I’ve spent a lot of time in my younger years as a High-Risk Security Officer in Chicago Illinois. During that time, I’ve seen and done a lot. The one thing that I know when dealing with High-Risk Subjects in response to bombs, narcotics, gangs and terrorism is that you cannot afford them the luxury of controlling the fight momentum. To do so is a very heavy tax burden that you and your possible team will not want to pay. The reason why I say that is because, High-Risk Subjects will more than likely do anything and everything necessary within their power to not be taken either by Law-Enforcement and or alive.


The above video demonstrates the correct course of Violence of Action that is needed against a High-Risk Subject(s). Keep in mind that this is another country and that country could very well possibly be South America. I also need you to understand that every country will “police” entirely different than they do here in the United States. What do I mean when I use the term Violence of Action? Violence of Action means that you have the green light to utilize unobstructed strength, aggression, surprise and speed in an effort to gain and enforce total control over a Subject. In other words, you have the green light to use a sledgehammer to kill ants if needed. The aggressiveness of the police, policy’s and tactics will be on par with the various threat levels that they face on a day to day basis.


I urge you to keep an open mind when it comes to the training and execution of training tactics to guarantee the success of the operation when dealing with High-Risk Subjects. Remember, there is minimum room for tactical error when dealing with High-Risk Subjects. When dealing with High-Risk Subjects, do not under any circumstances underestimate them, their talent or their capabilities. More importantly do not overestimate your ability when dealing with these types of Subjects. I say this because for every deterrent, crime fighting measure and tactic that we use it is their job as criminals to counter them. This is the hidden balancing act between the two forces so to speak.


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