As you already will know I typically run steel ammunition (Tulammo and Bear) through my guns. It doesn't matter the brand as long as steel I’m good. However, in light of recent events one of the protocols for one of private agencies of my employment specifically requested that we all have run hollow point ammunition while on duty. Now, I can understand from the aspect of legal liability as to why this particular agency is requesting hollow point ammunition. So, for the first time in years I set out to pick up some hollow point ammunition. Now, we can also go through all of the major brands such as Remington, Magtech, Federal, Fiocchi Hornady, Perfecta, PMC, and Winchester. But I needed something quick and cheap for the particular detail that this any agency wanted me on for.

As you already well know, it is never a good idea to purchase ammunition at the range because the ammunition is so severely overpriced it’s not even worth looking at. However, there was an academy sports in my area, so I drove over there. I quickly went through their selection of ammunition and I found out that they had their own in store brand hollow point ammunition. The best part about it was it had a great price attached to it! I'm talking $15.00 for a brick of 50 rounds of hollow point ammunition. The academy store brand goes by the name of Monarch®.

So, I bought two bricks. I immediately ran over to the range and blew through one whole brick of ammunition to see how well it performed. It performs flawlessly as expected through a Glock 22. The other brick I kept for myself for this particular assignment. What I found to be eye opening about this ammunition is that it was made in Serbia. I think that's pretty cool. As far as feeding and reliability issues, all riunds functioned as intended and there were no issues as far as misfeeds, ejections, or anything of the sort. All rounds had the same consistently in powder charge. The Monarch® brand of ammunition I have to say is exceptionally clean with minimum burn off.

Again, the Monarch® brand of hollow point ammunition functions just like any other type of hollow point ammunition and I would recommend it for anyone who is seeking a cheaper brand of hollow point ammunition that works effectively. The only thing I’m waiting on right now is to see how it does in the field. Which I suspect we will not have to fire any rounds. The Monarch® brand of ammunition comes in 9mm in .45cal as well.


Until next time, be safe out there I remember this is VODA approved product.



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