Samuel Haynes III is synonymous with Intellectual Dishonestly, having no Integrity & Destructive Behavior. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an attempt at defamation of character as I only wish to convey what I have witnessed. I only seek to  state my position based off of interactions with Samuel Hayes III. Beware of people who are quick to tell you negative things about other people that they have NEVER met, especially if they are a male engaging in this kind of dysfunctional behavior and they live in another part of the country in relation to the PERSON they are talking about.


This is what Samuel Hayes III does when anyone mentions my name. And for those that actually listen to him, I'm going to need you to learn how to think for yourself. The beauty of being a Social Scientist (Sociologist) as well as an Educator in Academia, Firearm Education and Training Consultant, Project Manager and Applied Professional Behavioral Health Provider is that I'm able to examine, conduct experiments, create, formulate, and test ideas and theories; and more importantly implement them as needed so that the information is better able to be applied in the most efficient manner for the students and clients in which I serve.


Speaking for myself as a Consultative Professional and for anyone who have ever created anything substantial, there is nothing is more disappointing than experiencing people either plagiarizing your work or stealing your intellectual property and not giving you proper credit for what you have worked so hard to create, develop and bring into the market place. When it comes to the realm of Gun-Fighting I did not create it; for as long as there has been weaponry that has been operated by combustion there has always been Gun-Fighting.


However, when it comes to training everyday ordinary people for Gun-Fighting it is my unorthodox but highly effective methods that have successfully set me apart from NRA instructors (despite the revocation of credentials) and this IP (intellectual property) thief whom of which resides in Atlanta GA.


Here lies an almost 50 something year old man living in Atlanta by the name of Samuel Haynes III, who claims ownership of Caliber Training Group LLC, which isn't really a "group" or an LLC as of this month, as it is really just him and some people that happen to collaborate with him (no they are not really with him).


This man is taking not only my work but quite possibly the work of others while not giving proper credit to the creators of the work in which he stole. Again, Samuel Haynes III is thief of intellectual property and out right plagiarism. Both of which can get you kicked out of any College or University real fast.


In order to educate others in the realm of Gun-Fighting the prerequisite is that you yourself had to first have been in a Gun-Fight, that is a prerequisite that is non-negotiable. For anything short of that makes you a Firearm Instructor of general sort. I'm sorry Mr. Samuel Hayes III, getting busted for causing destruction to property twice and paying restitution doesn't count as a prerequisite to teach Gun-Fighting. 


Furthermore, it is disgraceful for you Samuel Hayes III to call yourself invoking scientific methods into Gun-Fighting because your educational background (lack thereof) or behavior is not becoming of any Scientist within the Scientific Community. Now granted he may have taken a Biology class at "Temple University" as he claims he attended. But that by no means makes him a Scientist of any sort. 


The pattern of inflated sense of skill and ability shows up again in his intellectually dishonest argument with Attorney at Law Andrew Branca Author of "The Law of Self-Defense". In the article entitled "Meet Caliber Training Group" this Attorney at Law says the following in regards to the train wreck of a misguided logic Samuel Hayes III displayed in an attempt to provide defense for the now deceased Freddy Gray.


His failure to differentiate factual evidence from what he feels lets you know he does not comprehend law even as a "Certified" Conceal Carry instructor / Firearm instructor for THE STATE OF GEORGIA. This is one reason why I don’t care much about certifications - for it doesn't mean you fully comprehend what your certified do or in this case teach.


"A lack of integrity is what you demonstrate above with your intellectual dishonesty, and your deliberate refusal to differentiate between the law and the evidence in this case and what you’d personally like to believe happened."

(Attorney at Law Andrew Branca)


This same lack of integrity and intellectual dishonesty shows itself with him taking information and what he thinks we do at VODA without written or oral permission in addition to failing to give us due credit for using our training doctrine pertaining to Gun-Fighting (which he knows nothing of) from our web-sites and our YouTube videos only to attempt to pass it off as if it is his (by attempting to switch the words around - which he epically failed at). 

Samuel Hayes III  has also displayed a lack of integrity because he is selfish (narcissistic) in that he only seeks to be famous by making others appear inferior and or incompetent while demonstrating no regards for those that he hurts within his community. In addition, it's also been observed that Samuel Hayes III always tends to hide his true intentions. One such an example would be Ty Owner of the Armed Empress Gun Club, in which Samuel Hayes III played on her limited knowledge of the Gun Game in conjunction with calling around to different ranges around the country in various failed attempts to stop them from allowing us to shoot there.


This aberrant behavior was also demonstrated with the President of the National African American Gun Association when Samuel Hayes III tried to take over his club - and he told Mr. Hayes "hell to the naw". Luckily, he was able to dissociate himself from Samuel Hayes III before any damage was done to his good name. Samuel Hayes III again, attempted to do this with me (VODA Inc.) by making repeating harassing phone calls in an effort to try to take over VODA Inc. (and I was forced to say some things that I didn’t want to say and was ready to do somethings that could have landed me in prison).


The destructive and narcissist behavior of Samuel Hayes III is indicative to the CHARGES he received for Criminal Trespassing (which means get out of here leave me alone). But instead of choosing to respect the victims wishes, Samuel Hayes III choose to ignore them. In doing so it led to the CHARGES of Criminal Destruction of Property as this shows his inability to control himself and his raging emotions. As a Applied Professional Behavior Health Provider I hope Samuel Hayes III seeks counselling for his Anger Management issues and or / psychiatric help or even to see about getting on some sort of medication (Prozac, Celexa and Zoloft ) to help mitigate is behavior and cognitive issues. In short: SAM NEEDS HELP!


To further illustrate my position of Samuel Hayes III not being able to control himself and his emotions that more often than not leads to his habitual failed business and personal relationships we can look his past run ins with the Law. This is important because as a former High Risk Security Contractor, prior Law Enforcement Officer and Project Manager, one of the operations we conduct are Risk Assessments. And Samuel Hayes III is a High Risk subject with a propensity for destructive behavior. This is reflected in Court Records in which as a fully grown man (31 years old) he was CHARGED with one count of Criminal Trespass and two counts of Criminal Damage To Property.


That means, Samuel Hayes III, intentionally (motive) went to this woman's house (means) to act a complete fool (opportunity). I can say this because there is a very low probability that you will receive a Criminal Trespassing CHARGE on your own property. What a Criminal Trespassing CHARGE means is that you know your not supposed to be in that space at that time, which means at least three things but most likely "C":


A.) She told Samuel Haynes III to leave and or not to come back to her house

B.) She filed a Restraining Order

C.) She told Samuel Hayes III to leave and or not to come back to her house and he lost it mismanaged his anger and broke some of her shit in an effort to either resolve his anger or to intimidate her.


Had he been 13 years old or 20 something I could overlook these faults and contributed it to a lack of maturity - but at 31 years old (hell I'm 34). Samuel Hayes III is almost 50 years old and is still continuing this behavior which leads me to forecast that he cannot and will not change his social destructive and deviant behavior.


Now all of these social destructive acts centred around a woman in which he was probably either dating or having sexual relations with at the time - Tina Proctor. Now, being the narcissist that he is (thinks its all about him and damn anyone else), it is my position based on experience he most likely attempted to bully this woman in some form like he attempted to do with the President of the National African American Gun Association, James McKoy President of the Urban Sharp Shooters and Me at VODA (harassing phone calls) with no success.


However, he was successful in asserting his undue dominance over Ty at the Armed Empress Gun Club; and it also appears that his undue dominance is only successful on unsuspecting people. I wouldn't be surprised if he engages in some form of domestic abuse through verbal, emotional and psychological means. I can say with a huge degree of certainty because it is consistent with his pattern of behavior.



More importantly, I wonder how many other people's intellectual property has he bootlegged other than mines over the years? Thanks for ripping off our Urban Combat Training Platform (even down to the colors). And to make matters worst, not that I was looking for Samuel Haynes III, but it was brought to my attention that he blocked us on all social media accounts in an attempt to conceal (hide) his illicit activities. This is not becoming of a professional and certainty provides us insight into his character.

A section from my Teaching Philosophy (above). We have always been Inter-disciplinary.

Samuel Hayes III rendition below

A "Multi-Disciplinary Approach"

If I'm not mistaken that is in our Teaching Philosophy.

Again, "Multi-displinary"? "OODA Loop" - I think he has watch our video on Youtube "Controlled Chaos" alot. Copy and Paste the link.



"75 to 100 yards" with a pistol screams "Welcome to the Booty House (prison)". Remember: Gun-Fighting for the civilian falls relatively close 25 yards (22 meters) with majority of engagments occurring within 7 yards (6 meters) or less."  See my position on "GUN-FIGHTING vs. MARKSMANSHIP"


Samuel Hayes III has been watching too many of my videos.  He uses the term "Controlled Violence" LOL.

It is coined "Controlled Chaos" for a reason.

This above statement is taken and spliced from two sources, first from one of my 5 parted interviews with the Honorable Ken Blanchard Author of “Black Man With A Gun”. Secondly, the statement made by Samuel  Haynes III:


"Our approach won't require you to study for months on end before the information is useful and repeatable".


Comes directly from my Teaching Philosophy that was written in 2015, while in Graduate School at Fayetteville State University - BRONCO PRIDE - ATTITUDE CHECK!!!!

Mr. Hayes says he engages in research, which is comical because there is no evidence to back his claim that he has engaged in ANY creditable research within the International Scientific Community. However, I have as shown below. For those that don't know, LUCIEN R. BLACK™ is a TRADEMARK used for my academic literary works. This is why every one within the Gun Game Calls me "LUCIEN R. BLACK™" because the Gun Game IS MY LABORATORY and EXPERIMENT.

Do the math? The above redition in logic is taken directly from vodaconsulting.com (bottom):

"No para-military style or Spec-Ops fantasy camps here" - WTF!!! 

The blatant plagiarism and the IP thief just goes on and on!


Again, this was also done when he made contact with Shaneen Allen to stop her from training with VODA with no avail. The shoot can be found here copy and paste:




So, the question remains: What's with you? You’re a grown ass man (damn near 50), and the icing on the cake is that Samuel Hayes III took pride in calling the NRA to sell out yet another African American for the following reasons:

  • So he could be seen as a dominate player in the Gun Game

  • As an attempt to advertise our methods as his own

  • We didn't kiss his ass

  • We refused to do business with him

  • To satisfy his own sense of self gratification

That's a new exponential level of low because at your age you shouldn't even be doing these kinds of things especially to people you don't know - hell your almost 50 years old (born in 1970)! Reminds me of the episode of the Boondock’s when Thugnificent moved across the street from Granddad LOL!


Again, Samuel Hayes III wallowed in pride in that fact he called the NRA on another African American to revoke their credentials, so he could get ahead when Shaneen Allen, James McKoy President of the Urban Sharp Shooters and myself spoke to him over the phone! This kind of personality disorder reeks of the residue of sociopathic, narcissistic and borderline personality disorder.


It also displays your lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It is my professional position as an Applied Professional Behavioral Health Provider that people like Samuel Hayes III are not to be trusted and or taken serious for the most part, for people like that will do ANYTHING to satisfy their personal agendas - even engaging in unethical practices such as Intellectual Property Thief the compromising of their Integrity, intimidation tactics and destructive behavior.


If you look at the Caliber Training Group website it mentions the "OODA Loop". Samuel Hayes III does not know the true mechanics of the OODA Loop, as he simply watched my video mentioning it briefly with a client in the link below.




Lastly, I don't recommend conducting SERE training for Civilian Operators. As I have my professional reasons for it.

SERE Training - this guy (laughable)

However, unless Samuel Hayes is outsourcing SERE training, that "training" will only be as good as the Brooklyn Bridge I can sell you on his page.



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