I have to admit that it's been awhile since I punched in an article here at vodalogic.com, But I do make a sincere effort to touch on current events especially current events that spawn from trends and or the projected outcome of forecast that we have the ability to make as Sociologist.  Earlier today I had a conversation with some people at my job about the academic discipline of Sociology and what exactly it is that we do as Sociologist. And for some odd reason this particular conversation steered in a direction of Racism and touched on the topic of White Supremacy.


But for those that don't know we're not necessarily talking about the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Lowriders, Ayran Brotherhood or anything like that in terms of White Supremacy. Instead when we use the term White Supremacy in context of the conversation at hand, which is the systematic oppression of African Americans and people of color within this country and abroad.


My response was not so much directed towards addressing Racism and White Supremacy because these two topics are very real for not only African American people in this country but for people of color around the world. I expressed to my coworkers that my main concern and the prediction or forecast that I'm going to make here today is that the new Enemy of the State will be Patriotism.


And the reason why I say Patriotism is because just like Terrorism, Patriotism has no face. In short what I'm saying is, not only does it [Patriotism] entail Caucasians, but Patriotism can also consist of people of color who have bought to the ideals and talking points of those who believe in the concepts and ideologies associated with Patriotism.     


Moreover, I'm here to tell you that Patriotism when expressed in the extreme can be a very dangerous characteristic/trait to have. The reason for that is because it allows for skewed judgment, reasoning and most of all a whole host of cognitive biases. So, Patriotism and those that identify themselves as a “Patriot” tend to live lives that consist of a lot of false positives.


This is because the majority of people who self-identify as a Patriot or blindly express the ideals and concepts of what should be considered Patriotic tend to shun those that do not uphold their shared perceived Patriotic beliefs. And the act of shunning is magnified when there is a crowd of “Patriots” in one place (group dynamics and conformity). One famous case in particular would be the collusion of the NFL owners against Colin Kaepernick.

What I have seen over the many months that I have not been writing here on vodalogic.com is that people who identify as Patriots tend to believe anything that coincides with their current sets of beliefs and ideals while ostracizing and bullying others who may not share their same ideals and beliefs. As Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute would say:

“Democrats lie and Republicans will believe anything.”


But for the topic at hand, we're not talking about whether one is a Democrat or Republican. What I am articulating here is that Patriots tend to believe anything that will coincide with their present ideals and beliefs – and that is dangerous. One such train of logic would be:


“We have to stop those Muslims over there before they do something over here.”


Which is diametrically opposed to the very Constitution that they hold dear:


“Do not get involved in foreign entanglements.” (paraphrasing)


Again, this is nothing more than skewed judgement and cognitive bias.


Again, this in itself is very dangerous. So dangerous in fact that it has often led to feelings of resentment and hate for other people who may not necessarily believe what the Patriot believes.  This sort of extreme bigotry and cognitive bias is something that must be addressed before it gets out of hand. If you look at the very definition of the word Patriot, it is as follows:


“A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”


The main question you should be asking yourself here is who gets to determine who is an “enemy” and who determines who is a “detractor”? Most certainly the Patriot does not. However, politicians and mass media do. And what's dangerous about that is that there are no laws on the books that state that lawmakers, politicians and especially the mass media must report and or disclose the full truth to the general public. 


This has gotten out of hand. If you don’t believe me look at the Synagogue that was shot up, look at the Sheik’s that where killed in their place of worship, look at the Mosque that was shot up, and even more recently look at the mass shooting in New Zealand, and that wasn’t even religious that was over a perceived immigration threat. 


My prediction is clear:


Patriotism will replace Terrorism as the number one threat to the safety of the general public.




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