Urban Sharp Shooters


There is a lot of debate centered around this question. The reason for that is because there are a couple of misconceptions about the phenomena of actually dropping Hammers and Strikers on Convicts. For those that simply don't know (due to no fault of their own) they will reply “1 round” should stop the Bad Guy. For them because of their limited awareness this logic is sufficient but faulty. For them guns are intimidating, loud and they more often than not read and or hear about the reports all the time about people losing their lives to some sort of gun fire. They may even have lost a loved one(s) to gunfire of some sort.


Secondly, for those that have been to the range often times they will say two to three rounds. This is also faulty logic in that it is based of the idea that a "Controlled Pair" (the C.O. will NEVER use the term "Double Tap" - EVER) should be enough. Statistically, there are about 3 to 4 rounds fired in an average Gun Fight. And that’s OK. However, there is a double edge sword so to speak when we are examining this subject matter.  This is because there are only two correct answers for the Civilian Operator, which revolve around the following (assuming you are warranted in the use of deadly force to stop a Convict):


Five rounds per person (VODA Standard)

And or

Keep firing until they stop their assault (or quit wiggling C.A.R. STANDAND)


This is very important for the C.O. (Civilian Operator) to understand and apply. It is here where we must know where the fine line lies. Unlike Counter-Terror Operations / Operators where entire magazines can be expected to be emptied (90 percent of the mag), we at VODA remind the C.O. (Civilian Operator) that he or she does not have that luxury. The reason for this is because when operating in the CIVILIAN environment, the RULE OF THUMB is:


"Every bullet has an ATTORNEY attached to it."


What we are simply saying is that the C.O. must answer for every round fired to Law Enforcement. The reason for this is because Law Enforcement must treat each and every action as a separate action within the entire chain of events. This is done to ensure "Due Process" and to “Balance the Scales”. Put another way, very action is compartmentalized so that we are able to understand the Three Elements of a Crime:




For without these key ingredients, there IS NO CRIME. When a C.O. is involved in a shooting whether good or bad the Law Enforcement Officer is going to ask questions similar to the following (but not limited to):


“What where you doing here?”

“What time did the incident occur?”

“Who was involved?”

“What happened here?”

“How many rounds did you fire?


“Why did you fire the first round?”

“Because” (blah, blah, blah – whatever you’re going to say)

“Why did you ire the second round”

“Because” (blah, blah, blah - whatever you’re going to say)”

“What made you fire the third round (blah, blah, blah)”

So on and so on.....


Law Enforcement needs to make sure that there is no Law being broken on your part. Another thing Law Enforcement is looking for is to possibly establish a Motive for your actions and the actions of the other party. This is crucial because if any act of maliciousness if found on your part - "TURN AROUND AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK." Remember there is no “magic number” when it comes to shots being fired to stop an aggressor (Convict). With that being said, when the C.O. is Gun Fighting with the prescribed VODA round count, there are two things that are occurring:


Increasing the likelihood of the shots being fired in conjunction with the round count to stop the aggressor.


The relying of Cybernetics (feedback) to provide data in real time so that we can make adjustments to the angle (where the firearm is pointed), the round count, shot placement as well as follow-up shot speed/cadence/ rhythm.


All of these points and more are dependent on the feedback projected by the body movements and actions of the aggressor(s) (Convicts). This entry has been written to give you some general information on the importance of round count in relationship to the Law. Stay Safe, Stay Frosty and Love Life.



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