As you should already know by now Dry-Fire Practice is a quintessential training tool for the Shooter, Gun-Fighter or Civilian Operator™. The reason why I’m saying this is because it [Dry-Fire] can and will save you time and even more importantly money. This is not to say that it will ever fully replace actually firing rounds down range, but where its strong points lie are in the fact that it allows one to concentrate their thoughts and isolate their efforts on building the necessary mechanics needed in order to operate a weapon system.


Another strong point is that it further primes mentally (Cognitively) as well as bio-mechanically conditioning one to act on an instinctual level so that they may cycle through the OODA/MARS™ Feed-Back Loop more efficiently on a cybernetics level. Trust and believe that Dry-Fire work (Practice) is more than simply training one to achieve an efficient Sight-Alignment and Sight Picture, Breath Control, Grip and Stance.


I say it again, it [Dry-Fire Practice] worth way more than that. So, remember to practice Dry-Firing. It can and will save your life.



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