This kind of drill is a drill that is only designated for truly advanced shooters. Like I talked about in the previous article entitled (click the link): "APPLICATION TRAINING FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DEVIATIONS"; drills like these prepare shooters for what they are going to encounter while out in the field. You have to remember when shooting out in the field there will be times when unexpected Environmental Deviations will increase the level of difficulty when and if you have to take a critical shot such as the one being taken in the above video.


The drill being shown in the above video is for learning how to effectively engage a suspect from within a crowd. When not only training and shooting like this the body will undergo biological changes (chemically). These are known to VODA Clients as Biological Deviations. Another thing that is very helpful to shooters not only in the video being shown but when conducting drills like these is that you have to get use to bullets being shot towards you from the suspect.


As I talked about in my latest text/work book entitled: “ELEMENTS OF CONCEAL CARRY”. A gun-fight is a two-way street. With that in mind just know that just as much as you will be firing your weapon in order to stop a suspect, that suspect will be firing his weapon in order to either elude capture and or to kill you. there are many “experts” out there in this gun game who have never been in a gunfight, less known have actually had a suspect fire a gun in their direction.


Once again, I am very fortunate to have had this particular block of training years ago because it prepared me for a lot. it prepared me to do three things:


  • Remain calm, cool and collected during an engagement

  • Enabled me to get over and accept the fact that rounds are not only being shot at me but are passing my head with the speed of sound

  • Taught me to recognize my limits and not to only underestimate the abilities of a suspect but even more importantly not to overestimate my abilities as a gun-fighter.


The irony is this. While a lot of people in this country are busy making high speed videos, various industry propaganda and taking cheap shots at people who train for real world situations like the people featured in this video and myself. These people are taking high speed shots that many people in this country could never take because they not only don’t have the skill, but they are not who they say they are. let that sink in.


Many people that I have talked to over the years have said the art of gun-fighting is dead and that the era of pseudocombat shooting is here to stay. I say, nah bossman. I’m going to do everything in my power to keep the spirit of gun-fighting alive by unapologetically embodying it and making myself immortal. I think I may have accomplished that mission.



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