As a Firearm, Education and training Consultant I hear the argument for the support of the AR-15/10 all the time. If you go online, you can easily view the endless posts on social media hailing the AR-15/10 as the “Second Coming” (whatever that is). However if you look a little further, you also be able to see the infinite pictures of the keyboard commandos and cyber thugs posing with this weapon system. If you reach a little further, you will ultimately be blinded by the vast amount of AR-15/10 “Gun Porn” out there that features the two weapon systems. The AR-15/10 is a good weapon system, but you know what – it really ain’t shit when compared to an AK or a G3 for Gun-Fighting applications.


Now let me be fair, there are many differences in the mentioned weapon systems. Differences that immediately come to mind are caliber, size, and terminal ballistics. On the “B” side, there are differences in cost, and operational cost of the weapon systems over time. Again, these are just the immediate differences. But when we closely examine the effectiveness of the weapon systems; we find that the H&K G3/ CETME and the AK are really superior platforms for the SD (self-defense) and Gun-Fighting applications for the everyday common man.


Starting with the Avtomat Kalashnikova or the AK47/74 platform (yeah we know it was made operational in 1947 and modified in 1974 – save us the intellectual taxation). I will not get into the specifics because there is more than enough information of the specifics of this rifle online, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel here. But outside of that, let us take a moment of silence for its inventor Михаи́л Тимофе́евич Кала́шников or Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov.


This weapon system no matter the variant (as long as it not damn too cheap) barks simplicity and reliability. For many people that are used to AR-15’s/10’s, the “rocking in” of the magazine could be considered an awkward bio-mechanical motion. But in time if they spent as much time with the AK like the do their AR they will quickly get over it (for not doing so shows a failure to adapt and ultimately to learn). Most people are into aesthetics and physical beauty of a firearm like those of the AR-15/10 and that’s OK. And even though the AK may not at aesthetically inclined as the AR; the AK platform is undoubtedly insanely robust and can be considered to be “hyper-reliable”. What’s more is outside of beauty she (AK) is all about going “bang”.  


Ammunition for the AK is dirt cheap and it will fire anything that is marked as the designated caliber for it. Magazines are plentiful but they may not always fit as uniformly tight, as with the AR, but the AK is not a mil-spec weapon system. Meaning that there is no specified manufacturing standard in existence for the rifle amongst manufactures. Now the tricky part for many people is “sighting” the AK.


For the record the AK is accurate for a man sized target at 250 meters, even out to 300 meters. This is achievable with practice and patients. For proper or “true” sighting it must be done at 107 yards. The AR-15/10 can be sighted at 25 yards to take a 300 meter target with the correct paper target. Again no need to reinvent the wheel here, I would recommend Rob Ski of the AK-47 Operators Union for tips on how to sight an AK; copy and paste the link to his YouTube channel below.


The cost of maintenance on the AK platform is cheap, parts are easy to obtain. Aftermarket accessories on the platform has been becoming more and more abundant over the years. If you are seeking to increase your Fight-Efficiency with this weapon system, I would recommend you going online to Midwest Industries to complete this task. Here is the link:


It should be noted that many manufactures are selling their AK’s with “upgrades” already installed (i.e. rail options and recoil spring buffers. There are many manufactures of AK out there from Atlantic, Century Arms, arsenal, to higher end manufactures such as rifle dynamics. The manufacture that has served me well over the years was Inner Ordinance. Some people speak negatively about them but I simply cannot as I have NEVER had any issues with my weapon system. What additions you add on to your AK is your business, just so long as you seek to increase your Fight-Efficiency and not purchase additions to satisfy your Call of Duty fantasies.


The Second weapon system of choice I would recommend would be the either the H&K 91/G3 or the CETME manufactured by Century Arms. The CETME which stands for Centro de Estudios Técnicos de Materiales Especiales (Spanish), or "Centre for Technical Studies of Special Materials (English) is another robust weapon system. The H&K 91/G3 and the CETME will fire both the 7.62x51 and the .308 round. The ammunition needed to run this weapon system is great supply and very cost effective. Another plus lies in the fact that the 20 round magazines are dirt cheap, I have seen them as low as $4.00 LOL!


The H&K 91/G3 can be considered a little pricey for the ordinary man but the CETME H&K G3 variant (clone) by Century Arms should fulfill the job requirements of the ordinary man which centers around reliability and functionality. The CETME is a Roller-locked delayed blowback weapon system unlike the AK-47 which uses a long stroke rotating bolt. What this means is that the weapon system operates or cycle based on the kinetic energy of the spent casing as it is pushed back by the gas created by the combustion of the cartridges propellant. For me as a Gun-Fighter gives me a perceived the recoil as a “push” (you will feel the fact that you are shooting a larger round than the AK. THIS IS NOT A NEGITIVE. For other people it may be different.


One thing that may be a little difficult for people is the position of the magazine release button. One of the most efficient ways to release the magazine from the rifle would be to utilize a reach out method with you non-firing hand. In deploying this technique some people may experience slower reload times, but then again this is a different weapon system that requires different handling.


Remember speed is something that is gained after building muscle memory and efficiency – it is never immediate. Another technique you can utilize to manipulate the trigger it that also worked for me was having to utilize my middle finger. If you are looking to add additional accessories as they are plentiful to increase you Fight-Efficiency with this weapon system you can copy and paste the link below:


The sighting system will be different to many people because they may or may not be accustom to the rotating dial set up. The trigger on should produce a crisp break. For those that used to the trigger of an AR-15, this trigger will seem slightly heavier to you. I say this because there are manufactures out there that have their own standards when producing the rifle. It should also be noted that the weapon system has a sight radius that can be perceived as somewhat long but, it works!



That's right Turn Up bitches. 


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