HEB a major Texas store chain which is one of many that do not allow the open carrying of firearms. 



First off Texas – DO BETTER!!! You got more "NO GUN" signs than all the Taco Stands and Taquerias in the whole State of Texas(and I love tacos)!


It will be three months that I have been in Texas, and although I have made some good friends here I have to say that the Gun Laws in Texas are not good; especially when compared to a state like North Carolina. I say this because since I’ve been in Texas I have seen more no Gun Signs and no Open Carry Gun Signs then I ever have since I left Chicago.


In addition to that, Texas Gun Laws are so stiff, that if you get caught in a place in which Conceal Guns are not allowed even if you have a Conceal Weapons License/Permit you can be subject to serve a Prison Term of 10 years and or a fine of $10,000. Something like that should be only a Misdemeanor! 10 years in Prison and or being Fined $10,000 is simply over kill! I’m going to take the position that there needs to be some Gun Reform in Texas. I believe that they can do better.

Signage like these are all over the State of Texas


In all honesty, I really don’t know why their Laws are the way they are but I’m quite sure there is room to loosen up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, Gun Laws in Texas are not as bad as states like New York, Illinois and let’s say California. But it is my position as a firearm education and training consultant that the Laws here need to be modified. The second point I want to bring to your attention is that Texas does have real crime (especially with human sex trafficking), although the crime in Texas is not as bad as where I come from (Chicago), its still a real threat.


So that brings me to Conceal Carry Training for the State of Texas, I can say from experience that it is a severe joke. Why? Because its only 4 hour’s worth of training! What in the fuck are you going to learn and retain with only 4 hour’s worth of training?! Hardly anything! And I won’t talk about the shooting standard, it no way near prepares you for any kind of situation in which personal protection is required. But maybe this is offset by the fact that you can carry concealed on college campuses – who knows?

51% Law Sign (WTF)!


There are some good things regarding the Gun Laws in Texas, such as them not banning high capacity magazines. But just as it seemed as if they made a step in the right direction they took another two steps back by not fully ensuring the public safety of the citizens of Texas. What I mean by this is that they have failed to regulate Gun Shows in which you know they aren’t running background checks on the people purchasing firearms at these shows.


This is an open invitation to people who may have bad intentions and may be involved in Gun Trafficking. Another public safety issue is that Texas does not mandate that firearms be stored safely when they are being carried or transferred. This is something to think about if you have children. I like to think of the lack of putting safe storage policies in place as being socially reckless.


Two "No Gun Signs" on the front entrance (GTFOH)


In closing I’m going to give Texas a “Big Ol’” C+ in terms of firearm training, firearm safety, Conceal Carry and the Law concerning Conceal Carry. Hey, the job situation in north Carolina might be straight bullshit but at least you get 8 hour’s worth of training (if some shmuck is not bucking the system) and you can carry your firearm as you see fit with minimum businesses posting an overly written sign with two types of Laws, and a goofy ass Law that says: “if a business earns 51% or more of their sales from alcohol you cannot carry concealed or openly any firearm (51% Law)”. Like who has time to ask for balance sheets before they come into an establishment.


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