One of the biggest things missing regarding training in the United States is the fact that we don't train for what VODA Clients know as Environmental Deviations. There are several types of Deviations that are in existence that will have an impact on the performance on the Gun-Fighter, but we will not speak about those Deviations here as we will focus strictly on Environmental Deviations. Many times, in a gunfight you will find that people will for whatever reason cross your line of fire – to include member of your team. Often times the people that cross your line of fire during a Gun-Fight will do so because they are panicking. This is nothing more than Social Dynamics 101.


For the Civilian when gunfire breaks out in the real world the only thing that they know is that there is gunfire going on and they need to get out as fast as possible. In doing so, it is no secret for those who have actually been in a real-world engagement that people out of sheer panic will run into your field of fire. Another example would be a mother who's motherly instincts kick in and she runs into your field of fire in order to ensure the safety and survival of her child.


When a gunfight breaks out in the general public, people will panic like someone that is drowning in deep waters in a pool. The person drowning in the pool will do whatever is necessary to stay on top of the water. This is to include, drowning you. This is what's happening when gunfights break out in the general public. People are doing whatever is necessary to get out of the situation to include running into your field of fire. Again, this should already be understood. If it is not understood, then that should be an indicator of where you are in regard to training.


In the above video these particular officers who are located in South America are training for just these kinds of particular circumstances. That circumstance is Environmental Deviations. Here in the United States, people do not train under this particular fashion out of a fear of safety. However, any Gun-Fighter who has actually been in a gunfight in the public will understand and appreciate the value of this particular type of training in the above video. As a point of reference, the defense company previously known as BlackWater now Academi used to train under these types of conditions. I know this because a couple of BlackWater Contractors trained me under these conditions when that company was in existence.

In places such as Rio de Janeiro where the greatest of all time CQC/CQB team is located which is known as BOPE; will also train under these kinds of conditions to deal with the type of real-world Hard Threats and Environmental Deviations that they face on a day to day basis.  Those real-world Hard Threats consist of Narcotic Manufactures and their Traffickers and Drug Smugglers.


See, here in the United States we don't have to deal with that type of extreme close combat circumstance that agencies like BOPE have to deal with daily. That should be a given! However, what really gets to my attention is the closed mindedness regarding training here in the United States. Instead of seeking to understand why a particular agency will train in the fashion that they do. Many people here in the United States tend to poke fun of agencies That do not practice the same training protocols as other agencies here in the United States do.


What this demonstrates is the level of maturity regarding training here in the United States. In all honesty, the police and military here in the United States have such a piss pore shooting record that the joke is really on them.  Considering the fact, that the police and military combined have a combat hit rate of less than 20% here in the United States speaks volumes to the lack of realistic training that is concocted up here in the United States.


Based upon my experience and my training, which is very broad in comparison to most people. The people here in the United States can learn a lot from foreign forces and foreign training methodologies.



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