Conspicuous Consumption; this is the concept of many people in and outside of the Gun Game are not fully aware of. It was a Sociologist by the name of Thorstein Veblen Who founded and coined the term "Conspicuous Consumption". From this point, the concept of Conspicuous Consumption led to the founding of “Invidious Consumption”, which is the consumption of goods, products and services used by the Consumer to manipulate and provoke the emotion of jealousy in envy of other Consumers that do not have the good, products, and or service in their possession.


This is another form of Conspicuous Consumption that occurs in the Gun Game. You see it all the time; somehow shooters think that they shoot firearms better, or generally perform better because they purchased a certain type of accessory that they believe that will enhance their shooting skills instead of relying on the shooting fundamentals. The fundamentals of:




As always before we move forward in any conversation let us first defined the terms; Conspicuous Consumption which can be defined as the:


"expenditure on or consumption of luxuries on a lavish scale in an attempt to enhance one's prestige."

It should also be noted that there once lived a Psychologist and who we consider the Father of Public Relations Edward Bernays whom of which was related to the famous Psychoanalyst Sigma Freud that we owe the honor of mentioning for he alone changed the way people purchased goods, products and services by appealing to the mental and emotional states of the Consumer. Moreover, Edward Bernays specialized in changing the way Consumers viewed products, goods and services in such a way that by using his methods; Consumers were more apt to purchase items in the Marketplace. In fact, it should be noted that Edward Bernays is the reason why women smoke to this very day.  

If you cannot shoot the above stock GLOCK  pistol with a high degree of proficiency and efficiency - do not purchase the enhancements you see below.

We Sociologist study the relationships or correlations between people that either own or have access to certain types of desired goods, products and services in relation to those that have not. We do this because we wish to understand the social dynamics involved of those who have access to the socially desired goods, products and services and we also seek to understand not only how, but why and the social ramifications of how and why they use the goods, products and services they have as a benchmark, standard, status or even as a demonstration of their wealth power and influence.


So, what does the concept of stratification mean when transferred to the Gun Game? It means that many people within the Gun Game associate having gadgets, gizmos, latest technology, firearm modifications as an attempt to demonstrate their often times false sense of self-perceived superiority regarding shooting performance, proficiency and efficiency within the Gun Game. And when the wake-up call happens and it most certainly will at some point it shatters that false sense of superiority of them thinking that they are superior. This often leads to acts of retaliation by them engaging in internet trolling, hidden acts of self-loathing and apathetic behavior.


When translated in the realm of Gun-Fighting, the reality is not only does the CONVICT has a better hit rate than military and police combined; but those that spin exuberant amounts of money on firearms (excluding collectors), technological products, firearm accessories and the obsessive compulsory or borderline addiction to over-modifying their firearms turn out to be nothing more than the suckers in the Gun Game that the manufactures pray upon.


REMEMBER: the goal of any business is to make a dollar!


I'm not necessarily saying that they do not care (some don't - because they care more about that dollar) I'm just shedding light on the predatory practices and economic self-interest that often occur within the Gun Game.


RULE OF THUMB: “profit comes before philanthropy”.


Again, in order to achieve the goal of having the Consumer engage in Conspicuous Consumption is to play upon the Consumers emotional desire to feel superior when purchasing a product, good or service. It is the reason why Consumers tend to buy a Lexus rather than a Toyota even though they are nearly the same car for the most part. Or why Consumers are more likely to purchase a Dodge Charger over a Toyota Prius. For the average Consumer, a car is a car right? I mean I often here people say, “as long as it gets me from point a to point B” it should be fine correct?


Well folk, firearm manufacturers and manufactures that produce aftermarket accessories play upon the wants and desires, the behavioral aspects and the often times narcissistic behavior of many Consumers within the Gun Game to make a profit.


REMEMBER: the marketing tactics used within the Gun Game are no different than the marketing tactics used by Macy’s, Belk’s, Target or Wal-Mart.


This is what is at the heart of rampant consumerism and immediate self-gratification of many Consumers inside and outside the Gun Game. When you understand the correlation between Conspicuous Consumption and the overly abundance of firearms and firearm accessories from this perspective, you will quickly be able to understand as to why people wastefully spend money on accessories to satisfy their ego or to enhance their perceived self-image to appear superior in terms of shooting performance that many times more likely they are not.


What's really funny about Conspicuous Consumption is that many people in the Gun Game will purchase products that they more likely than not will not NEVER use in real life. The overly abundance of grip panels, 1913 Picatinny Rails, aftermarket modified trigger set ups, optics, extended magazines, drums, lights etc. amount to nothing more than a mere waste. What’s even more baffling is that not only do people buy these products and never use them, they often time will send hard earned money on the second and third generation of the product. This is simply wasteful because manufactures are making products that will most likely never really be used in real life force of force, Gun-Fighting and (self-defense) applications. 


My train of logic is very simple, if you cannot shoot without an accessory such as a Magpul Angled Foregrip you will most likely not be able to better shoot with a Magpul Angled Foregrip. Likewise, if you cannot shoot with a standard Mil-Spec trigger you will most likely not be able to shoot with the Geissele trigger. And let's say you do happen to shoot better with the Geissele trigger, you will more than likely will be handicapping yourself because what if the only weapon system that you have available during a critical incident does not have that trigger set up? Two words: YOU’RE FUCKED. Dependence on accessories negates skill, thus it negatively affects attitude and leads to a decrease in knowledge base. All too often people tend to neglect shooting fundamentals and tend to become overly dependent upon gadgets, gizmos, technology and aftermarket accessories.

The Geissele trigger featured above will not make you a better shooter or Gun-Fighter. It is simply made to enhance the shooting skills that you already possess. If you cannot operate your firearm with a high level of proficiency and efficiency - do not purchase the enhancements you see above. The trigger featured on the bottom is a "Mil-Spec" trigger.

All too often people tend to neglect shooting fundamentals and tend to become overly dependent upon gadgets, gizmos, technology and aftermarket accessories.

U.S. Palm AK Battle Grip (above)

Standard AK grip (above)

MAKO GROUP Picatinny Textured Angled Grip (above)

Magpul Angled Foregrip (above)

SEEKINS PRECISION M20 M-Lok Angled Fore Grip (above)


Somehow people failed to remember that The bottom line of any business is to raise capital or make money. 

Lockestone Industries 80% lower receiver (above). Listen I know we like to customize, but come on! What good is it if you have not grasp the fundamentals? 

If you cannot shoot the above stock AR-15 rifle (above) with a high degree of proficiency and efficiency - do not purchase the enhancements you see below.

If you cannot shoot the above stock shotgun (above) with a high degree of proficiency and efficiency - do not purchase the enhancements you see below.

If you cannot shoot the above stock AK-47 (above)with a high degree of proficiency and efficiency - do not purchase the enhancements you see below.


Somehow people failed to remember that the bottom line of any business is to raise capital or make money. Yes, some improvements can be made overtime there's no doubt about that; however, we must be able to differentiate the need for efficiency and productivity and capital.


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