President of the HPNGC Babu Omowale


What more can I say when it comes to the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. For some people the HPNGC may be seen as a Racial/Radical Black National Left Group but to others the HPNGC is seen as not only as a beacon of hope but they are the only answer to the police brutality, ethnic bigotry and violence that African Americans and people of color have to endure around this country.

Members of the HPNGC speak up and speak out


But I am proud to say that this is no more. The Members of the HPNGC that I had the privilege to train with side by side demonstrated that they were more than ready to rally in the defense of the ethnic bigotry and police brutality that African Americans and people of color experience. But even more than that, they are more than willing to press the trigger if they need to in order to not only protect their lives but the lives of African American people and I for one say:


“It’s about god damn time”.


Before we talk about the firearm training that they engage in lets us talk about several aspects of the HPNGC in respect. Those things that I would like to talk about are as follows:






When it comes to survival and preparing this is something that African Americans unlike their Caucasian counterparts are seriously behind the times in. In these days and times of uncertainty whether it be on the social or economic levels, people must take the time out to have some sort of idea, plan of action and most of all some kind of preparatory kit ready at the drop of a dime so that they can in effect “bug out” if they absolutely need to.

Meeting a long time VODA Follower - it was an honor and a pleasure!


I say this because when disaster and chaos strike there will be no time to prep or “get ready”. Real world events happen in real time thus, you must be able to react to them in a moments notice. Hence, the only way to react to them is to be proactive in your approach prepping at least a 72-Hour Bug Out Bag. This is one of the many qualities in terms of education that the HPNGC affords to its Members. Babu Omowale (President of the HPNGC) requires that all HPNGC Members have in their possession a Bug Out Bag.

Working on Preparedness and Bug Out Bags


I think that this is a great thing because its not so much about what you put in the Bug Out Bag itself, but it’s about the thought process and the logic as to why you are choosing the things that you are putting in your Bug Out Bag. Moreover, I have to say that I really enjoyed Shalima and her perspective when it came to her bug out bag. See as males, and because ones Bug Out Bag is a very personal thing we tend to very narrow focused and only see what we will need in our kit.

Shalima speaking on Bug Out Bags from a woman's perspective


But what Shalima reminded me of and so many other males out here is that women have very special needs! That’s right, she reminded me that not only is there a difference in private parts, but we as men if we are working with women in this capacity have to keep in mind that women will have to deal with their Menstrual Cycle. For women outdoors and under stress, that’s another whole monster that they have to face, and unless there is another woman in the group then they will more than likely have to tackle this monster alone in the field.


When it comes to the HPNGC and community patrols, I have to say that I admire them for taking on this difficult task. The reason why it’s difficult is because in providing Community Patrols they have to deal with a very complex set of dynamics. Some of the issues that they have to overcome while providing Community Patrols are:











But believe it or not Community Patrols are very much so needed, especially in communities that are under policed and even over policed. What I mean by this is that, quite frankly many Police Departments around this country simply do not have either the manpower and or the resources to counter crime. So, by the HPNGC Members providing Armed Community Patrols they actually aid the Police in their jurisdiction in serving as a force multiplier.

Working on Formations for Community Patrol


In the cases in which a community may be over policed is that the mere presence of an armed HPNGC Member may in fact discourage the police brutality that African Americans and people of color are all too often subjected to. I mean seriously, there are times in which the Police have to be well – “Policed”.


Even more importantly, the Members of the HPNGC do this for free -that’s right they don’t get paid to provide Armed Community Patrols. Not only is it a noble task but it is a thankless task. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the Community Patrols that they offer can be executed on foot or by vehicle and that’s yet another thing to admire because no one is paying for their gas and the maintenance of their cars but them! Hey man I’m going to say this:


"If you live in a community in which the HPNGC is providing Armed Foot and or Vehicle Patrol give them some money!"


I say give them some money not so that they can quit their jobs so that they can provide Armed Foot and Vehicle Patrols fulltime (which would be nice). But give them some money so that they can enhance their capabilities so that they can in turn provide a better service. To put it in prospective, if you can pay the Police through taxes to patrol, arrest and shoot the bad guys in your neighborhood then you can give some love offerings to the HPNGC so that they can play a part in enhancing the coverage in the under policed or over policed neighborhoods, which are typically neighborhoods in the poorer/poorest parts of the city.

 Speaking on a Fallen Founder and Member of the HPNGC Lavelle Jenkins

 60 Round Salute to Fallen Founder and Member of the HPNGC Lavelle Jenkins



Look I’m just going to keep it real. Some of these Right-Wing Groups are simply out of their mind. The shit show that occurred in Charlottesville should have never been allowed to occur and I for one am saying that the KKK or any kind of White Supremacist Group should not be allowed to march or gather in large numbers. I don’t give a shit about “Free Speech”. I say this because people hide behind the veil of “Free Speech” in order to engage in aberrant behavior that further rips the social fabric of this country apart.


With that being said the HPNGC is the solution for that. They engage in counter protesting. And I for one love that! With the HPNGC being historically victorious in shutting down the congregations of these Right-Wing Bigots and Hate Groups. It’s about time and I’m glad somebody is doing it. I say this because groups like that don’t need a voice and they don’t need any shine. But the only thing that is missing is someone that can expose the ones we can’t see that hold Public Offices, are in positions of Public Trust, who are in the Military and are heads of Industry. That’s right I said it, but that’s an article for a later time.


Who could imagine that African Americans would retain the strength and the courage to still carry out the legacy of Huey P. Newton by going out to counter protest (armed) groups and people that seek to instill fear and intimidation into African Americans and people of color. Well look not further that the Huey P. Newton Gun Club as they shut that shit down right here in Houston Texas. But the HPNGC also stands up and speaks out against police brutality. Again, I say it’s needed because according to the FBI African Americans:


"Accounted for 31 percent of Police killing victims in 2012, even though they made up just 13 percent of the US population."


And even though this is a report from 2012, ain’t nothing changed. In research conducted by a Psychology Professor Josh Correll at the University of Colorado Boulder concluded that Officers are quicker to shoot Black Suspects in video game simulations. This is known as: Subconscious Racial Bias. Professor Correll stated that “it's possible the bias could lead to more skewed outcomes in the field.” I am a College Professor a of Sociology and I’m telling there is a correlation between the above variables.


He goes on to say:


“If you are like most of us, you will show a pattern of racial bias in your response times. You’ll be faster to shoot a black target if he’s holding a gun, and you’ll be slower to shoot a white target if he’s holding a gun,”


He also stated that he’s found that


“People take longer to determine that a young black male with an innocuous item like a wallet, cell phone or can of soda is not a risk than it takes for them to determine if a  white male is not a risk. The difference is measured in milliseconds, but it’s clear. Nearly all people who take the test will more rapidly shoot the black target with a gun than white.”



When it comes to firearm training – don’t worry about that. Just know that that they do.

 Shooters on Deck

Working with First Time Shooters 

 Even I had to get in on the training

 Working side by side with HPNGC President Babu Omowale


So, with that being said: Huey P. Newton Gun Club stand up and take a bow. You are the only hope for African American and people of color when it comes having an organized armed team ready to defend us at a drop of a dime.  If you have not joined the Huey P. Newton Gun Club now is the time to do so. To join, I urge you to get into with either the President Babu Omowale or the National Secretary of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club Rashonda Cole at the following:


President Babu Omowale and the National Secretary of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club Rashonda Cole



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