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For whatever reason in the Gun Game people cannot make the differentiation between a “Sport-Shooter” and a Gun-Fighter. Although there are a lot of differences between the two, like anything in life each has its own set of pros and cons, its own qualities, and each has its own perspectives. The UNDERSTANDING of the two can be akin to recognizing the unique difference between an Airplane Mechanic and a Car Mechanic. It is only when you observe the surface of these two professions, that you will find that both of them are mechanics.


But what makes them different is the fact that both of these professions focus specifically on two different kinds of mechanical specialties. What this translates into are two types of mechanical perspectives, two types of courses of training, different types of tools, and two different types of mechanical skill and ability. It is there by closely examining then comparing and contrasting the mechanical professions that you will find that there is a difference between the Car Mechanic and the Airplane Mechanic.


This same train of Logic transfers over to the Gun Game, in which it is here where we make a concrete distinction between the Sport-Shooter and the Gun-Fighter. The three main differences between a Sport-Shooter and a Gun-Fighter are as follows:


  • Premise

  • Training

  • Perspective

Rifle to Pistol Transition / Condition 3 Compound Concealment DEMO


BOPE (the best in the world to me)


This is very important because the Premise will define the intent of both the Sport-Shooter and the Gun-Fighter. It is there, in the mind of each in which we will find the true essence or nature of both factions so to speak. For the record, I literally do mean faction when it comes to describing the differences between the Gun-Fighter and the Sport-Shooter because there is a distinction that should be made and respected. And also, the Sport-Shooter and the Gun-Fighter are more often than not divided on the Philosophy of Use as it pertains to weapon systems.


The essence of the Sport-Shooter it's just that, “Sport-Shooting”. And there's nothing wrong with that for the Sport-Shooter undoubtedly tends to shoot for pleasure, recreation, firearm safety, and for Marksmanship. It should also be noted that the Sport-Shooter will also engage in Trap and Skeet and various types of shooting competitions most notability Three Gun.


Other things that Sport-Shooters may partake in is internet gun porn, gun debates, and other social and firearm related topics and aesthetics. This is not to say that the Gun-Fighter does not utilize and or partake in any of these functions; but these functions primarily only serve as the premise of the Sport-Shooter.


In contrast, the Gun-Fighter premise is centered upon SHOOTING TO LIVE. What this encompasses is Fight-Efficiency™, combat shooting techniques, the motivation of life or death, the continuous evolving Gun-Fighting knowledge and it requires the perspective of viewing life and the situations and events that occur within it through the lens of a Tactician. Notice I didn't say tactical.

Photo Credit: Antoinne Duane Jones 


The reason why I make the distinction between “tactical” and the “Tactician” is because tactical just simply means that you at some point will engage in some sort of tactical action. On the other hand, to be a Tactician means that you specialize in the creation, developing, maintaining, analyzing, modifying and the implementation of strategic measures to achieve an end goal. In short, the Gun-Fighter would find the word tactical irritating and borderline repugnant especially when it is used by people that do not fully understand the meaning behind this world it what it stands for.


Even though the Gun-Fighter will have a firm grasp on the Principles of Marksmanship, firearm safety and gun handling, as well as firearm manipulation and mechanics; the Gun-Fighter by his or her conditioned nature will have acquired an open mind and will purposefully seek out both more conventional and unconventional methods in respect to firearm training in order to further advance their knowledge base and understanding as it pertains to SHOOTING TO LIVE.


The Honorable Sonny Puzikas 


When it comes to training the Sport-Shooter will mostly likely stick to basic gun handling and firing as well as the core Principles of Marksmanship. Again, there's nothing wrong with this per se. Where a discrepancy will lie is in the fact that the Sport-Shooter will most likely at some time reach a plateau in regulates to training.


Meaning that they [Sport-Shooter] will continue to do the same thing that they have always been doing to get them to the level of proficiency that they have currently reached. And in doing so they will more than likely remain stagnated in their comfort zone and will more than likely be reluctant to seek out any new challenging contrasting training or ideas that oppose their current knowledge base.


When this occurs, they will be most likely be no growth and development on behalf of the Sport-Shooter. And if there happens to be growth, then it will only be in respect to moving horizontal instead of vertigo. What this means is that the Sport-Shooter will only improve in the realm of Sport-Shooting – not in the realm Gun-Fighting.


However, when it comes to the Gun-Fighter, he or she will seek out training opportunities that will challenge their current training doctrine or Logic. Moreover, the Gun-Fighter will also seek to understand alternative schools of thought, opposing views, and perspectives that challenge their current ideals.


The reason for this is because, the Gun-Fighter seeks to be more well-rounded in order to increase their knowledge base which in turn increases their Fight Efficiency™. Thus, this increases their rate of survivability because they will have more tools in their tool box.

Russia: some of the finest soldier in the world 


Another thing that the gunfighter does in contrast to the Sport-Shooter is that the Gun-Fighter will seek to desensitize him or herself in the regards to Gun-Fighting. This is done because the Gun-Fighter will again only seek to increase Fight Efficiency™. And by seeking to control one’s emotions and desensitize him or herself to the harsh realities of Gun-Fighting (blood, guts and fear) the Gun-Fighter will be more than likely be to cycle through the OODA Loop feedback process and will be less hesitant to press the trigger when it really comes down to their life being in danger.


When it comes to training, the Gun-Fighter will know that there's more to training than the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association). The Gun-Fighter will also know that there's more to life than the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation). In fact, a Gun-Fighter of a view these organizations as limiting for little lack of better terms in respect to training. Why? Because the Gun-Fighter

would know that clinging to dogma will get you killed quick.


Russian soldier


The last of the three main three differences between a Gun-Fighter and a Sport-Shooter is that the Gun-Fighter is able to keep things in perspective. This is important because the Gun-Fighter has an insight into both the theoretic and applied methods of Gun-Fighting. And in having this insight, the Gun-Fighter is able to see where training is applicable versus where and more importantly when certain types of training is not.


This is an ability that a Sport-Shooter will most likely will not have. And the reason for that is because it takes experience in the field (preferably the streets) to qualify as a Gun-Fighter. Simply put it means that you have must have been directly in a shooting (meaning you have put holes in flesh) and have the opportunity to self-reflect upon that shooting without any ego in order to truly understand what lies beneath the surface.

Russia FSB (great  Gun-Fighters)


When I speak in terms of self-reflection I am speaking in terms of examining your mind state, your emotional state, and your physiological state and having the ability to compare and contrast those three variables in reference to the shooting event and how it may have positively and negatively affected you and your Fight-Efficiency™ for future Gun-Fighting encounters. Again, this is to be conducted by the Gun-Fighter under value free conditions (elimination of the ego and cognitive bias).


With that being said, UNDERSTAND and respect the differences between the Sport-Shooter and Gun-Fighter. Remember M.A.R.S..



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