First I would like to apologize for the delay in writing this article. The reason for that is because I have an extremely busy work schedule. Outside of that, the positive thing is that throughout the week I get the chance to read and review the comment that were made concerning the Temple Index Ready Position video that I created. Of course you have your Haters, who cares about them? But there were some comments that were worth thinking about. So at this time I want to talk about some of the comments that I read.

I Sessy #sessy 


Some people stated that they did not see the validity in such a technique. How can you not? I simply don’t understand. But even more than that there were some people that expressed that they didn’t like it because it was diametrically opposed to the type of training that they have received in regards to firearms and Ready Positions. This is one the issue that I would like to address.

I Sessy #sessy 


Listen up if you haven't noticed, nothing stays the same and the Firearm Education and Training is just like any other type of firearm Education and Training – it will change. What was relevant and or true yesterday will no necessarily be true today. And of course, what is true today may not be was relevant and or true tomorrow. That’s just how the Game (no matter which one you’re playing) is, so get used to it.


The Temple Index Ready Position is a great Ready Position to utilize if you find that you have to move through crowds, find the most optimum position for Muzzle Awareness and control, Weapon Retention, while waking in tight confined spaces such as hallways, while Stacking and making Entry into a room, area or space; and of course it’s a great option of entering and exiting vehicles for whatever reason.


Sadly enough, I read one comment where someone stated (paraphrasing) that they:


"Disagree(d) with this method [Temple Index]because they believe that the gun should always be pointed towards the threat."


As a Firearm Education and Training Consultant I’m going to raise the Bullshit Flag on that. Why? Because this kind of comment is rooted in Institutional Inertia. Meaning that, just because this person was training and or has done something in a particular way, this is the way that it should always be. This kind of faulty logic is exactly how many people, whether they be Police, Corrections, Military, Instructor or a Citizen find themselves on the doo-doo (shity) end of the stick when their lives are on the line. Fighting (no matter the type) always changes and so should you.

I Sessy #sessy 


Even more than than that, the Temple Index Ready Position may prove to be one of the more safer Ready Positions that we currently utilize. I can hear it now for a Hater:


“What about if you live in an apartment and someone lives above you? Do you consider that to be safe?”


I got one for you:


“What about the Muzzle pointing down at your knee caps and feet when you utilizing the Low Ready or Sul Positions?”


Stupid ass.



As far as comments are concerned I’ve read where one person stated they don’t “recommend” it because it blocks their field of view. Again, I raise the Bullshit Flag on that one as well. Why? For two reasons one: you can always move your bloody hand out of the way. Secondly, because you have to utilize the Temple Index Ready Position like any other Ready Position, firearm and or shooting technique (and like anything in life) – within context and relation to the situation or event at hand. There are no one size fits all techniques out there no matter the industry that you are in. So with that said, I’ll leave you with this:


Q: Do you know what people who think like this and Cookie Cutters have in common?

A: At some point in time they will get lost and be forgotten.


Keep that in mind and keep the cornerstone of VODA in mind: PIES.









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