I often see people display high speed guns all the time. But more often than not the average individual simply cannot afford to spend $600, $700 and even $800-$1000 on a weapon system. Why? Because they have BILLS DAMN IT!!! Light bill, gas bill, water bill, insurance, car note, baby mama, alimony, child support, wife, kids, the list just goes on and on!


And even when it seems as if there is no hope at the end of the tunnel, I’m here to tell you that there is hope for the average individual to obtain a quality weapon system at a great price that will be able to help them defend him or herself and the ones that they love and care about the most. 


Furthermore, there was something else to consider when we look at these entry-level pistols for personal protection. Even though the cost factor for these pistols are great, we may have to also consider that there may not necessarily be a plethora of holsters and accessories for those particular weapon systems. The good news is that they are many manufactures and civilians (that could be in your backyard) that make great handmade Kydex Holsters. We have to also consider that there may be a chance that you may not even be able to find extra magazines from an aftermarket manufacture, because they tend to sell out faster than they make them.


You need to also bear in mind, that you may not necessarily look as cool as the person next to you that are diehard fans of Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, FNH, or even Ruger. And that's OK, you have to know how to be comfortable in your own skin and use what best works for you. So that means you have to stop with all the dick riding because that's what most Shooters in the gun game do. It all comes down to this one fundamental bottom line: "Will this weapon system keep you alive?!" That's the only thing you need to care about and that is the only thing that you need to know.


So without further due, let's take a look at five weapon systems that are entry level that are under $400. In no particular order VODA Is recommending the following pistols:


  • Smith & Wesson SDVE9 / SDVE 40

  • Canik TP9SA

  • FMK (For My Kids)

  • Diamondback FS nine

  • Taurus 24/7 or Taurus Millennium

Another thing that you should consider is that aftermarket trigger modifications for guns such as these are not always readily available, if any modifications are ever going to be available at all.

Firearm: DiamondBack

Model: DB9FS

Caliber: 9mm

Price point: $345.00 (maximum)


The diamondback DB 9FS in 9 mm is a striker fired polymer pistol. This pistol features a 4.7 inch chrome alloy barrel with a 7.8 inches total length. It holds 15 rounds spare magazines are roughly $20.00. There is more than enough rail space to accommodate lights and or lasers. 


It has a 3 dot sight with a loaded chamber indicator located in the rear of the pistol. The special thing about this particular pistol is that the cocking serrations are very aggressive as they are deep enough to facilitate positive charging of the weapon system. The trigger press is nice and crisp and has a positive ejection upon release of the magazine.


It is my professional position, that this particular weapon system the diamondback if it's nine will serve the Civilian Operator just fine for home, open carry in or conceal carry. This weapon system is double action only.

Firearm: Smith & Wesson

Model: SDVE 9 / SDVE 40

Caliber: 9mm / .40

Price point: $350.00 (maximum)


The Smith & Wesson SDVE 9 mm or SDVE 40 pistol is a polymer frame pistol that is a striker fired based weapon system with a three dots sight set up. The 9 mm version of the pistol features two 16 round magazines. The 40 caliber version of the pistol will either feature two 14 round magazines (lower magazine capacities are available for State Compliance). This pistol also features a rail for lights and lasers.


The total overall length is 7.2 inches the trip is it surprisingly 10.5 pounds. Smith & Wesson says that the trigger press is heavy for safety reasons (if you’re into that kind of thing). As a Gun-Fighter I would disagree on the factory trigger poundage set up. It is my recommendation that a stock trigger should be no more than 5.5 pounds. 


This weapon system features a positive ejection upon release of the magazine. And the cocking serrations are passive aggressive as they are located at the front and rear of the weapon system. What I mean by passive aggressive is that you know and can feel that the cocking serrations are there but they are not robust. The trigger press on the weapon system is crisp. This is a double action only weapon system.

Firearm: Canik


Caliber: 9mm

Price point: $435.00 (maximum)


This weapon system is a single action pistol with a 5.5 trigger press. It's overall length is 7.1 inches in feet is a rear driftable three dot sight. The magazine capacity is 18 rounds. This weapon system also features interchangeable back straps and comes complete with a holster set up. Features rails for lights and lasers.


This weapon System also features a loaded chamber indicator. It also comes in the colors of tan, two tone, or black. The trigger guard is widen to increase Fight Efficiency™ when using gloves. It also has a positive magazine release. Another positive thing about this particular weapon system is that it has a decocker located on the top rear of the slide.


Spare magazines are roughly $25-$30 depending on where you getting them from. The trigger and trigger reset is very short. Even though it is not as distinct as a Glock but it is noticeable when proficiently trained on it. This is really a shooters weapon system.

Firearm: Taurus

Model: 24/7

Caliber: 9 mm, .40, .45

Price point: $470.00 (maximum recommended)


The Taurus 24/7 series features a double action single action trigger set up with "Strike Two" capability. What Strike Two capability means is that if the first press of the trigger does not set off the round then there is a

The pistol comes in the following colors blued (black depending on your eyes) and is built upon a polymer frame. The round count is 17 rounds for 9 mm, 15 rounds for 40 caliber, and 12 rounds for 45 ACP. The total length of the pistol the 7.28 inches and features an external safety loaded chamber indicator as well as a trigger safety. 


Another good thing about this weapon system is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so it doesn't matter if you are the first owner of the pistol or the one millionth owner of the pistol you are fully covered should anything mechanically go wrong with the gun outside of you making modifications to the pistol.


What is unique about this weapon system is that it features a mechanical locking device billed directly into the slide of the weapon system. The manual safety key when used equates the firearm to a rock. What I mean by this is that when the manual key lock is used the gun cannot be cycled and the trigger cannot be pressed.

Firearm: FMK (For My Kids)

Model: 9C-G2

Caliber: 9mm

Price point: $370.00 (maximum)


The FMK or For My Kids 931 G2 pistol is a pistol that is highly recommended. It is a compact pistol only in the respect that it's built explicitly for conceal carry. Many people call it the "American Glock". 


Be that as it may, it is a very fine pistol that is built for the right price for the everyday person. It features two types of triggers: either a Fast Action Trigger (FAT – I like that!) or a standard double action only trigger. The Fast Action Trigger “FAT” is a trigger set up that allows you to press the trigger at your optimum speed. This leads to faster follow-up shots and possibly more accuracy. The FAT features a short trigger press with a short reset.


This pistol comes equipped with two magazines, and a rail set up. Its overall total length is 6.85. It also features Double Strike capability, which means just like the Taurus G2 if the first press of the trigger doesn't detonate the round, then it is more likely that the second press of the trigger would that make that round go off.


This particular weapon system comes in three colors pink, black, and dark earth. What thing that is very interesting about this weapon which comes to mind is its low bore axis. The bore axis is very much like GLOCK so the feel of this weapon system will be very familiar to many people.


I must also note that the trigger when not firing the weapon feels spongy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, for this sponginess was unperceivable when firing this particular pistol.


With that being said please understand that this is not an exhaustive list of firearm within that category. Also remember that this is nothing more than just a quick list to give you a quick idea of what's out there in case you need to make a quick purchase decision. 


Unfortunately there's always something coming out in the Gun Game. The weapon systems recommend within his Consultation is not about fashion or for show and tale. These weapon systems recommended are about getting you home safely to the ones that you love and care about the most. Bluntly put: these weapons can be considered to be a "get a motherfucka off you" type of thing. No modifications, no bells and whistles: just "BANG".



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