CQB Group International was founded by Master Tactician Bobby Gabershek


So, let's expand your scope of the Gun Game if it has not been already. Like I always tell people: "There is life before and after the NRA." What I mean by this is that the NRA is not the end all be all in the Gun Game. In fact, it is a speck of sand on the beach of the Gun Game. And as you well know one grain of sand makes a beach.


But for the scope of this article I want to highlight the units (Military, Police, Contractor(s), Para-Military, or otherwise) around the world that are worth watching. The reason for this is because it is my professional position as a Firearm Educator and Training Consultant that they have what it takes to be either classified as "Mission Ready", "Fight Ready" or “Mission Capable”.


One such group or firm would be CQB Group International. I have reviewed them and it is my professional position that they are really worth watching. Their Gun Game is on point. And I have to say without a shadow of a doubt this isn't it that NRA bullshit or even your beloved Magpul. They are a Gun-Fighting group hands-down point blank.

Now understand something, I have not trained with them. However, I been providing firearm training and education for a long time and as a Professional Firearm Training and Education Consultant I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that CQB Group International is worth training with. I say this because from what I have gathered from them is that they are dynamic, forward thinking and most of all dedicated to quality, high grade training.


CQB Group International was founded by Master Tactician Bobby Gabershek. Now you guys know how I view the term “tactical”. If you go back to my article entitled; "THREE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SPORT SHOOTERS AND GUN-FIGHTERS" you will find that I made a distinction between a "Tactician" and the word "tactical". I stated the following:


The reason why I make the distinction between “tactical” and the “Tactician” is because tactical just simply means that you at some point will engage in some sort of tactical action. On the other hand, to be a Tactician means that you specialize in the creation, developing, maintaining, analyzing, modifying and the implementation of strategic measures to achieve an end goal.​

And by Bobby Gabershek being a master tactician it is shown in his work. CQB Group international specialize in close quarters and defensive tactics. However, they are exceptionally more than that. And the reason why I say this is because they have a wider scope to just Gun-Fighting per se. According to their website they focus on “defensive tactics”, “tactical training”, “combat cardio”, “weapons training” and “core strength”. All of which I know to be relevant and very much needed.


In the "About Us" page of their website, I can say I really like about believe that they deliver when it comes to their mission statement which is as follows:


"Our Instructors and Trainers have many years of practical work experience in conflict situations and have trained with some of the finest close quarter specialists in the world today. When you join the CQB Group International you can expect to become proficient in close quarter combative. Your performance and knowledge will result in maximum gains in a relatively short period of time."


Like a VODA Client said about me: "He's not a textbook robot". And I for one based on the information that I gathered I can say the same about them. Not only are they hands on but they appear to be steeped in a mindset that highly conducive to the survival of their clients. According to their website:


"Close Quarter Battle (CQB) has its historical roots in modern day hand to hand fighting. It has developed free from style or restriction and with one aim only, to defeat the enemy at close range, whether in an armed or unarmed confrontation. Although free from the restrictions and methodologies of traditional martial arts CQB combatives owes its existence to the multiple styles that have contributed over many decades to the services rendered by personnel in the line of active duty."

Moreover, anyone who knows me knows I’m always about the realism when it comes to training. Again, the worst thing you can do or that can happen is that these "instructors" lie when it comes to training people on and behind the gun. But even more importantly, by CQB Group International focusing on close quarter tactics it also encourages the Learner to pick up on a lot of things; in addition to crystallizing and placing their previous knowledge in a perspective. Of course the Learner knows that during engagements in which their life is in danger - their life is in danger.


However, by taking the time out to acquire the knowledge that CQB Group International is delivering the Learner would be better able to gain a valuable insight into how, why and even more importantly how to counter an assault that is being waged against them for whatever reason.


If you as a reader have been following me, you may have gotten the sense now that I see the Gun Game and firearm education and training through an international lens. And in doing so, it keeps me not only well verse but well-rounded as it pertains to Gun-Fighting and general firearm education and training. So with that said, CQB Group International is located in Victoria, Australia. But what’s even better than that they service many place in the Asian diaspora.


This is a wonderful thing because they are in a great position to pull from some incredible historic and influential cultures and societies with vary diverse schools of thought. In being able to have direct access to the Asian culture and mindset, they are able to incorporate it into their training platform. This I believe with my professional position is what makes them special.


CQB Group International focuses on of course CQB work, but also team tactics, vehicular tactics, Executive Protection, group training as well as force on force work. And as always keep an open mind and forget what you think you know, for you can't pour new knowledge into a glass that's already filled. Remember the name CQB Group International and THEY ARE WORTH TRAINING WITH.




For training information and a point of contact, please feel free to contact:


CQB Group International


72 East Street, Hadfield,

Victoria, Australia 3046
Tel: +61 4 1277-6420
Fax: +61 3 9357 7887

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