Chinese SWAT Team


As you already should know by now, I love to take the timeout to observe foreign shooting techniques and the reason for that is because I like to see if any of their techniques can be utilized for Conceal Carry as I specialize in Conceal Carry. This is important to know because the more knowledge and information you have the more efficient and proficient you are on the battlefield; and that battlefield for the everyday person is the streets right here in the United States of America.

People Liberation Army (Chinese Military)


Today I have the luxury of looking at how a Chinese SWAT Team and the Chinese Military “People’s Liberation Army” (PLA) conducts their training. For some people here in the United States it may seem extreme or even dangerous in the way that the Chinese train. However, it is my professional position that here in the United States people do not have an open mind and they are what I like to call “Institutionally Arrogant”. In observing how the Chinese SWAT Teams and the People’s Liberation Army conducts their training, there were several things that I took notice of.

Chinese Police


The first thing that I took notice of was that they are exceptionally discipline in their training. This is important to understand because here in the United States we are not as disciplined as our Chinese counterparts. This is a proven fact in and outside the realm of Firearm Education and Training. Another thing that separates the Chinese from us is that they tend to train for more realistic armed confrontations than we do. Here we “qualify” statically; meaning that we simply stand in front of a paper target and shoot to score in order to qualify for Conceal Carry or to carry a weapon for/on duty (Police and Military). It is my professional position that this kind of training must come to an end.

People Liberation Army (Chinese Military)


The other thing that I love about what the Chinese are doing is that they are demanding more from their armed personnel. I think that we should do the same thing here. Simply shooting to standard just doesn’t cut it anymore (it never did). The reason why I say this is because there is a high volume of missed shots here in the United States and there is an Attorney attached to every round that we fire. This logic holds true no matter if you are a civilian carrying concealed or open, Military or Law-Enforcement.

People Liberation Army (Chinese Military)


Here in the United States its acceptable to score a 70% on a conceal carry shooting test and it is acceptable to score 80% on a Military and most Police and Law-Enforcement shooting test. But for VODA, some real trainers, Firearm Educators and most of the rest of the world scoring a 70% or 80% is simply a no go! The minimum standard should be at least 90% in all cases. And I don’t want to hear about how we are restricting or violating some people’s right to own a firearm because its bullshit. Either you can shoot, or you can’t! And if you can’t than your nothing more than a liability when operating a firearm for Self-Defense and or Personal Protection. In the case of the Chinese their scores must damn near be 100% for their firearm proficiency test or qualifications.

People Liberation Army (Chinese Military)


I love the robustness of their [Chinese] shooting techniques and the no non-sense execution of their shooting style. Its refreshing to say the least. Although, guns are illegal for the civilians to own in china, it does however hint at their governments ability to maintain that those that do carry or utilize firearms (Police and Military) are highly regulated and trained to do so – this means heavily regulating their shooting proficiency and efficiency.

Chinese SWAT Team


With all that being said, I take my hat off to the Chinese. I was very pleased to observe that they are conducting the training that they are and more importantly in the manner that they are. The only question that I have is:

“When will we catch up?”

Chinese Special Police


This question is especially relevant when it comes to Conceal Carry. I’m not saying that every training technique that the Chinese chooses to employ should be utilized in the realm of Conceal Carry but many of their training tactics should absolutely be included in the training curriculum of Conceal Carry; and the same holds true for the Military and Police. This leads me to my second question:


“How long are we going to hide behind the veil of “safety” when conducting firearm training especially when there is nothing safe about owning, operating and utilizing a firearm for Self-Defense, Personal Protection, Police duty carry, or for Military operations?”

 People Liberation Army (Chinese Military)


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