"We have the right to keep and bear arms!" "The Second Amendment shall not be infringed!" "From my cold dead hands!" Blah, blah, blah, you can believe that B.S. if you want to. The truth is when the shooting in SD (self-defense) goes down people like this are NO WHERE to be found. Most of the people talking this crap have never been in ANY kind of shooting for SD situation and they more than likely will hesitate to shoot in SD.  You know what most (not all) of these "Freedom" (no such thing) loving gun owners are? You know the type that are all religious with their gun rights? 




That's right I said it. See owning a firearm and actually deploying that firearm is more than just going to some gun range, posting pictures of your "Ninjafied" gun (NRA Pimps and Prosititues, Keyboard Commandos, Armchair Revolutionaries and Cyber-Thugs) and carrying it on your hip. There are legal ramifications for deploying that if you didn't know it. 

Using myself as an example: even though I deployed my firearm for the protection of myself and to save the lives of others I was still charged with AWDW (Assault With a Deadly Weapon). With that said I was looking at 10 years - for doing the so-called right thing of protecting my life and the lives of others when these Convicts started shooting up the place. Now in my case even though the CHARGE was DISSMISSED, there was still a valuable lesson learned (we will talk about that at a latter time). But for those that don't know, here's what to expect after the deployment of a firearm for SD (if warranted). 

Now in some case the Police will let you go if there are witness to testify on your behalf and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) or Camera's footage to verify that the deployment of the firearm was warranted. But more often than not (to include myself) your going to see some handcuff's. You will have take a chauffeured ride in some Officers cruiser to the Police Station, you will be fingerprinted and or a sample of your DNA will be taken and put on file and you will sit in somebody CELL. Now luckily for me being a Correctional Officer at the time they held me in "Seg" (segregation). As a side note, I have to say that the Cumberland County Correctional Officers treated me with great dignity and respect (love you guys - you were very Professional and did a great job). 

But for those of you that will not be as fortunate as I was, you will go to General Population. You still will have some "Rights" as you are in Jail and not Prison. you will get to make your phone calls. My advice is to make sure you know at least two numbers by heart: a trusted love one like my dear friend (Jazzy B – love you) and a ATTORNEY . In hindsight bias, I have to tell you get some insurance such as United States Conceal Carry Association (USCCA) or if you have an ATTORNEY on retainer great! All VODA Clients know that USCCA and USACARRY are highly recommended by me. Their website can be found here: 






Trust me if I would have had it, all of this fuss would not be going on. 


So for all those out there that are saying I was CHARGED with a Crime, this would be considered true. But that’s only a half truth. See anyone can be CHARGED with a Crime. A Speeding Ticket is a Crime, Jay walking is a Crime, having your dog off a leash is considered a Crime in some places. But the determining factor is: a CONVICTION. Hence, I have not been CONVICTED of any Crime therefore I'm not a CONVICT. Argo, I can own firearms, purchase firearm (yes I have a Conceal Carry Permit) and everything great that comes along with the LIBERTY of firearm ownership. 


What really pisses my off and a lot of people around this country is that negative people in all of their ugliness seek to use the fact that someone got CHARGED as a way to tear people down and build themselves up. What they fail to realize that it really makes them look weak and not to mention legally stupid. What it says is: 


"By destroying a person that outshines me I'm going to tarnish them so that others can't see their light."  


Furthermore, what actions like this says in the legal arena:  


"I don’t know the difference between a CHARGE and a CONVICTION." 


This logic is like watching someone sucker punch themselves. Its entertaining at first but turns out to look really stupid in the end (tantamount to a mental condition). With that being said here is a copy of the disposition of my case and remember. Hater's will never ever succeed.



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