I have to say that there is no bigger honor than to see my daughter taking control of her fears and progressing through the time consuming and grueling training that she is about to embark on for the first time. This will be a journey of further growth and development not only for her as it pertains to gun-fighting mechanics and general shooting. But gun-fighting like any martial art will demand that she develop and condition not only her body but even more importantly her mind and spirit.

Based upon my unbiased observations, not only will she be a strong and robust gun-fighter. But I sincerely believe that she absolutely has what it takes to inspire people from all walks of life. Today while in session she has inspired me to continue to press on by continuing to educate people on the subject of gun-fighting. But even more than that, she also inspired me to continue to show empathy, sympathy and compassion towards people no matter how hard this journey gets. Empathy, sympathy and compassion are the same principles that my third mom and dad has help me to understand the importance of and I’m eternally grateful to them for doing that.

However, when it comes to my daughter H, I have to say that I’m absolutely proud to see you bounce back from your previous setback and remain steadfast in pursuing your dreams, and for consistently being that wonderful ray of sunshine that you are. I’m also proud to see that you have continued your unwavering determination to face life head on and to take those bitter lemons that life may have dealt out to you and watch you make your own sweet lemonade.

VODA is watching you little girl. Keep those grades up by maintaining your study time and keep that beautiful smile on your mother’s face that only you can give. I really just wish your brother (Genius) that you haven’t had the chance to meet was here. I can’t wait to see that day. I’m proud of you H and I’m celebrating your success already.


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