For many it feels good right? The fact that you can legally carry a firearm for SD (self-defense). It also feels good in the sense that you can finally have that sense of "readiness" because the firearm serves as a veil to deter Convicts and prevent CRIMES AGAINST A PERSON - yeah. But here the splash of ice water to the face: I never really cared about Conceal Carry. Outside of the fact that carrying conceal for some is like masturbation to their ego, I have and currently still see Conceal Carry as essentially a waste of time. There are several reasons for my logic behind this position.

  • People don't train enough to a level of proficiency that justify them carrying conceal 

  • The current training model is outdated by at least 30 years. 

  • The current standards for conceal carry do not require any reinforcement to ensure proficiency in armed (dynamic) conflict 

  • Many people do not possess the cognitive and emotional maturity to carry conceal 

  • many people are not well verse n the law pertain to deadly force 

I will stop here because the list can go on and on. 


People don't train enough to a level of proficiency that justify them carrying conceal. 

What I mean by this is that the majority of shooters do not train to a level of realism that promote and reinforce proficiency with a firearm. Hey, standing on the static range popping holes into the "X" ring doesn't really count. Why? Because of economic cost involved most ranges cannot afford to install the newer equipment necessary to facilitate such training. I say this because just the HVAC system alone on an indoor 12 lane range can cost $1,000,000 dollars or more. Secondly, there are the endless laws and regulations on the books that also play a role in how a range will be classified. It should by known that its always cheaper to classify a range as a recreational shooting establishment that a training institution.  

Another harsh reality is that most people will purchase a firearm, shoot it a couple of times only to live it to collect dust on the shelf. I've seen some people use them (firearm) as paperweights to say the least. Another reason as to why most people don't need to carry concealed is because they simply do not put enough rounds down range to fully understand and comprehend the capabilities and delimitations of not only the firearm that they are carrying, but the capabilities and limitations of themselves as a conceal carrier. but hey that's none of my business. 

The current training model is outdated by at least 30 years. 

If your a new shooter and your taking a conceal carry class with most of these "instructors" you will find yourself debating which eye you want to close and which eye you want to keep open because the class is so damn boring because the instructor has no teaching ability to hold your interest. So it becomes a "lets hurry up and get it over with" kind of thing. Moreover, if your and aggressive shooter and avid student of the gun and of violence, when you sit in these "Conceal Carry" classes you will feel like a polar bear on a tricycle. 

But anyway you slice the pie, the training is old as hell and will only more than likely get you killed if you every tried to use it. Could you image standing still in a gunfight - hell to the no! So the question is why the hell would you train like that? Reader let me tell you something, in real life you the active shooter may come at you from any angle within the environment, So why are "instructors" continuously only training them for what's in front of them? 

The current standards for conceal carry do not require any reinforcement to ensure proficiency in armed (dynamic) conflict. 

Where are the state mandated follow up training plans and continuing training opportunities for people that carry conceal? I mean even the Police and Military have to qualify at least every 6 months (and we all know that ain't shit). In all honestly, Civilians, Police and Military need to have mandatory shooting once a month. The first thing I hear from the NRA Nazi's and the NRA Gestapo is that shooting should be safe. Shit, I would like to know just how safe is shooting is if you only have to quality once in your entire life as a civilian in order to obtain a Conceal Carry permit - I thought we were talking about saving lives here.  

What do I know right? Let's take a look at the Huffington Post and the article written entitled: " Think Concealed Carry Makes You Safe? Think Again! " which was written in 2013. The reported from the television show "20/20" that: 

"Two years ago, the TV show 20/20 tested whether carriers could defend themselves against an armed assailant who they knew would storm the room they were in. Even with advance warning none of the carriers stopped the assailant even though some were well trained in firearms. Some carriers came close to injuring themselves and others had the ammo been live. Oops." 

If the Police and Military combined have a 20% hit rate (roughly) and a 5% neutralization rate (roughly) then I need you to think of all the Civilians that own firearm and don't necessarily shoot if at all. Just something to think about. 

Many people do not possess the cognitive and emotional maturity to carry conceal. 

You will hear me say it over and over and over and over again. Whether a Shooter or Gunfighter you must have cognitive control and discipline period - there is no way around it. You have to learn how to be as "value free" as possible. This means understanding when your ego and personal  opinions are overriding your logic. When this occurs Shooters increase the risk of being a liability to other people within the environment. They also have the increased likelihood of literally "jumping the gun" and shooting too fast, and or unfortunately simply hesitating and "biting the bullet".  

On the flip side, many Shooters simply do not have the emotional maturity to own a firearm. Don't take my word for it. You should see the impulsive hate mail and the blatant lies and smear tactics people use to describe me and what I do online without know the full scope on why I do what I do while providing consultations to Clients. If that doesn't tell you something then I don't know what to tell you.


Many people are not well verse in the Law and how it pertains to deadly force. 

Last but not least, people are just not that well versed in Law. Again using me as an example and you can see this online. People will see that I received a CHARGE for AWDW (assault with deadly weapon) and think that I for some reason I'm a criminal of some sort and that my Conceal Carry License was taken  away, without making the connection that the case was dismissed. All this is simply saying is that people cannot tell the difference between a CHARGE and a COVICTION. 






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