I hear this all the time: “I’m Special Forces”, “I'm a POLICE OFFICER”, “I’m a Navy Seal”, “I'm a Military Contractor”, “I’m a Marine” etc. etc. etc. Let me let you in on a little secret, it means that you may be somebody in the Military and maybe you were a Special Forces Operator or Navy Seal but in real life, in the real world people really don't give a fuck. Hell, you may even be a POLICE OFFICER in the real world; truth is most people don't give a fuck. So, if no one has ever had the balls to tell you I do, so stop with the Elitism in the Gun Game and anywhere else.


Don't give me wrong all of the above mentioned roles are very important roles; there is simply no denying it. However, just because you hold these titles or these roles it does not exempt you from the causalities of life and death. Coming from the real world Chicago, Illinois I can say I have seen countless Veterans of all shapes, all sizes, all descriptions, all ranks, all MOS’s to include Veterans from the Special Forces Community and Soldiers die by the stupidest shit. Hey don't take my word for it; as my brother and President of the Urban Shap Shooters would say: "You see what happened to Chris Kyle".


If it's not some jealous baby mama, it's a 14-year-old kid that is blowing their heads off over the most trivial thing. Have you ever seen a Special Forces Operator, Navy Seal, Military Personnel or even a POLICE OFFICER get smacked with no hands? I have, it's called Heroin. So, this should be proof positive that just because you're a certain rate, or certain position in the Military Contracting Game you are not immune to the often times unforgiving adversities of life.


Instead of the constant dick measuring, and people putting their ego in front of themselves let's take a step back and examine what makes and Elitist attitude counter-productive.







When one is closed minded, they shut themselves off from things that could benefit them. The case of firearm training, this could mean miss the opportunity to obtain new and or revised information that may be used to increase ones Fight-Efficiency™ and general productivity. 


Moreover, the closed mindedness that could considered a latent function when examine group dynamics may produce issues pertaining to cultural cognition. Why? Because this means is that because one may identify with a group such as “Special Forces” or "POLICE", and may inhearant the risk of suffering from a lapse in cultural cognition that could possibly increase the likelihood of one over estimating or inflating their own sense of self- importance. 


People that inherent this kind of cognitive bias often times run into the issue of not being able to think for themselves because their cognition gets planted into a sort of tribalistic interpretation of "reality". This often happens because this is a way in which they can ensure a sort of social cohesion amongst the men ever of their group or in this case "tribe".


In short people like this tend to "rubber stamp" shit as long as it looks like what they are used to. And they do this because it allows them to stay within their comfort zone.


This is problematic because it creates redundancy within the Gun Game. Moreover, it can be considered the precursor to the abandonment of independent thought, as instructors and Shooters become ever increasing tribalistic in the Gun Game.



Another thing that Elitism allows people within the Gun Game to engage in is prejudice. Although prejudice may occur based off of one’s ethnicity, this is not what the focus is here. When I speak about prejudice in the Gun Game I’m speaking about people's prejudice in reference to being quick to either judge or write various training methods off as "crazy", "ineffective", "dangerous" and out right "bullshit". Listen up, if you haven't figured it out already judging anything without doing research into why something operates the way it does is called "assuming".


I think that this point applies to me in regards to how many people may be prejudiced or extremely biased in my approach and training methods to Gun-Fighting. It is of no surprise to me that many people especially here in the U.S. do not stop to consider for one moment that I could actually be on point in terms of introducing a new insight into how people should be trained when it comes to utilizing a firearm in Self-Defense.


Remember the eye will fool you and your ears can and will at some point lie to you.




I think that the Encyclopedia Britannica summed this up the best; especially since it pertains to the many of the comments I receive in regards to how I train VODA Clients. I get the comments and the articles written about me stating:


"You’re going to get someone killed"

"Someone was shot in your class"

"You’re dangerous"


However, NONE of that is true. Actually, I educate ALL VODA Clients to the standards of the Gun Game. Secondly, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN SHOT IN A VODA SESSION. And lastly, no one is in any danger because ammunition is not allowed within the session, so with that said there is a 0% chance of a firearm being discharged. However, the Elitism mindset of "I know everything because I have been doing this a long time" kicks in with many people in the Gun Game. But according to the Encyclopedia Britannica their displayed maladaptive thinking and behavior among the Elitist thinking yields the following results.


"Maladaptive thinking may also refer to faulty cognitive processes. These include inappropriate generalization, “catastrophizing” (expecting or recalling the worst of any event), and selective attention. For example, a patient may generalize from one experience or failure that he is likely (or “doomed”) to fail in future situations regardless of how those situations may differ from the past situation or regardless of how he himself may have changed in the interim. When receiving feedback from others, a patient may focus selectively and perhaps catastrophically on a single negative aspect rather than consider it on balance with several positive aspects."



People within the Gun Game or any side of the Game that have an Elitist attitude will more often than not marginalize others and overestimate their own skills and abilities. What I mean by this is that more often than not the Elitist will disregard any efforts by anyone that they perceive to be "not on par" and attempt to castigate them in an effort to invoke them to recant whatever they were castigated for in the first place. They will do this without hesitation and there will not even be an afterthought. 


Even more than that the Elitist will even go as far as stigmatizing the whatever they deem not on par. and when they do this run the possibility of assigning and fabricating false information as a mental shortcut in order to rationalize and categorize the thing that they themselves marginalized and castigated in the first place.


With all that being said the Elitism in the Gun Game should be recognized and addressed. i hold this position because I find it very discouraging to the new shooters that wish to learn for those that have already walked in their shoes but they simply cannot because they find the condescending nature of Elitism so reprehensible that they feel alienated and often times ashamed and simply "turned off" by those within the Gun Game that possess this pathological mentality.


Remember that no matter who you are in the Gun Game you will put your pants on like everyone else, you can get CHARGED and CONVICTED if you mess up like anyone else, and most of all you will DIE like anyone else – I stand by it, I guarantee it.






  • https://www.britannica.com/science/mental-disorder/Treatment-of-mental-disorders#ref925717

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