I have to say it was a great pleasure to be able to write this book for today's contemporary woman in regard to firearm ownership, firearm safety, and the applied use of a firearm for SD/PP (Self-Defense/Personal Protection). Moreover, I would encourage every woman to take the time out to read this particular book as I hold the position that it will be of great value and use to every woman. One of the best things I like about this book is the fact that we touched on home safety. In the chapter entitled "Safe House/Safe Room". The reason why that particular chapter meant so much to me was because a lot of women around this country (and men as well) become victims to either domestic abuse domestic violence and or outright killed by their domestic partner.


This trend of a domestic abuse and domestic violence is even higher in the LGTBQ community. I think we all have a responsibility to spread awareness and will provide solutions for people who are going through these types of things especially when it comes to women. So, with that said, if you are woman be sure to get you a copy of the WOMAN'S FIREARM GUIDE (COLOR) or WOMAN'S FIREARM GUIDE (BLACK & WHITE) or WOMAN'S FIREARM GUIDE (HINDI).


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