The Special Air Service Regiment is a Special Forces Group unit within the New Zealand Special Air Service.


It’s been a minute since I last punched an article in, but I want to take this time out to talk to you about a recent conversation that a US military friend and I recently had. My friend held the position that that there was no better fighting force that the United States Military. This kind of notion is one that is clouded not only in skewed and cognitive biases (he is currently serving in the United States Marines Corps), but it is one that has a clouded in a lack of experience in training with foreign forces.


As you should know by now I’ve had the liberty to train with people from other militaries (national and private) and I can tell you from experience they not only do things vastly different, but a few of them have actually set the standard for which militaries such as the United States Military adopts their training and fighting protocols.


With that being said the US military takes many of their training tactics and protocols from the military in the United Kingdom. This fact can even be observed more when you compare the Special Forces of the United States to the SAS of the United Kingdom. The SWAT Teams throughout this country (United States) also follow this trend as well. In lieu of that conversation, I want to take the time out to feature the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). It should be known that their protocols, tactics and training come directly from the SAS of the United Kingdom (UK).


For those of you who are narrow minded, I would only hope that you take the time out to broaden your horizons and change your perception when it comes to combat training.  It’s a very big world out there and it foolhardy to think that just because you live in a particular country that your military or local spec ops is “the best” out there.


Like my friend and fellow Gun-Fighter from Lebanon always says:


“No matter what you think you know there is always somebody out there with a piece of knowledge for you.”


With that being said, please take the timeout to view the above video and have the courage to explore the world outside the confines of your own.


Remember: "Who dares wins."



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