Consultation: Breach & Blastem'

RULE OF THUMB: In Urban Combat Applications an AK variant and a GLOCK is all you need 


The shotgun, every VODA client knows that it is my position that the shotgun is the most underused and most violent weapon system any Civilian Operator™ can get their hands on. When you examine the shotgun, you should be able to see its utilitarian nature. Moreover, I have to say that it is very adaptive to the needs of the Civilian Operator™.


What I’m trying to convey is that the shotgun is more than a simple “home defense” whatever that is – seeing that you cannot shoot anyone over property unless your or the life of another life is directly in danger. This begs the question: "Then why is the shotgun only recommended as a “home defense” weapon system?” The answer is simple: this is a way to marginalize the shotgun in general. This is because it doesn’t appeal to the “semi-automatic feel” of a semi-auto rife or pistol – even though shot guns do come in a semi-auto format


When we consider the deployment of the shotgun for the Civilian Operator™ we must consider the following characteristics:


  • Rifled or smooth bore?

  • Semi-automatic or pump action?

  • Will the shotgun in question accept lights, sights, optics and even lasers?

  • What is the tube capacity?


Outside of the actual shotgun the Civilian Operator™ must also consider ammunition selection. Such questions the Civilian Operator™ needs to be asking themselves is:


  • Buckshot or slug?

  • Pitbull, Flechette, Bolo, Double Slug, Kitchen Sink, Comet Flair, Super Flair, Door Buster, or Rhodesian Jungle, Less Lethal, or Dragon's Breath?

  • Does it perform well with improvised ammunition (rock salt, dimes)? (The use of dimes is illegal)

  • Does it cycle well with all types of designated ammunition from a wide variety of manufactures?


These questions should serve as a pilot for the asking of other questions about the above questions which are nothing but catalysis to get your mind jogging.


The shotgun is the most violent weapon system because you at any given time can have 9 or more pellets being shot out. It is the most versatile weapon system because of the wide variety of ammunition selection as well as the variety of roles the shotgun can play for the Civilian Operator™.


Outside of duck hunting the shotgun can fulfill the demands of door breaching applications and solutions. Another application the shotgun can fulfill is the discharging of flares (yes, I’ve seen it done). But the application that is most applicable to the Civilian Operator™ besides neutralizing bad guys is door breaching. What good is having a shotgun if you cannot exercise it to its fullest capabilities.


When we talk about door breaching, we are in essence most likely looking at “defeating” door locks and hinges. How it done and which procedures are applied will depend upon variables such as experience, prior training, demographic location and situation. Here in “The States” police and Civilian Operator™ alike will most likely utilize the shotgun for the breaching of door locks.


Depending on the situation I would even consider utilizing the shotgun for the breaching of door hinges. Some people will state concerns about the safety of such methods. However, all options should be considered and exhausted when lives are on the line (especially your ass).


When it comes to choose there generally 5 (7) types I recommended to the Civilian Operator™. They are as follows:

  • Remington 870

  • Mossberg 500

  • Benelli (M2 & M4)

  • Maverick 88

  • Saiga 12 or Vepr 12

Stock Remington 870

Tac-out Remington 870

Manufacture: Remington 

Model: 870

Bore/gauge: 12

Price Point: $600.00 (est)


I’m recommending The Remington 870 because it has a track record of performance. I’m also recommending it because of the vast array of aftermarket accessories that manufactured for it. One con of this weapon system is that it is heavy. However, the contrasting pro of this weapon system is that it is heavy. Even though it sounds like a play on words, the weight of this shotgun actually plays a role in reducing the felt recoil. Remember the more mass the energy (joules) or in this case “recoil” the firearm can absorb before it is transferred to the operator.


 Stock Mossberg 500

Tac-out Mossberg 500

Manufacture: Mossberg

Model: 500

Bore/gauge: 12

Price Point: $600.00 (est)


the Mossberg 500 is also recommended because it is a well-made weapon system. One slight advantage it has when compared to the Remington 870 is that it is a little more “intuitive”. What I mean by that is that a simple mechanism like safety is right where it needs to be: on top of the tang. In comparison to the safety on the Remington 870 which is located to the rear of the trigger guard. Aftermarket accessories are readily available.



 Stock Bennelli M2

Tac-out Bennelli M4 

Manufacture: Benelli

Model: M2 / M4

Bore/gauge: 12

Price Point: under M2 $1,500.00 (est) / M4$1,600.00 (est)


When it comes to speed and efficiency, the Bennelli M2 and the M4 are superior to the Remington 870, Mossberg 500 and the maverick 88 in that instead of it being a pump action shotgun it is a semi-automatic shotgun. But with all due respect remember that this is a shotgun: the faster you press the trigger the faster you have to reload. This is the true essence of “give and take”. Aftermarket accessories are readily available.


 Stock Maverick 88

Maverick 88 with collapsible stock 

Manufacture: Mossberg

Model: Maverick 88

Bore/gauge: 12

Price Point: under $350.00


The Maverick 88 my final recommendation. The reason being is because it is light, cheap (less than $350.00) and is nothing more than a scaled down Mossberg 500 (it’s made by Mossberg). The only con of this weapon system to me in regards to this weapon system is the location of safety. I simply wish that Mossberg would have kept the safety on the top of the tang just as they did the Mossberg 500. Aftermarket accessories are readily available.

 Saiga 12

 Vepr 12

Manufacture: ‎Izhmash / Molot (OOO Молот-Оружие)

Model: Saiga 12 / Vepr 12

Bore/gauge: 12

Price Point: $950.00(est) / $800.00 (est)


The Saiga 12 and or the Vepr 12 are my first recommendations because they run on the time and battle tested Автомат Калашникова or Avtomat Kalashnikova or automatic Kalashnikov “AK” platform. I swear, for the urban environment anything AK is ALL you will need (when used in conjunction with a GLOCK). Despite the “automatic” connotations, for us in “The States”, it will more than likely be a semi-automatic Saiga 12. The magazine capacity for the Saiga 12 will vary from 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 20 rounds of hell bent carnage. Aftermarket accessories are readily available.


Ensure that you as Civilian Operator™ place at least a red dot or other optic on your shotgun. Contrary to popular belief you can “aim” a shotgun; never know when you have to a slug change over. Lastly, I always recommend to the Civilian Operator™ that they equip their shotgun with at least the four following modifications:


  • Lighting device

  • Collapsible stock

  • Breaching choke

  • Optic

breaching choke


Don't ever sleep on a Shottie, it like a hyper aggressive Rottweiler with an exceptionally high prey drive.



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