Do not attempt to put more money into your pistol than needed. Skill over toys.



  • Glock 22,23,21,20

  • Smith Wesson M&P .40:9mm:.357

  • Sig Sauer P250 .380:9mm:.40:.357.45

When it comes to making a purchase for a pistol for the Civilian Operator™ we must understand that function exceeds fad. When I mean by that is the Civilian Operator™ should never ever under any circumstance is purchase a pistol because it looks good or because it's the newest thing to hit the block. Go back and read the article entitled “ANALYSIS: INDUSTRY WASTE IN THE GUN GAME” to obtain a full understanding of what is going on in the Gun Game as far as Industry waste in regards of the frivolous spending of money on firearms and accessories that you will never use. Remember, there's a 1% chance that you will get into a Gun-Fight. It should also be noted that if you're 30 years old plus you shouldn't even be getting into a fistfight. That's right you're a grown ass man or woman.


However, when it comes to picking a pistol person protection there is something that needs to be said about that. When it comes to choosing weapon system, specifically the pistol, the Civilian Operator™ must always under all circumstances possible select a pistol that will be a utilitarian in operation. There is a criterion that we use at VODA to help aid VODA Clients in selecting the type of weapon system that fits the bill of increasing adaptability and the Fight-Efficiency™ of a thought a Client and or Gun-Fighter.


Before we go any further we must first define the word utilitarian. Utilitarian can be defined by the Oxford dictionary as:


"Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive."


In order for a pistol to be considered utilitarian the following prerequisites must be met: Must shoot multiple calibers Must be affordable no more than $550.00 Must have aftermarket accessories available for the weapon system Must be able to efficiently fire all types of ammunition for the designated caliber (brass, aluminum, nickel, steel, bi-metal, polymer, frangible hollow point, and ball) Must be able to operate in ALL conditions If your weapon system specifically a pistol, doesn't meet all of the above prerequisite it is a no go by VODA standards. For anything else is a want not a necessity 


Starting with the number one VODA recommendation; I don't care what you say, I don't care what you heard, I don't care what you think; the GLOCK is a PERFECT weapon system - period. It is robust, efficient, easy to operate, easy to maintain, minimalistic in terms of the amount of parts needed for the pistol to operate, as it is has over abundance of aftermarket accessories available for the GLOCK pistol.


It is recommended to all VODA Clients (this means YOU as YOU are now a VODA Client by reading this). The Glock pistol is utilized by over 65% of all Law-Enforcement agencies in the world, it is the preferred weapon system of choice for Executive Protection and Diplomatic Protection Specialist around the world, and it is also a “Low Risk Weapon System”. 


What I mean by the GLOCK being a Low Risk Weapon System is the fact that it has a High Operator to Weapon System Malfunction Ratio. In other words, there is a very low probability that something will go wrong with the weapon system itself. Instead, there will be a higher probability that something may go wrong with the Operator of the weapon system whom of which will more likely induce a malfunction by using improper shooting techniques. 


There are three GLOCK Models that we specifically recommend at VODA: The GLOCK 22 (full size model) and the GLOCK 23 (compact size model) upon the installation of a conversion barrel of the correct caliber will fire the following calibers excluding the .22lr kit: 9mm .40 .357 GLOCK 21 upon the installation of the conversion of the current caliber will fire the following calibers: 10mm .45 .50, and the GLOCK 20 as it can scale down to a .45.


The GLOCK series of pistols are among the most diverse weapon systems in the realm of pistols that the Civilian Operator™ and Gun-Fighter alike could purchase and deploy. This is because it is the most adaptive pistol and it is the most utilitarian weapon system that anyone can own for personal protection. Again, it [GLOCK] is VODA Approved. (It should be noted that some people have reported that they needs to swap the extractors in a .45 to 10mm conversion. I have not had to do this). 


When it comes to the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols, I can say with great certainty that they did a fine job in releasing these striker pistols. Out of the box these pistols function fine. There could be some work done on it that I would recommend, but overall it is a great series of pistols for personal protection and the Civilian Operator™.

The above M&P pistol is not VODA Recommended as it has an external safety



The Smith & Wesson M&P .40 will fire the following calibers if the correct conversion is used:

  • 9mm

  • .40

  • .357

It has also been my experience that it has fired ammunition from many different manufactures without fail. The M&P line of pistols absorbs recoil really well, especially in 9mm. I have to also say that the pistol shoots very smooth and follow-up shots with the firearm are easily accomplished with a great degree of accuracy (which is Operator dependent).


You should also be known that finally aftermarket accessories and trigger modifications but easily assessable to both the Civilian Operator™ in the Gun-Fighter alike. We at VODA recommend obtaining a Smith & Wesson M&P pistol without the magazine drop safety. We at VODA would also like to recommend purchasing the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol without the external safety. The reason for this is because of one of the training protocols that we have at VODA which is: "YOU, NOT THE GUN ARE THE SAFETY".

Lastly, the pistol that deserves the number three spot would be the Sig Sauer P250. I'm recommending this weapon system because of its "feel and functionality" for lack of better terms. At the price point that it is currently at, it is definitely a "GO". I say this because the Sig Sauer P250 will fire all of the most common calibers for the exception of .22lr that I have seen. Those common calibers we are talking about are as follows:

  • .380

  • .9mm

  • .357

  • .40

  • .45

All of this comes from one weapon system. It should also be noted that there is a separate kit that needs to be bought that allows the user, Civilian Operator™ or Gun-Fighter to change the caliber at will. However the downside is that each "X-Change Kit" coming from Sig is roughly $300.00 to $350.00 and includes the following:

  • Slide (including barrel)

  • Grip module assembly

  • Recoil Spring and Guide

  • SIGLITE Night Sights

  • Magazine

Unlike the earlier Mention of GLOCK and Smith & Wesson, there is an additional kit needed other than simply changing the conversion barrel itself and the appropriate magazines to aid in the efficiency of feeding rounds into the chamber of a firearm. It should also be said that the Sig P250 has a longer perceived sight radius at least to me. It’s not a bad thing – it’s just a little different for me but in a good way. 


When it comes to achieving the task of caliber conversions, there are only two VODA approved manufactures. Email me at for a digital consultation.




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