I know it’s been a while but by me relocating to another state there is a lot I have to do! Even more than that, just like the Business Tycoon Dame Dash, I too believe in funding myself; or putting my own money up to fund my own dreams, projects and businesses as opposed to using someone else’s money. Therefore, I own it and I don’t have to answer to anyone. This is one of the true marks of Entrepreneurship. In any case, I have to also give credit to my 3rd Dad for putting me on to this product.


As a Retired Warrant Officer (US Army) he’s seen a lot and done a lot. So, one day I saw him with a holster that had the ability to securely holster “multiple firearms”. At the time I was not against it nor was I for it. But I was browsing through the firearms accessories at Academy Sport’s and I ran into the brand of holster he uses.





  • COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE FIREARMS (22 of 26 popular models)


The Stealth Operator brand of holsters which are manufactured by Phalanx Defense Systems LLC and come with a Life Time Warranty just as long as you don’t start “modifying” it. Upon me picking up the product off the shelf and examining it I decided to give it a try; and this led to me writing this Product Recommendation. The packaging of this holster mentioned that this particular holster is “engineered using a lighter than Kydex Polymer” so I am guessing its “proprietary” or they don’t want to give away their manufacturing secret.

Either way, it's fine with me as I actually like the material that it is constructed of. In reference to “regular” Kydex Holsters, I’ve used them before, with no issues with anyone or any manufactures holsters. However, the vast majority of Kydex Holsters are custom fitted to the gun being holstered and the Stealth Operator brand of holsters are not. (obviously).

Another thing I love about the Stealth Operator brand of holsters this is that the packaging states that the holster will be compatible with “22 of 26 top models” of firearms and it is able to work with both Full Size and Compact sized firearms. And you know what? I can believe it. Another thing I love is the fact that the overall construction of the holster is really good.

What I mean by this is that the thickness of the material is on point. Although the packaging does not specifically disclose the thickness of the material of their holsters, I can reassure you that it’s not thin or flimsy in thickness and construction. In addition, the holster did not need to be adjusted out of the box. It was in fact: “wear and carry”.


I love the fact that there are no hoods, no buttons to press in order to extract the firearm. But this is standard of holsters of this type. Again, I’m just not a fan of hoods on my holsters. Unlike the Serpa Holsters manufactured by BLACKHAWK! which are the Gold Standard of contemporary holsters; the Stealth Operator brand of holster does not have the girth of the BLACKHAWK! brand of holsters.

Now to be fair, the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holsters are duty holsters while the holsters manufactured by Stealth Operator are geared more towards conceal carry and civilians. Both carry holsters and premises of carry are fine as it’s up to you to find the one that works for you best. Another positive is that the rivets are installed and well secured, ensuring that the holster will not “come/fall apart”.


But even with all its positives I did find at least one negative. That negative was that the holster should be manufactured with or at least come with the option of adding a paddle other than simply being secured by only the users belt loop. It is my professional position that it will allow the holster to be more “in tuned” with the user’s body.

This is not to say that the holster is not secure once mounted on the user’s body because it is. But I think that a redundancy in mounting and securing would be a great addition to the holster itself, especially if the user is not wearing a belt for whatever reason.


In closing, make an effort to purchase this holster as it is VODA approved.


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