I like the first welcome you to the next series of VODA educational books by saying thank you. Secondly, I would also like to let you know that it was absolute pleasure to writing ELEMENTS OF CONCEALED CARRY also known as the “RED BOOK” (each VODA literary work has an assigned color code). Moreover, I firmly believe that readers will find it to be very beneficial when it comes to helping them either decide if they want to obtain a conceal carry license/permit, outright concealed carry or are newly active concealed carriers but wish to have a little bit more insight into not only all of what is required for concealed carriers, but what is expected of conceal carriers in particular.


This book is more than just some “book”, this book is a text/workbook. I say this because as a Sociology Professor I modeled this book directly out of one of the very textbooks that I actually taught out of at one of the colleges and universities I used to teach at. I would also like to say, that I made sure to keep this text/workbook under 200 pages. The reason for this is because I did not want to go so far into detail that people would get lost in the plethora of information that is readily or currently available to either an individual that is considering purchasing a gun for personal protection for the home and or the person considering or the person new to conceal carrying.

Another thing this unique about this text/workbook is that it has a critical thinking component and a section review after each part of the book. Just so you know, this book consists of 3 parts with sub-chapters.  I have to honestly say, that my favorite part of the text/workbook would be Part One also known as “Truth”. The reason for that is because I really took the time out to speak about law, the required lifestyle changes one must make for if one is going to conceal carry, and of course the topic of Cognition as it pertains to firearm ownership and conceal carry. In addition, I took the time out to really inform the reader on what to do when certain situations arise as it pertains to firearm ownership, conceal carry and actually getting into a self-defense situation on the streets. 


Another unique feature about this text/workbook is the fact that I took the time out to include as many relevant statistics as possible. I also wanted to be non-bias in my approach of writing this text/workbook. What I mean by that is, I made sure to incorporate both the pro-gun and anti-gun arguments in this book. The reason for that is simply because I want the reader to be duly informed of both the positive and negative aspects of owning a firearm whether it be for the home and or for personal protection.

This is so because all too often I encounter people that strictly advocate for either one side or the other. With that in mind you know what they say: “If you can argue both sides of an argument, then you truly and fully understand the argument.” This is one of the premises I used as I made both the pro-gun and the anti-gun argument readily available for the reader. Another thing that is also unique about this particular text/workbook is that I inserted some case studies into this particular literary masterpiece.


So, with that said, I don't want to give this body of work away. Instead I would urge you to take the time out to make the purchase in which the price point is $55.00 (remember it is a text/workbook). If you or someone that you know may be either considering purchasing a firearm for either the home and or personal protection or you or someone that you know are interested in carrying a firearm for concealed carry for the first time this book is for you. This text/workbook is not a book that discusses techniques, tactics and methodologies - NO! Instead this book is written strictly for informative purposes so that either you or someone that you know can make an informed decision and purchase when it comes to obtaining a firearm for either the home and or personal protection.

At this present time, I want to take the time out to thank you in advance for your purchase and I want you to also be on the lookout for the next two VODA books which are already written but yet published which is as follows:






Both of which are coming soon.



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