As Gunfighters we are not seeking Nobility or anything like that. What we are seeking to do is fulfill our duties. Now I do understand that many of you that are reading this are new to many of the Concepts we espouse here at VODA. Thus, this article will be no different. We looking to fulfil our duties as Gunfighters to the tune of these five pillars:

  1. Community Service

  2. To Educate

  3. The Creation of New Leaders

  4. Willingness to Fail

  5. Firearm Training

Community Service

When it comes to the first duty of a Gunfighter which is the preforming of Community service, I will direct you to the Article on the VODA THINK TANK entitled: “The Character of a Gunfighter”.


To Educate

When it comes to this pillar, TO EDUCATE. I need you to look very carefully at the words and take note as I did not say “instruct”. I am saying EDUCATE because an educator means more than an instructor. For those that don’t understand where I am coming from an instructor will tell you how to do things and maintain whatever course of action that is demanded of him or her without forethought or afterthought concerning the mandated course of action.


An educator in contrast, is one who not only tells you how to do something and maintain the motion of the act. But an educator creates, develops, analyzes, synthesis, evaluates modifies, directs and applies the education as needed. This is why as an educator there is no certification that you can give me to teach. To certify, means you met a minimum standard.


It does not account for going above the standards. Moreover, when speaking in terms of educating, we are looking to not only educate people on violence and Gun-Fighting but we are seeking to remain students of violence and Gun-Fighting ourselves so that we remain not only relevant but we strive to reach the never ending ladder of mastery in relationship to Gun-Fighting for the ordinary man.


The Creation of New Leaders

Another pillar would be the creation of future leaders. So often in the Gun Game I see that people wish to either control or monopolization and control of information and knowledge. In some extreme cases some people will even seek to hold knowledge hostage so that they can “be on top” in the game. Let it be known that when people commit acts like these what it does is show weakness; particularly in the realm of prejudice and bigotry. So Gunfighters should seek to make future leaders; you know those that show themselves approved to carry on the touch of knowledge in the gun Game so that others can see thought the night of ignorance.


Willingness to Fail

Another thing that gunfighters should also embrace is failure. So many time in life and especially in the Gun Game people are afraid to fail. To fail multiple time and you will fail multiple times takes courage. The shooting for uncomfortable positions, the never ending learning process, the trial and error and of course you will have to deal with haters when you succeed makes all the difference in the world. Gunfighters are not afraid to fail for it is a precursor to success and we understand that without failure we could never know where our weakness lie.


Firearm Training

The last pillar for gunfighters if firearm training. Not some people may ask, for a gunfighter why would this be last? Well quite frankly the discharge of the firearm really only 10 percent of the fight. The other 90 lies in the practice of fundamentals, attitude, knowledge and the application of that knowledge.  It also include the Avoidance of potential lethal encounters and deterrence as well as the de-escalation of situations. For the uninitiated, when it comes to the practicing of Gun-Fighting you should be seeking alternative techniques, views, positions and perspective on Gun-Fighting so that you can be as well verse and as well rounded as possible.


RULE OF THUMB: The more tools you have in your toolbox the more chaos you can create in armed conflict.


A Federal firearm instructor once said in a VODA video interview, and I’m paraphrasing.


“If you’re looking to get into those higher levels of firearm training, then you might have to let go of what you have been taught and be willing to do something in regards to training that may be considered strange.”



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