"Never point a firearm at something you're not prepared to destroy."


Rule of Thumb: "Rules are meant to be broken and laws are meant to be maintained."


VODA Consulting / Inc. is known for breaking virtually every firearm safety rule. Many people around the world have made various comments both positive and negative in regarding to our training methodology and training practices. Many have voiced their concerns. Many have protested and demonstrated against me. Hell, I've even had people call the NRA to get my credentials revoked (which I had all of them – except muzzle loading, I'm not doing it) – like that’s supposed to stop me from providing consultations and training people (lames)


What people must UNDERSTAND is that the NRA is a political organization that hides behind the veil of firearm safety – they are not a Gun-Fighting organization. One particular city that tends to protest me and my training methods in particular that comes to mind is Atlanta, not all but a sizable number. One reason for that is jealousy and envy. Remember when it comes to haters - if you don't have any you ain't shit. But the other reason, which I am writing about is to address my blatant disregards for breaking these firearm safety rules. To see what I am talking about I urge you to see me here; copy and paste (this is the real video not the fake one Practically Tactical recreated:


Now that you have gotten over the shock and awe, I going to need you to use critical thinking, independent thought and logic (yes that thing called a thinking cap) and ask yourself the following questions:


"Why would a Firearm Educator and Training Consultant with a formal education that consist of a Associates Degree in Sociology, a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Masters of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management break a series of firearm rules that are written on the fifth grade level?"


'Under what pretense would a Social Scientist continue to break these firearm saftey rules even after having his credentials revoked?"


"Why is this Firearms Educator still sought out for training after all the negative publicity and outcry and backlash in the Gun Game still shown respect when out in public despite the negative reviews surrounding him on social media?"


"Why would an individual spend their hard earned money to obtain every single NRA instructor credential with the exception of muzzle-loading only to throw them away?"


Well the answer to these above questions are quite simple when it comes to the breaking of this firearm safety rule:


"We point firearms at people because we have every intention of being prepared to destroy any member of the human species that seeks to destroy our personal way of life by trying to take our life in the name of self-defense (SD) as permitted by Law."

Actual Hearing Impaired VODA Client


And that is why we point unloaded firearms at each other doing training sessions under controlled conditions, so the client will get a first hand experience on what it's like to develop, hone and actually instinctively press the trigger a human subject in a SD (self-defense) application. Moreover, when the training measures utilized by VODA Consulting / VODA Inc. are deployed we are providing the shooters with a true insight that can only be gained through the use of our training measures. See, it is very unfair to deprive any Gun-Fighter that is using a firearm in SD (self-defense) the opportunity to experience the extracting, drawing, and pressing the trigger of a firearm on live human subject. Samuel Hayes III can borrow this material and use it for his talking points – no need to steal VODA Logic. (You know he love bootlegging people shit).


There are many reasons as to why I have formulated the VODA Training SOP in the fashion that I have. Everything that I do is based on scientific insight. I don't care about your political ideology, I don't care about what it looks like, this is Science this is the only true measure in which we should train. If it's not scientifically proven we shouldn't be doing it. Why? Because anything other than this logical, scientific position is an opinion, and most people's opinion is full of bullshit.


People that espouse bullshit opinions are people like Bob Owens at because he did not preserve my LIBERTY to teach life saving SD applications according to real world training in a controlled environment that saves lives. Another set of people that come to mind that espouse their bullshit opinions are the jerks at Practically Tactical as well as the lames at Why? Because they engaged in the unethical practice of providing reviews on products goods and services that they never received. And lets not forget the schmucks at who didn't engage in any independent thought as they simply copied and pasted their post from another website.


So you have to ask yourself - "How credible are these sources?". You simply cannot give accurate information on products, goods and services unless you actually received them – there is no getting around it. What makes these opinions bullshit is that these opinions have been subjected to various cognitive biases, intellectually laziness, hearsay, skewed results, irrelevant firearm training theories, and or  obsolete training methodologies that do not necessarily apply to Gun-Fighting such as marksmanship. Why? Because almost all of the shooting engagements for the Civilian Operator occur between 0 and 5 meters (7 meters max). At this proximity,


if you're deploying a self-defeating strategy called "aiming" in a typical SD application you're too slow, which means you're decreasing your Fight-Efficiency. So in what I am trying to communicate to you through this article is that you must be ready to destroy an actual human subject to save your own life. And one of the fastest ways to be able to accomplish this task in the realm of SD as it relates to Gun-Fighting, is through the methods taught  on here at VODA Consulting / Inc. There's just no getting around it - it is what it is. So, take the fucking ammunition out of the gun, put in another section of the training environment, clear the gun, check the gun and train with a real gun.




There is no fancy vernacular, no need to use smoking mirrors, semantics or legalese needed (save that for the court rooms and your attorney). When it comes to breaking this firearm safety rule there is so much more to it than discussed. To learn more book a training session with me and you will see the light as many others have.


Stay ready to think for yourself and act.




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