A lot of times people ask me about what are the best weapon systems for SD (Self-Defense). First there is no "best". And Secondly, I for one have to say that this is a most tiring conversation that is filled with nothing more than redundancy and verbal masturbation. When it boils down to it there only two weapon systems that I would recommend to anyone who is shooting in regards to SD (Self-Defense) to have in their possession: A Glock and a AK47/ AK-74 - period. It is simply not up for discussion, debate or second thought.


When it comes to choosing a weapon system there are four things to consider (S.E.E.R.) which stands for:


  • Simplicity

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness

  • Robustness


Without a shadow of doubt, I have to say hands-down that the GLOCK and the AK-47 / AK -74 meets these prerequisites especially when these two weapon systems are being used in conjunction with each other. In the Urban Environment, the GLOCK and the AK platform really excel. Now many people will have many different contrasting arguments and various commentary to provide about my position, and that's OK. But be it as it may, the GLOCK and the AK platform have survived the test of time not only as far as civilian use, but for police and military field use, not only here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but on an international scale.


Let's start off with the GLOCK, it is a weapon system of very few parts and that's a good thing because the reduction in parts means that you decrease the risk of something going wrong. RULE OF THUMB: remember Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong – WILL.” Another thing is many of the parts across the GLOCK models and generations are interchangeable and not only that they are replaceable. There is one part that will not be interchangeable and that would be the guide rods setup in the GLOCK Gen 4 models. GLOCK went from a single to a double spring set up.


The parts are some of the most cost-effective parts you can find on a weapon system. Another plus is that you can literally throw a rock in any direction and find a Gun Smith or a GLOCK Armor that's willing to work on your gun. Lastly there is always a plethora of aftermarket accessories and modifications for your GLOCK from holsters to sights to various trigger modifications.


Another hidden gym of the GLOCK pistol is that it is very predictable. Meaning, you know this not only from having experience firing the GLOCK weapon system but from the reports which correlate with each other that this firearm is going to perform at the same consistent rate time after time and from trigger press to trigger press. Let's face it, people going to say a lot of things about the GLOCK pistol, both positive and negative as it should be. But one thing that they have to admit is that it is a perfect pistol.

When it comes to the AK-47 or the AK 74 weapon system, this particular firearm is the most robust weapon system you can ever own. The 7.62x39 is an excellent intermediate cartridge. It is the cartridge in which will allow you to penetrate a multitude of barrier and variables within the urban environment.


What I mean by that is the 7.62x39 allows you to effectively penetrate things such as car doors and cinder-block, both of which are almost abundantly found in the vast majority of urban environments. When it comes to the AK-74, it fires a 5.45x39 round that may not necessary penetrate obstacles of harder substance and make-up such as a cinder-block. However, this round will penetrate car doors, dry-wall, doors and most woods used in construction of homes effortlessly.


When it comes to using the AK-47 or AK-74 as a weapon system in the urban environment, you will always be able to find ammunition for it anywhere in the world. Another thing is when it comes to magazines, they are relatively cheap and relatively easy to find. It should also be noted that there are plenty of aftermarket accessories and modifications for this weapon system which are most definitely in demand.


The charging handle of the AK-47 and or the AK-74 is one that demands gross motor skill function. What I mean by that is it specifically caters to the gross motor skills that will override the fine motor skills within the flight or fight response. I can vouch for this because have experienced this first hand in the midst of a gun fight. I cannot say enough how instinctive the charging handle on an AK is, especially when comparing it to an AR-15 / AR-10.


Being that the distance of the average engagement within the urban environment stems from 0 to 8 meters, The AK-47 or the AK-74 is more than adequate of effectively engaging and neutralizing targets at that range (and beyond).


Remember as a Gun-Fighter and Firearm Education and Training Consultant I’m going to tell you: 


“You should always seek to maximize Fight-Efficiency™, that is your primary goal in fact that is your only goal; For anything else is secondary.” 


These two weapon systems,  the GLOCK and the AK platform when combined and utilized by a competent operator can and will accomplish this task and more flawlessly. When engaged in a Gun-Fight and you find yourself in doubt think M.A.R.S..







This is the essence of true Gun-Fighting and of my C.R.A.C.K. Program™. In a Gun-Fight, you should always be moving, always acting, always reloading, and always shooting.





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