As a fellow Brother In Arms and fellow Firearm Educator, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Urban Sharp Shooter (U.S.S.) Firearm Educator Kevin Dixie. He is the Owner of No Other Choice (N.O.C.) firearm education and training. Kevin Dixie began his career in the Gun Game about 15 or 16 years ago. It's only been in the last five years that he's actually been in the public eye.


Since then Kevin Dixie currently works with the St. Louis Metro Police Department in the Prisoner Processing Division. Kevin Dixie is a straight up kind a guy it will tell you without a heartbeat that he has no military experience. Often time you hear people post about having military experience as it is supposed to make them some type of super shooter.


But to those in the know, actually no that is anything but the truth. In spite of not actually have a military experience, which can sometimes be seen as a plus by some, what qualifies him as a Firearm Instructor is that he has the experience of being in and successfully surviving four carjacking’s and three robbery's.


It is these qualifications that I honor most. it should also be noted that when speaking with Mr. Kevin Dickie I can sense a sort of “Shooters Maturity” for lack of better terms just from interviewing him over the phone for this particular spread. So let us get directly into the questions that were asked in regards to topics that were addressed within his interview. 

  • VL: "What is your favorite firearm?"

  • KD: “Am I only limited to just one LOL?!”

  • VL: “NO”

  • VL: “I'm looking for your favorite pistol, rifle, and a shotgun.”

  • KD: “My favorite firearms are the Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 and the Springfield Armory 5 1/2 inch XDM.”


“Because of the sentimental value that these two weapons hold from me. These were my go to weapons doing the riots in Ferguson. I had a close friend who happened to live in the immediate are of the riots as was also a Police Officer. His neighbors of course knew this and on day two of the riots surrounded his home with long guns while his family was forced to hide in the basement of his home. He only had is duty weapon against the long guns. He called for assistance but was informed no Officers were available; so he called me and I went into the riot area and provided his family with some extra cover and also provided him with a long gun of his own to keep until the madness ended.


Upon my arrival with another associate, the individuals departed the area and proceeded back into the thick of the riot. While protecting his family, the crazy news media reported which parts of the local area that were not getting hit as much by the rioters.The crazy news media reported which parts of the city that were not getting hit as much by the rioters. This made absolutely no sense to me as to why the news media would put anything like this out over the air! In doing so they actually placed people lives in danger!


So, when people started to begin riots in my neighborhood these were the two weapons that I have to deploy with full kit in order to deter the violent rioters. I felt like it was my duty as a Citizen and a Father to not only protect my neighborhood but to protect my family most importantly. Honestly, I couldn't bear the thought of something happening to either one of the two. The two aforementioned firearms were used; which makes them hold a special place to me.”


In response to his favorite side on or pistol he revealed this:


“I initially wanted to be different when everyone was pushing for GLOCK pistols. And in doing so I found out that the XD series of pistols provided me with the economics that the GLOCK didn’t The grip texture is aggressive and the pistol itself shows the attention to detail and precise machinery that was required in making this gun. Another reason why this weapon holds a sentimental value to me is because it was the first gun that I had to actually use in an actual Self-Defense scenario. This was before Springfield started producing the XDM series came.”


“What are some of the issues that you see going on that negatively impacts Gun Game?”

“Great question and I'm really glad you asked that because I hate it when we as instructors try to fact check each other; my thing is we need to focus on administering the best training we possibly can! It just seems like everyone is trying to outdo each other and or everyone's trying to be on top, I don't know where it comes from but I wish they would just stop it! It really does more harm than good.”


“Another issue I see within the gun game is that instructors don't focus on the needs of these Civilians and the New Shooters. One of the big reasons for this is because there is a bridge that is not been built yet fully in which we are able to pass information from our terms over into terms that the Civilian and a New Shooter can actually understand. It's almost like they only want to teach the Civilians and New Shooters the basics because they do not have the patience like I do and others required to facilitate growth and development for the New Shooter and Civilians alike. This does not apply to the people doing this on a daily but rather the ones who are not.”


“The next big thing that I see the need to change in the Gun Game is we implode on each other rather than explode and release information to Civilians and New Shooters. Every time I see instances like this it drives me crazy because it’s nothing more than chest beating, and it’s really unnecessary. It doesn't help in any way the growth of New Shooters or Civilian Shooters in anyway. With that being said I always see people become really disrespectful towards each other especially between us as Instructors. I can’t say it enough all this in-fighting does nothing to help the process of networking and only succeeds in building walls between us as Firearm Educators, Students and Clients alike.”


“In the Gun Game we have too many followers, instructors don't explore anymore. It's almost like they take the same cookie-cutter approach when he comes to providing firearm training. It's like you can go to “instructor such and such” and I can almost guarantee you what they’re going to do without even knowing who they are. This type of cookie cutter approach within the Gun Game is a negative, it does nothing but leads to complacency. My train of thought is:

“Don't follow the trends challenge the trends.”


The last major thing that I see this an issue with the Gun Game are instructors that are being dishonest. I say this because many times I see these instructors go all out and try to make themselves out to be more than what they really are. And this is shame that it's really like that. If it's not people stealing Valor, then it’s the instructors that will lie and mislead people to satisfy their own self-gratification. When they do this it becomes dangerous. And the reason it becomes dangerous is because people will come out with all types of schemes, they will combine the look with falsehoods that they know they cannot deliver in an attempt to fulfill their need to satisfy themselves. “

“What are your thoughts on African-Americans in the Gun Game?”

“We are our own worst enemy. And the reason for that is because of blatant ignorance and revering people who may not necessarily look like us as if they are somehow better; like these people that they look up to may have some mystical skill or talent that either we don’t have or some of us wish we had.”


“African-Americans vote for Democrats that are anti-gun. And this is a big thing because how can you claim you support the right to defend yourself but elect into office someone who is against openly firearms. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, do African-Americans really know that the firearm is the great equalizer? What I mean by that is let's say that you are not able to defend yourself for whatever reason and for whatever you find yourself having to defend your life in the process? Do you think it’s right for someone to tell you to hope and pray that they don't beat you to death while they are taking your wallet?”


“When it comes to African-Americans, firearms and politics, many but not all are vastly uneducated in the correlation between firearms, politics and how it affects them whether it be positive or negative. They say “ignorance is bliss”. However, ignorance can get you killed. But even more than that for some odd reason African-Americans seem to always put people into power who don't care about the Second Amendment. It's almost like it's not even a forethought and in most cases even afterthought even after they had a .357 shoved in their face during an armed robbery. I can also say that African-Americans for whatever reasons are vastly ignorant on the 13th 14th and 15th amendments which were Amendments also known as the “Civil War”amendments. Reading and understanding what has occurred will help you protect your future.”


“When we speak of African-Americans we must also think about how we going to challenge the African-American mindset. Many African-Americans simply do not think about the immediate future in reference to self-defense and their livelihood either in the past, present or the next few hours. This is problematic because it always seems to set African-Americans up for failure in regards to Self-Defense.”


“With that being said another one of my issues as it pertains to African-Americans and firearms is that we fall into our own stereotypes. For instance, when I ask my students to close eyes and think about an attacker and tell me what they are thinking about when the picture of the attacker pops into their mind.


Many of the African-Americans more often than not see their own people as the perpetrator of the crimes against them. One reason I think this occurs is because of the environment they live in; but that train of thought can apply to any and every body. But the main reason is the News Media, as they always seem to every night on the 10 o'clock news show African-Americans committing senseless violent crimes.


But when it comes to the African-American Students I have, the picture of the bad guy they see that more than likely looks like them comes from their personal experiences. This seems to suggest they perceive that they will be more likely to become a victim of a violent crime by another African-American. I guess the old cliché still stands firm: Black on Black Crime is a problem.”

“What are your thoughts on being African-American and owning and legally carrying a firearm?”

“It is been my experience as not only just an African-American that owns and carries a legal firearm but I'm also speaking as a Police Officer. What I find is that people are conditioned to first accept an African-American with a gun in a uniform before they accepts an African-American in plain clothes. I believe this statement speaks for itself.”

“What do you see for the future of African-Americans within the Gun Game?”

“I'm actually optimistic as I see progress in the Gun Game. I'm optimistic because I see that the industry is adapting to the needs of not only African-Americans but to Latinos, and women most of all!”


“Another thing that I see in the future for African-Americans within the Gun Game is a change in vocabulary. I can foresee the days in which African Americans as a whole not as individuals now can refer to magazines as “magazines” not “clips”. As an African-American one meme that comes to my mind is: “I got that GLOCK forty cuz". It's kind of sickening when I think about it because it makes African-Americans seem really ignorant as a whole although everyone knows this is not true.”

“So what do you like most about Urban Sharp Shooters?”

“I like their mission and what they're trying to achieve. To me it's fantastic because the more African-Americans we can reach the faster we can reach the optimism of expectation that I have that every African-American in the Gun Game.”

“What is one thing that you didn't like about the Urban Sharp Shooters?”

“Well, in the private Urban Sharp Shooters group on Facebook some of the vernacular can be pretty strong at times. What I mean by that is I was scrolling through the feed one time and I read from someone the following words: “We don't like those white boys on the range with us”. This could be damaging in the wrong hands if someone was to take a snapshot of that and post it all over the web. It is a minor thing but that is the only little thing I think about.”

“What are your thoughts on other African-American gun clubs?"

“I'm all about unifying people, like James McCoy always says: “We want to build bridges not walls”. So one gun club and I will not say their name was like: “We don’t want white people on the range with us.” That's the only thing that I think about all the top of my head this minute.”

“What are your thoughts on the state of Policing?”

“Well, I actually train with and work side-by-side with other Police Officers; I think that the nature of policing is good but it's the people within it [Police] that misuse it. Another thing that comes to my mind when we talk about Policing is that I think that we should hire more African-Americans within Police agencies. But there is something that needs to be brought to the light, and that is: African-Americans tend to beat up other African-Americans when they make the decision to join the Police. It's almost like: “You’re too Black for the uniform but two Blue for the Brothers.”


“The only way to overcome this is to address the stereotypes that are not only put in place in regards to African-Americans but also towards Police. In order to change these misperceptions we must first change the peoples perspective. And the only way this can be accomplished is by people first wanting to change and then reinforcing that motivation through education and training.”

“What are your thoughts on the violence in Chicago?”

“I didn't really spend too much time or do too much of anything while I was in Chicago. But that was only because of what I was doing in Chicago and who I was doing it with for that brief moment of time. But my thoughts are limited to this: we need to stop glorifying the violence in Chicago. Secondly we people ignorantly glorify the violence we tend to encourage criminals to compete amongst each other to up the ante of violent acts. What I mean by that is: when allow people to glorify the violence in Chicago we actually encourage the people to commit more crimes so they [Criminals] can have something to brag about.

“What are your thoughts on African-American Leaders?”

“I don’t think African-Americans need any one Leader. Since when do we need someone to tell us exactly what we need to do when we living in the situations that we know are undesirable? I think that “leadership” if we are going to talk about it starts at home, more specifically is starts with the parents. One of the biggest things that I see when it comes to rearing the characteristics of Leadership out of boys in African American homes is that African-American women have a tendency to stop the discipline of African-American children(rather in be at school or in public) because they are too tenderhearted (at times) and many men are simply absent. I come from a single mother and can understand the struggles that plague them, but we have to find away to rejoin families so there can be a balance. I know there are exceptions to every rule but we need families back to help give these children an equal dose of tender love and toughness. Another big thing that I see that plays a role in decreasing our Leadership capabilities within ourselves is that too many African-Americans value a rap-sheet rather than a degree. We need to promote our Women being more than nicely built baby machines and our Men being more than a crime waiting to happen. Let’s get back to loving minds and hearts.

“What would you say the Female Shooters?”

“I LOVE YOU! LOL! Female Shooters are my favorite any day of the week! They [women] tend to make the best students because they're willing to actually listen, take the time out to figure things out things and ask questions instead of thinking they know everything out of arrogance. They tend not to place their ego in front of them. There is not enough words I can use to describe the positive traits a Female Shooters. I would however like to see more Female Shooters go beyond basic pistol basic shotgun or basic rifle and even beyond conceal carry and reach out and branch on and take more advance courses. Many times women are reluctant to take the advance courses because not only the perceived intimidation factor but because of the type of “Instructors” that are out there teaching these classes.”

“Are there any things you won't do?”

“Of course! When it comes to the Gun Game I will not:

  • I will not argue with anyone

  • I will not feed into any negativity

  • I will not gossip

And the reason for this is because when you secure about what you're doing you don't have to argue with anybody you just do it. I won’t feed into the negativity because it’s the negativity that’s slow you down as it becomes a distraction. And I won't gossip with anyone because to be honest with you it's not in my nature to do such.”

“Any closing remarks?"

“Of course LOL! I would like to say that no matter if you a Police Officer, Civilian, Male or Female anything involving life, you need to:

“Understand things in their complexity but be able to execute them with simplicity.”

“And the reason why say that is because all too often people get caught up in trying to be so complex they forget the simple things in life. I would also like to say that I need people to start independently challenging their own thought processes and ideas. Do not think that there’s only one way of thought or that there is only one way to do something. I would also like to tell these instructors out here to stop intimidating students. It's not a good look and we're not going to be able to overcome the barriers and obstacles that New Shooters and Civilians face in regards to shooting guns.”


“You know, I have to lastly let you know what N.O.C. or No Other Choice is about. It's not just the name of my company. It is the philosophy of life I adhere to. what it means is when it comes down to being a Father having a dream or firearm training I need you to be the best that you can be in your life no matter and do it like you back is against the wall and remember you have NO OTHER CHOICE!”





Kevin Dixie can be contact at the following:



Phone: 314.443.3344




FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.dixie.9lst=100009706391424%3A1360831263%3A1485556669

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