There are many different kinds of websites out there that address firearm related topics. And that can be considered a positive and negative thing. But with that being said, you must find the time to ask yourself:


“Do I as a reader, viewer or subscriber of any of these websites actually consider the validity of the website in which I am viewing?”


This is something to think about. And in thinking about that question I would like for you to also consider this:


“Is it possible that many of the websites that you as a reader, viewer, or subscriber patronize publish facts, do they perpetuate idealism or do they simply provide you with an opinion?”


“Do the websites you patronize provide you with actual firsthand accounts or do they simply regurgitate information in attempt to capture an audience?"


Another significant question would be:


“Are you a reader, viewer, or subscriber of a website that serves as a gossip column or are you a part of an audience in which the writers or authors offer you education, knowledge and edification?”


It is questions like this and more that you should ask yourself.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Reading for pleasure and or entertainment is OK - in fact it's often times needed to get your mind off of your own day to day struggles. However, it is a totally different premise to write an article or even engage in reading an article in which the goal is to create negative controversy, public shame, embarrassment or to belittle someone and or humiliate anyone. It's also another thing to write an article with the intention to be malicious.

This is why I thought of and created the VODA Logic website. Since creating the VODA Logic website I've received an overwhelming positive response from readers from all over the globe! It is because of this result I can say that the VODA Logic website is becoming a great source of information in the realm of firearms and SD (Self-Defense) information while providing a professional consultative insight.


For those that are new (and old) to the Gun Game, I would urge you to be on the lookout for sites that copy and paste excessively. When I see this as an Educator, I question the ability of the author to form and or articulate their own independent thoughts. 


Also, I would recommend being watchful of sites that utilize excessive advertising and are openly backed by institutions and organizations. This is important because I need you to remember that businesses pay for advertising space so that they can be seen in the most favorable light.


In doing so, their aim is to sell and or to influence public opinion. Moreover, often times, it's a game of economic politics. In short, what websites are saying to businesses that wish to engage in this practice is: 


"You pay me for this advertising space and I can guarantee you X number of views/visitors."


It’s not a bad thing or a good thing it’s just business. It should also be noted that the company being advertised has a direct say in how their products should be presented to the public eye.


It should also be understood that there is also no law on the books that says companies have to put out a quality product of any kind, so as long as it doesn’t endanger the public! With that being said, the companies that seek advertising space can make all kinds of claims that would make them seem more favorable to the Consumer than what they actually are.

This train of logic applies even more to the cyber world in which anyone can put out almost anything most of time without any fear of repercussion because of the huge amount of anonymity. Anonymity is not just limited to not being able to put a face with a name, but I would tell you to be weary of websites in which there is no phone number and or not physical address that can be found. Yes, even a P.O. Box would suffice.


Remember that wherever there are people there will be self-interest. Knowing that I would only sincerely hope that you as a reader would be able to tell the difference between genuine publishing and the disingenuous publishing that tends to occur today. Moreover, remember that just because someone has been seen on television or the radio, does not make them a reliable source of information. There is a lot of disinformation out there.


The people that run the various radio and television media outlet out there have their own self-interests that they mist fulfil. Actions such as these are done for the sake of views, likes and ratings and they will not hesitate to "report" whatever they feel that will satisfy their audience. Furthermore, most people will believe almost anything they hear or see. It’s a shame but none-the-less its true and even more so true with adults. 


Can we as a people do better? I don’t know as I have a position on this phenomenon that lies outside the scope of this article. But with all that being said, I will leave you with the advice I gave to my good friend and VODA Client who is a national figure:


"Everyone has an angle, but it’s your job to figure out what it is and decide if you want to go along with it. If you know their angle is not in line with what you are trying to do, pass on it. However, if you know that it is something that you can go along with, then it is your duty to exploit that angle to first your own benefit and then for the interest to all parties involved."




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