There are times when people in general and VODA clients alike tend to often ask me how do I specifically practice marksmanship. Although there is no set standard in which I practice marksmanship as its based upon what I want to accomplish, I do have one particular weapon that I like to train on when I do. Don’t get me wrong I like to practice marksmanship on any weapon system in general (pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun). However, I prefer to practice marksmanship with a Mosin Nagant. I like it because there is no such thing as obtaining Sub-MOA accuracy on the Mosin Nagant. I know that sound counter intuitive, but it really forces me to concentrate as hard as I can in order to replicate my shots as much as possible. Thus, I get to be behind the gun longer. Thus, it forces me to try harder when attempting to obtain a tight shot group (3-5 shots per group). Another reason why I like practicing marksmanship with the Mosin Nagant is because the ammunition is really cheap.

 I’m serious about this you can’t get any cheaper for practice ammunition this large a caliber. Speaking about cost, the Mosin Nagant as a weapon system is exceptionally cheap! We’re talking about a price point of roughly $100.00 to $200.00 depending on where you look. I personally got mines for roughly $120.00. There something else that I like about the Mosin Nagant and that is that you can purchase up to date polymer furniture kits for it from companies such as Archangel. Again, I had the opportunity to get furniture for roughly $200.00 (back in the day); it has a price point of $250.00 now. If you either already have a Mosin Nagant or are thinking about getting one and want some new furniture, you can you can purchase it from Archangel, just click the following link:

For purposes of marksmanship, I like to keep my Mosin Nagant as originally as possible in terms of operation (not cosmetics). I don’t like to modify my Mosin Nagant so that it accepts optics. That’s right when I’m training for marksmanship, I really enjoy using iron sights (in fact I like using iron sights period). Getting behind the Mosin Nagant, I like the fact that I can really get the weapon system in tight s well as havin the ability to “feel” the trigger. Moreover, I like “riding the Dwell Time” and enjoying the “aftertaste” of the follow through. If you don’t know what Dwell Time is, it’s the length of time that the bullet spends traveling through the barrel before it leaves the muzzle.

 Another thing that I like about the Mosin Nagant and other bolt action weapon system is that I like actually  manually working the bolt. The reason for this because by manually working, the bolt it gives my eyes the opportunity to “break” away from the target and reengage the target with a “fresh look”. That “fresh look” being a new sight alignment and sight picture.


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