Tearing up the range with Big Bore Performance special thank to

Troy Ken of the Urban Sharp Shooters.


I know that you can’t believe it, but its true. I am no longer an Urban Sharp Shooter. Now before the internet goes on their wild conspiracy theories endless speculations as to why I decided to no longer be an Urban Sharp Shooter. I think that it would be best for me to address the inquiries. Before I say anything, I want to thank all the people from around the world that have taken the time out to not only contact me via my direct line contact number; but I want to also take the time out to say thank you for all of those that reached out to me via Facebook and Facebook Messenger. I’m deeply moved by the people that expressed their concerns of me deciding to depart from my role as one of Urban Sharp Shooters biggest supporters/advocates.

When my brother made history being the first to obtain a D.C. Conceal Carry Permit


With that said I would like you to know that there is no “bad blood” or even a difference in opinion between me and my brother James McKoy. This is something that is needed to be said because I really do not want people attempting to stir the pot of negativity and “digital drama”. I trust that my brother James McKoy as President of the Urban Sharp Shooters will continue to move forward in his quest to enlighten, educate and bring awareness to those that are not aware to what is going on in the Gun Game as it is today.

We shot side by side to show that it could be done effortlessly


I also trust that my brother James McKoy will also continue to serve as the Historical Record Keeper that he is so that we as African Americans and People of Color in the Gun Game do not lose the historical and recorded information and data that we both and other Urban Sharp Shooters have worked so hard to observe, record and pass on to the new generation of African American Shooters and People of Color.

The first time I shared the same Space and Time with Urban Sharp Shooters. I will never forget it.


So, at this time I guess your wonder why I decided to leave. I decided to leave because I am embarking on a whole new level of training and exploration for VODA Inc./VODA Consulting and the Gun Game in general and while fulfilling this task I really want to put my nose to the grindstone and specifically focus on what lies before me. This path of training and exploration that I am embarking on will require all of my focus and attention and I do not wish to break my focus on this project.


I know that this may seem a little selfish on my part, but I am a firm believer in maximizing your efforts to achieve your dreams – whatever your dream is. I also want you to keep in mind that James McKoy and the Urban Sharp Shooters are my brothers in arms and I have a deep respect, love and admiration for them. James McKoy knows I’m nothing more than a phone call away.

Thanks for all that you have done - I'm eternally grateful brother.


So, with that said, I will sincerely miss the crucial role that I’ve played in the promotion and advocacy of the Urban Sharp Shooters and their mission. But I now walk a different path that will lead to a destination unknown, hopefully in a positive direction. I’m wishing the best of luck and success to my brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters until the end of time.



Lucien R. Black™

VODA Inc./VODA Consulting

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