UPDATE | EDA/ECK Shooting System™ Book [Kompressed Edition]



There have been so many people talking about the EDA/ECK Shooting System™ since I embarked on creating this shooting system. Even I have to admit, there were a few minor setbacks, but that is a natural occurrence when anyone is trying to create something brand-new! I’m proud of having the experience to create this system and I’m even happier of the result of the field trials of this newly created shooting system. 


Keep in mind that there are certain prerequisite that must be met in order to effectively utilize this shooting system. Thus, this shooting system will be and or work for everyone. This seemingly irregular is created by design. So with that said I sincerely you take a long and hard look at this shooting system. I would also like for you to keep in mind that this book is the “Kompressed Edition” so it will not have any pictures and or diagrams in this edition. However pictures and diagrams will be published in the upcoming “EDA/ECK Shooting System™ Xpanded Edition”. The PRICE POINT for that book is $150.00.


I would like to give a special thank you to the Sly and Tarik of the BlackPackaz for taking part in the initial field trails of the EDA/ECK Shooting System™. I would also like to give a special thanks to Ronnie Oliver of RR21 Tactical for respectfully telling me that he did not like it. Your insight proved to be the balancing act that was needed to solidify the system. Thanks again Sly, Tarik and Ronnie.



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