Deterrence", lets focus on revolutionizing this decrepit educational system that has grown decadent we have here in THE UNITED STATES. 

Food For Thought 


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