If you don’t know I’ve previously punched in an article on the full-size phalanx stealth operator holster. Click this link to read that article here: "APPLICATION | STEALTH OPERATOR HOLSTERS". Phalanx Systems makes great holsters, but the only thing that I would recommend when using the full-size Phalanx Systems holster is that you make sure you have a sturdy belt. Then again, I think that’s a rule of thumb for nearly all holsters.

So, with that said, I’m punching in an article on yet another Phalanx Systems holster; the “Compact Inside The Waist-Band (IWB) open bottom holster”. When it comes to this holster, I have to truly say that Phalanx Systems stays true to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Method, which is a great thing when it comes to holsters and I love them for that.

The price point for this holster was $24.15 on and it was delivered to me in 2 days. The construction of the holster is very sturdy and most importantly it’s not over built. No hoods, no sweat shields, no “pancake” base, no excessive screws, no special Allen Wrenches (especially odd Allen Wrench sizes that you can’t find in stores) and most of all no rivets that will unloosen over time. It's not "girthy" and meshes really well with the body.

This holster like the full size one that I have locks the gun in place upon holstering the weapon. Quite frankly the holster just works damn it! Even more than that, just like the previous full-size holster I have from Phalanx Systems, IT’S A UNIVERSAL HOLSTER. In fact, this holster will work with over 150 plus guns.


If you have not already followed Phalanx Systems on Instagram (phalanxsystems), make sure you do and take the time out to participate in their hashtag “#willfit” and “#willfitwednesday” hashtags. Besides ordering from, you can also order directly from their website:



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