Before we start it is the Caracal F not the Canik that is the “GLOCK” killer.


Life is always full of the “what if’s” and “what could've been”. But I can honestly say that as a firearm education and training consultant I wish I would've had the opportunity to fire the Caracal Enhanced F. It would have been definitely a first for me, and probably for a lot of the people. And for the record no I do not envy the people that have had the opportunity to fire the Caracal Enhanced F. To be honest I'm actually pretty excited for them.


Now, I have to admit there was an issue and a recall in 2013 with the first release of the Caracal C and Caracal F pistols; that link can be found here: But those issues are indicative of almost any new product that comes onto the market.


I have to also admit that I don't know specifically why it was an issue with the drop safety on this particular weapon system. But nonetheless there was an issue with it. And I believe that that was one of the major factors into why this particular weapon system didn't farewell in the Gun Game here in the United States.

Even having subsidiary companies here in the U.S. and in Germany as always, you always have your naysayers in every bunch. That's just the nature of the Gun Game or any game for that matter. Another factor that I believed in playing a role in negatively impacting the popularity of the Caracal Enhanced F pistol was discrimination.


And I say this because I would hear some of the talk behind the gun counter at the time because it was made in Abu Dhabi which is located in the U.A.E. or the United Arab Emirates. For the record this was the first pistol that was manufactured in U.A.E.. For those of you that don’t know where the U.A.E. is here is a geographic map below.

But I did hear through word-of-mouth that the Caracal series of pistols was designed by one Wilhelm Bubits, who built the Steyr M pistol which came out in 1999. 

And I must say the Steyr M pistol (above) was a damn fine pistol. But even more than that, The Caracal series of pistols featured the characteristics of a couple of different guns put into one and that was what made the Caracal series of pistols so special.

Aside obviously being a striker fired pistol, another thing that made me wish that I could have had the opportunity to fire this pistol is that simply by observation I can tell that the “tang” or “beaver tail” really gets high into the pistol. Remember the lower the bore axis is on a pistol the better control and recoil management you will generally have on the pistol.

What was also cool about this pistol is that I observed that it was able to be converted into a “sort of SBR”. The reason as to why I say this is because it is a far stretch from truly being an SBR. But the fact that you can obtain a kit that augments the weapon system so that it can be “handled” in such a way says a lot about the wonders of possibilities that may come to aid the operator of the Caracal Enhanced F. No need for a Ronin SBR modification kit here.


Looking at the magazine, it appears as if they are made of some sort of steel or aluminium construction. If that is the case than I can expect the magazine to fall relatively free providing that the Operator has not fired the gun to the point that the metal of the magazine has begun to expand. Not to say that this is necessarily a negative thing as it is a quite normal phenomena as heat + metal=expansion. But I can also bet under normal conditions that the magazine should display a positive extraction with minimum assistance.


The trigger appears to be “GLOCK-like”, as it is advertised as a “Short action trigger”. I'm assuming by this that they mean that is has a short press and a short reset to match it. And the sight set up seems to be calibrated to the standard (what do you expect from a new pistol in the market place). However, I like my pistol sights a certain way; and that way is “ROBUST”.


Meaning that I need to cycle or charge my pistol with one hand on almost any surface. The fact that the Caracal Enhanced F colors come in either black or tan is something that is kind of cool. But being in a Military town and being prior service I’m absolutely tired of looking at tan. Black will suit me just fine. Besides I need a gun that can match any one of my outfits. This is true especially if I get that lucky call to participate in an Executive Protection detail.

Something else that caught my eye is that the Caracal Enhanced F appears to be able to be taken down in a “GLOCK like” fashion. Again, familiarity is always a positive thing. A cocking indicator is another positive thing – but it is a positive that I can do without honestly. And the reason for that is because is that I’m a minimalist kind of PERSON. Meaning: I don’t like a lot of things that are unnecessary. I just need the firearm to “work” – let me do the thinking.

18 rounds in a magazine chambered for a 9mm pistol is a great thing. If the magazine was able to take 20 rounds that would be phenomenal. But I know for a fact 18 is plenty in a 9mm magazine. The magazine release is instinctive unlike that of the H&K VP series of pistols. And like any true pistol that is built for Gun-Fighters and SD (Self-Defense) Shooters it has room to accept lighting devices and lasers.


Lastly, I can help but wonder what the grip and the grip angle of the pistol will feel like in my hand. This is always a determining factor for me when selecting a pistol; among other characteristics. As a SIDE NOTE, before I forget. I have a hunch that the Caracal Enhanced F pistol is one that generates a light felt recoil for a couple of reasons.


  • Because it is chambered in 9mm

  • Low bore axis

  • And the grip appears to accommodate the physics of the Caracal F


With that being said, stay safe, stay frosty and remember M.A.R.S..


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