You know the job of a Sociologist (Social Scientist) is a difficult job. It’s difficult because many people have never heard of us, or don’t even have a clue of what we do or why we do what we do. But none-the-less, we are here and we are real.  For the true Sociologist one of our favorite past times is observing people (people watching) and observing the social relationships that they construct, maintain and often times destroy for whatever reason.


And as a Sociologist I have been observing the Gun Game or firearm industry for four years from both an empirical observation position and from the participant observation format. See a lot of people look at the name LUCIEN R. BLACK™ and think that I’m trying to conceal my identity for some reason or another. Nothing could be further than the truth. For the truth is LUCIEN R. BLACK™ is a trademark that is associated with my Sociological work.  And my work has been situated around the Gun Game or what you would call the firearm industry for a while.


It is my findings as a Social Scientist that a significant amount of people within the Gun Game suffer from acute Neurotic Tendencies (remember I’m transdisciplinary). For those of you that are not familiar with the term Neurotic which comes from the term Neurosis let us take the time out to define it. It is as according to the Oxford Dictionary:


“A relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality.”


Don’t take my word for it, all you have to do is a quick google search online and see for yourself what people within the gun game are saying about me; someone that they never met or talked to in person and other like me.


Statements made have been centered around the fear that someone is either going to get shot or have been shot within a VODA session even though there is no ammunition allowed or present in the manipulation portion of the session. As you should know “0 + 0 = 0” and “0 – 0 = 0”. The obsession over unsafe training practices is actually non-existent when clearly no one has been put into any danger despite the VODA Clients stating on their own accord that they felt safe within the sessions according to the Client interviews on the VODA Inc. YouTube Channel.


Moreover, the public displays of envy (quick google definition search) which is defined by:


“A feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.”


“The desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else).”


In which people often engaged in harassing phone calls with wild acquisitions of Clients being shot within a session. All because they wished for whatever reason to have the opportunity to train some of the high value Clients that I have trained. All this was done with no proof of claim while engaging in failed smear campaign tactics to detract Clients from training with us. Aberrant behavior such as this reeks of unsubstantiated claims of so much B.S. no ATTOURNEY in the world will take the case.


This is also includes the public displays of uncontrolled frustration and “social temper tantrums” (outcry’s) and subjecting me to public ridicule without a shred of proof of the claims made against me. It should also be known that even though I have been a victim of numerous cyber-attacks on various social media outlets even to the point of me being called ethnically derogatory terms such “nigger”, “coon” or stereotypically summed up as “Thug Tactical” (which even I admit sounds pretty cool) I still continue to strive and outperform the expectations of failure placed upon me with no signs of slowing down. Furthermore, let us not forget the unwarranted jealousy in which people within the gun game would make phones calls asking high value Clients “why are you training with him when could be training with us?” You know, that kind of stuff.


Again, don’t take my word for it, instead feel free to look at the long list of comments made on websites such as Facebook (some are so ethnically distasteful we had to take them down), Google+, Twitter, the various NRA Blog sites,, YouTube Channel "Practical Tactical" (which quite frankly offers more of the same crap you can find anywhere), and other D.R. (dick ridding) sites in which the administrators allow for such socially degrading depravity, debauchery, unethical and socially damaging pathological behavior.


Remember, an overwhelmingly number of these people either are members of the NRA or support the NRA; and as a minority, how could you ever think that this is the institution you wish to be a part of and or speak on our behalf. SIDE NOTE: this is not an attack on the NRA, but this is a point of reference that can be used by them to “Clean up their shit!


This is very important because what this is saying is that there could be the possibility of many firearm owners in this country suffering from a mental illness. The reason why this is important is because according to Matthews and Deary in their work entitled “Personality Traits” they observed that:


“Individuals who score high on neuroticism are more likely than average to experience such feelings as anxiety, anger, envy, guilt, and depressed mood. People who are neurotic respond worse to stressors, are more likely to interpret ordinary situations as threatening, and minor frustrations as hopelessly difficult. They are often conscious and shy, and they may have trouble controlling urges and delaying gratification.”


I’m just saying, do you really want to hide behind “FREEDOM” (which no one has – as we only have LIBERTY) just so we can sell guns, often time with little to no accountability outside of the realm of Law? Do you think that it’s safe for people that may be possibly suffering from a mental condition such as Neurosis to run rampant in the Gun Game? Do you think that’s right? Do you think it’s right to hide behind the veil of firearm safety and turn a MF blind eye to people within the gun game that have substandard training calling themselves deploying a firearm for “SD” (self-defense) with a possible mental health issue? How responsible is that?


Listen I’m not anti-gun and I’m not a tree hugger. I do believe in smoke checking armed Convicts when they are endangering my life and the lives of others. But the question is: “When are we going to stop and think about the social ramifications of letting people that obviously run the risk of suffering from adverse mental health issues such as Neurosis to have access to firearms and obtain a Conceal Carry permit without checking the status of their psychological make-up? I’m just saying.



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