First, I have to say that I miss writing articles here at vodalogic. Secondly, I want to apologize for the millions of people around the world that log on every day to read, learn and share vodalogic articles but haven’t found anything new. I hope that you all are doing well and striving to be the success that you want to be in your life.

But there is a reason as to why I have not been writing for the last month or so and this is because I am working on a project. This project is the biggest project that I have ever had to do in my entire life and while it is fun it is also extremely time consuming. But I will say this when it is done – VODA and its affiliates will be the hottest thing ever in the Gun Game (like VODA never was).

For those of you that are wondering why I have decided to do a social media blackout it’s because I or should I say we don’t need anything that will alter the course of what we are working on so that we can offer you the realist in Firearm Education and Training. As a side note, I will be in Dallas, TX administering training to a very special group sometime this month. You know who you are. I will also be in Chicago, IL training some of the realist killers that the US ARMY and USMC ever produced. Lets take our city back.

Lastly, I want to let you ladies and gentlemen know that The Occult Gun-Fighter and The Civilian Operator™ book will be out shortly. Sorry for the delay but this is a massive book with over 500 pages of content! On the flip-side The Occult Gun-Fighter and The Civilian Operator™ book also known as the “Black Book™” will not be available to everyone.

I send my deepest respects and admiration to the finest CQC/CQB team to ever walk the face of the earth BOPE of Rio de Janeiro. I want to send an acknowledgment to my Legionnaries of the French Foreign Legion. I want to take the time out to recognize all the Operators in Serbia and to the mighty, mighty fine Firearm Educator over at the EBSSA as well as all Operators in Russia. To all my Executive Protection Specialist out there, keep the Principal, VIP's and Packages safe so we can be safe. Bring back Black Water.

I would also like to send out my love to Yamas but I also would like to send out my deepest love for the Hamas and those fearless fighters in Hezbollah. Just because the Israeli State and Lebanon and other Muslim countries don’t get along doesn’t mean that one cannot learn from the other in terms of combat. I hope for the well-being of all Urban Sharp Shooters, Ronnie of RR-21 Tactical Self-Defense, the BlackPackaz (King General.357 and Sly) all my brothers and sisters, and all 3 sets of my parents.

I urge you to stay safe out there, especially those of you in the Carolina’s during Hurricane Florence. Remember to reach out and help someone in your community, continue to train, explore and create in regard to the gun.

I am ONE of the Greatest of All Time.


VODA Forever

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