So, the NRA says it doesn’t have the money.....


One word: LAME


If you believe that then your simply out of your mind. The reason why I say this is because that there is no way in the world that the NRA doesn’t have the money when it’s founded on not only Membership Dues, but it accepts millions in Donations from Weapon Manufactures, Private Interest Groups, Governmental Contractors and not until recently known the Russian Mob. So, out of all these entities, one must take the time out to ask themselves where did all the money go? The answer is quite simply – NO WHERE.


I wonder how many paid “Volunteers” and Corporate Employees are going to be headed to the Unemployment Line? My “guess-estimation” – less than 10% (maybe even less than 5%). But that just me making a guess-estimation. Let cut to the chase – because organizations will always express the self-interest and motivations of the people that comprise the organization; wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the NRA to have put measures in place to that it can “preserve” itself in some way, shape or form during a time of crisis? The answer to that question is yes. So, with that being said my prediction is simple:


“The NRA will most likely rebrand itself under a new name and image, under a different 501c(s) filing with a different set of Non-Profit 501c(3) Board Members.”


Here the old saying applies:


“Here comes the New Boss same as the Old Boss.”


With that said, the balls will continue to bounce, and the wheels will continue to roll and more importantly; Politicians will be continuously brought off and paid for. Look here, Old Money just doesn’t “go away” – even more importantly the Owners of that Old Money simply just don’t go away. It simply not in their self-interest to do so. I mean come on, just because a Person/Corporation files for Bankruptcy doesn’t mean that they are “broke”. Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at 50 Cent (and many other people and celebrities). Yes, he [50 Cent] filed for Bankruptcy but he is still “Caked Up” (has millions).


What’s really funny about this whole ordeal is that the NRA broke down to bitching about how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Regulators have subjected the NRA to state led “Blacklisting Campaigns” in which the NRA claims it costed them millions of dollars. Which is nothing more than a wolf crying like a bitch especially when it [the NRA] does the same thing to Politicians and people who oppose them. Remember when they blacklisted Smith & Wesson back in the day when Smith & Wesson didn’t agree with them on certain issues.


Oh, how quickly we forget! Adding insult to injury, they have “put their people” on me so to speak to blacklist me from educating people on the Gun Game and methods of Personal Protection. With all that going on I never bitched up as I just kept on doing what I do. That crap didn’t stop me as I adapted and overcame it. Hell, I’m about to upload another video after this article is published.

 Going further down the rabbit hole of the NRA’s debauchery, it was found by The State of New York that the NRA’s Conceal Carry Insurance “Carry Guard” provided Insurance to Policy Holders that were actually in the wrong (shooting and firearm related wise) and the NRA agreed to stop selling the Insurance as well as agreeing to pay a 7 million dollar Fine.


This is outright Fraud, which by definition is the deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. So much for being pushing “Responsible Gun Ownership”, “Gun Safety” and “Safe Gun Handling” campaign and agenda. Furthermore, that Fine of 7 million dollars didn’t come out of the Board Members pockets, NO! That money came from Membership Dues and other Donors – god damn shame.


Remember when you agree to pay a Fine it means you are GUILTY.


Here’s the kicker and its really something to think about, if the NRA ceases to exist then every single NRA “Certified Instructor” ceases to exist. Oh no what ever will they do (sarcastically)? Oh crap, looks like they have to actually go back to relying on having real skill and being able to actually teach/educate and not just depend on the weight of an organization that has not only bullied but have out right brought off Politicians in order to advance their insidious agenda of infiltrating politics, schiesting people out of their hard-earned money, with a mediocre success rate of passing legislation, firearm trafficking, Money Laundering and their ridiculous list of crappy Instructors.


Remember, I predicted this.


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